Keeping Up With the New Star

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, August 27, 2010

Aarti Sequeira

You followed her journey through all the Star challenges, marveling as she progressed from early insecurities to a few misses and many hits to a knock-out showing in the series finale.

Now Aarti's the latest and greatest addition to our Food Network Family, and her new show, Aarti Party, is gaining fans at lightning speed.

Keep up with future Aarti happenings over on our FN Dish blog, and follow her Facebook and Twitter updates, too.

Plus, check out videos of her latest recipes in the video section of her show page.

Finally, to all you fans and bloggers who made this such an awesome season, thank you. We couldn't be happier with our new Star, and we hope you love her as much as we do!

Looking for some spice? Share a favorite dish or two you'd love to see Aarti feature on her show.

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Comments (2,529)

  1. luvcookin says:

    Based on the comments and negative ratings "we" don't love her as much as FN does. "We" saw that the judges picked her from the beginning. She's not even cooking authentic Indian food! She's just adding some spices used in Indian cooking to regular recipes. Heck, I use cumin all the time when I cook Mexican food. And that giggle? I care nothing about watching a grown woman act like a 6 year old.

    • Patttttttttt says:

      Well. didn't she say from the get-go that she was ADDing SOME INDIAN flavors to your everyday??? HELLO!!!

    • oz3472 says:

      Once again as in last season - we were sold a bill of goods! this "amateur" with no previous on camera experience was a CNN producer - working on live News broadcasts (perhaps she was the reason CNN is tanking in the ratings?) just Melissa D'bore abbian was a cook that thrained in France while pretendting to be a down home Texas mom (with 3 kids, 4 nannies and no doubt a housekeeper who really cooks the food she serves her family.
      It' either time for the network to get some real judges or cancel the show completely!

      • luvcookin says:

        If you are saying that Melissa went to culinary school in France, that is not correct. Here is an excerpt from her bio, "She received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from The University of Vermont in 1990, and then spent a year at sea on the entertainment staff of two cruise lines before earning her MBA at Georgetown University in 1993. To pay her way through business school, she held down several jobs including working as a live-in cook for a family of seven. Melissa then began her professional career in consulting and eventually worked in corporate finance at Disney in Burbank, Calif., and in merchandise finance at Euro Disney outside of Paris.

        While working in Paris, Melissa met her husband, Philippe, who was born and raised in the south of France. They married in June 2003 and now have four daughters: Valentine; Charlotte; and twins, Margaux and Océane. Melissa continued working as a business and strategy consultant until she was put on bed rest for her twin pregnancy in June 2007 when she focused on being a stay-at-home mom."

        But I do agree with you about Aarti. She had plenty of experience at CNN as well as her videos on You Tube.

      • luvcookin4me says:

        Food Network still has much better shows than the BS found on other channels . Get over it

    • foodie2 says:

      I totally agree with you. At this moment, in my area, she is cooking with the "big guy." She may be a really nice person, but she is very disappointing as a "food star." She absolutely does not belong in the same lineup as Bobby, Rachel or Michael! Why not say sari-nara to Aarti...the party''s over.

  2. cheerchick says:

    Aarti's a cutie pie, but......WE LOVE HERB!!!!!!!

  3. NOTAHATER says:


  4. Susan Ianacone says:

    Love her, Love her, Love her. I watch the Food Network constantly and she is my favorite. I watched her episode this morning and I am trying out the chicken and potatoes tonight! Thank you Food Network for getting it right this year.

  5. Yvette Ayres says:

    I saw her new show today, Sunday, and while I was not a fan during the contest I was very pleased with her presentation and the dishes that she prepared. I printed out the chicken and the salad dressing. Not something I do on a regular basis. She was easy to listen to and charming, much more than I expected during her time on" foodnetwork star".

  6. kiminthesouth says:

    Well, I told myself that I would give Arti a chance. But after about 10 minutes into the show, I just turned it off. Her food has no appeal to me and her personality, while seeming "nice" seems fake most of the time. And I still can't past the innane name of her show. That said, I've taken notice of Alex on Alex's Day off and I think her style is very informative and calming. I really do enjoy watching her and am glad I gave that show a chance. Hopefully the Next Food Network star will appeal to more people. After reading most of the comments here, Arti seems to be less liked than those who like her.

    • pudgiecat says:

      I've actually watched the show twice and managed to make it all the way thru. Didn't like her during the next food network star and my feeling for her, her personality and food have held true. Won't watch her any more.

  7. GiveHerbAChance says:

    Aarti deserves a chance to evolve into her new role. But, I still think Herb would have been a better choice. He has an alpha male with family man balance that really appealed to me. While Guy Fieri sometimes comes across as a reformed biker, Herb has a strong aura of stability with just enough vulnerability to be likeable. He cooks great, stays fit and is personable. What's not to like? Hopefully the Food Network will give him a chance to succeed with his own show.

  8. clahess says:

    I have watched "Aarti Party" twice now and I have loved it. I think she is warm and welcoming. The recipes given integrate Indian spices very well into dishes that I like very much. An excellent fusion of American and Indian tastes. I also am very fond of salads and made the salad from last week's show-it was delicious. I will be preparing the one today also. I appreciate the cooking tips-putting butter sauce under the skin of the chicken and how to do it is a tip that I will use. I really enjoy "Aarti Party". I don't understand the rating system but I would give it a 100 if based on a 1-100 scale. I plan on traveling to India next year and will really like trying out Indian cuisine in India.

  9. Melissa says:

    I loved the new show. Arti is like a seasoned professional. I'll be watching weekly.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations Arti. You are great. I would love to watch your cooking.