Welcome, Aarti!

by in Food Network Star, Recap, August 16, 2010
Next Food Network Star Aarti Sequeira and Rachael Ray Food Network host Rachael Ray and Star winner Aarti Sequeira

We have a winner. And I mean a real winner.

Bobby, Susie and I agreed that Aarti is a fresh, natural and exciting talent. She’s both sophisticated and down to earth. Beautiful and relatable. Her food is both comforting and exotic.

Mostly, I think she’s a natural television presence: relaxed, radiant and warm.

Choosing wasn’t easy. She, Tom and Herb were each so different — in personality, point of view and cooking styles. There was something to love about each of them. And fans were passionate for their favorite. And sometimes against anyone who wasn’t their favorite.

Seeing the volley of comments last night from viewers showed the passionate emotional connection that Tom, Herb and Aarti were each able to establish with fans. That encouraged me that any of them could have been the right choice.

But ultimately, Aarti was our choice: a natural star, with an exciting point of view, amazing cooking skills and most importantly, ready to have her own series on television next week.

Aarti will be bringing her party to Food Network starting next Sunday at noon.

Over and out.

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  2. Melissa says:

    Bob-I am sorry to say that i think you made a mistake with your choice. While I do like Aarti's personality and have all along, I can't say I am a fan of her cooking style nor will I go out of my way to watch her show. You clearly wanted Aarti to win for the last few weeks and had made up your mind (similar to Melissa last year) long before these pilots were shot. Tom and Herb clearly were more popular with the focus groups and while I understand you have Big Daddy and Guy already I think you could have worked on something with Tom to make it unique. I would have actually like to have seen Herb win. As someone who has struggled with weight gain all her life, I am totally looking for new healthy recipes that have some flavor and I think Herb would have brought that to your network. I really do wish that you woudl go back to allowing the public to vote similar to what you did the year Guy won. I really do think the last two seasons you have totally missed the boat on the right person.

    • cccc says:

      Herb/Tom connected on a different level than Aarti ...right. But the key demo for daytime cooking shows is WOMEN over 20something. Aarti connected with that portion of the focus group. IF you were truly paying attention you'd realize that.

      • midwest gal says:

        I am a women and I won't be watching it. A lot of women are working women. We won't something easy and healthy. I don't want to run to the store to stock up on indian spices and the like.

        • jasmine29 says:

          i agree with you~ i dont hink i would be interested in anything she makes!

        • Diane in Montana says:

          I agree with you. I would probably not watch Aarti nor be very interested in Indian cooking. I agree that the last two seasons the panel has completely missed the boat on pricking the right person. Don't know what ever happened to Melissa, nor do I really care.

          Of all the finalists I think Aarti had the least personality. It really does not matter to the television audience if the food tastes good. What the general population is looking for is answers to what can I fix for dinner after working 8 hours when all I have in the house is hot dogs and Mac and Cheese. Most of us don't have the luxury of having a 4 star deli or specialty market at our disposal. Ral working cooks need to have people show them how to make real food.

        • Caribbean girl says:

          Herb and Tom would have been a refreshing change to the programming however if you watched to competition from the start Aarti won almost all challenges and was most consistent in the execution of her meals. Not so with Herb and Tom........really now, this is not Liftime TV where we caught up in emotions. I am a working woman too Aarti is for my day off to try new recipies......

        • Laura says:

          Just watched and it just did not grab me, I found it boring and I am not going to buy $100.00 worth of spices to cook with. It is the same show format as the last winner!

      • tcnine says:

        Then why did the focus group have males in it??

    • Scott Wichman says:

      I absolutely agree with you that Aarti was the wrong choice-I can't imagine watching any show she does-Guy Fieri has been the only winner that has really become a star,and I think Tom could easily have done the same thing; perhaps they thought Tom was too much like Guy?? But I would watch him for the entertainment value, which I think is the most important ingredient in choosing someone.

      • guest says:

        he made the worst food in the history of food network star............don't know what u r talking about.

        • MariC38 says:

          that was one time under those circumstances...even though those were the comments about his food I enjoyed watching him the whole time and it was great that he was willing to take the risk

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree with Melissa. I was really hoping for Herb to win because his is a POV that I am interested in. As it is, when I tune into Food Network or log onto the website for recipes it's for special occasions and reward meals. I was looking forward to tuning into a show that can put healthy twists on wonderfully tasty meals. To be honest if I was craving Indian food I would go out. I do think Aarti is personable, but personality is not why I watch your network.

      • ALE says:

        Food Network already has Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. Same POV as Herb. They needed something new.

    • digital26 says:

      I agree with Melissa's comments! All three of the judges totally missed the boat. After watching almost all of the episodes I felt Tom was the most talented and had star quality which can and will exceed Big Daddy, (which is a joke) and Guy. I believe you've lost a fan and a viewer.

    • Rose B says:

      I agree with Melissa. I was extremely disappointed in the selection process last night if not downright shocked. I think Bobby perhaps was more interested in obtaining an Indian resturant co-owner rather than LISTEN to what the people from the pilot had to say! I too feel that Aarti (who actually stated she had difficulty connecting on TV) was quite week in presenting her pilot. My family has tried Indian cuisine on numerous occassions and quite frankly do not find it appealing. I actually feel Herb was great at presenting his pilot, and food that was lower in calories actually appealing. And BIG CHEF would be something I would watch just to see his antics weekly. Count me out for Aarti!

    • Barbara says:

      Exactly what I thought!!! Will not watch Aarti's show; think they didn't listen to their viewers. Tom was my favorite, would have watched Herb, but have no desire to cook with her style.

    • Jami says:

      I agree. Done with Foodnetwork. Boring and not thinking out of the box as they like to say.

    • Jeana says:

      Wow, Melissa! Get out of my head! Your words could just as easily have been mine. I have nothing against Aarti, but do think that her "sweetness" is manufactured to some degree. But Aarti (like Melissa from last season) was clearly being groomed to win from the start. Every week, the judges felt compelled to state how perfect Aarti was for the job. If that's not bias, what is? I've never watched Melissa D'Arabian's show, and won't be watching Aarti either. Hopefully, next season viewers will get to see a real competition and not a repeat of the last two seasons.

    • Terri says:

      Melissa, I agree with you about the choice. I too was looking forward to Herb and a show dealing with healthy eating for a change. But again we have a show with someone who is overweight and cooks nothing but fatting foods. I'm sorry if I step on anyone's toes, but I call it like I see it. The public should be allowed to vote like we did with Guy and that wasn't a bad choice by far.

      • Adam says:

        Ha, are you serious? Aarti would still win by vote. Check out the fan vote section of this website. She won by a landslide.

    • Barbara says:

      I have to agree with Melissa. Big miss. I wouldn't watch her show. Either of the guys would have been better. I was really looking forward to the food we would have been introduce to from Herb.
      Maybe they will give him a show anyway, please!

    • Mari says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. However, IF you consider that Aarti's food was consistently, excellent you can see why she won. Herb & Tom may have been more popular, but their food was not consistent. I liked and would watch all 3 of the finalist. But clearly, Aarti out-cooked them all! BTW I am a cook & foodie. Thanks to the judges for their wisdom, they picked a winner!

      • rsmkm5 says:

        More consistent???? She served raw chicken!!! Plus, it is not all about the food. It is also about what is needed. I love Indian food. Move it along the lines of being healthy and add in a host who isn't annoying and it would be a great success. Clearly a bad move on the judges part.

      • Jodi says:

        But the show isn't just about how good they cooked the food - it is also finding someone who can connect with viewers and bring them in - Aarti may be a good cook, but I agree with some of the others on here, her personality, or lack of it, was grating after a while. She was constantly doubting herself and whining about it - I found the boldness of Tom much more appealing. I won't watch her show at all - too annoying.

    • shelly says:

      they all 3 did a good job on their pilot...as far as the focus group, we only saw snipits of what was said...nor do we know how they rated things, which all focus groups do...i watch shows for how tos as much as recipes...tom and herb, not so good in that area...we'll just have to wait and see

    • Edge907 says:

      When Brad lost to Aria, I knew something was fishy. It's as if you wanted two males against two females. I agree that the choice of Aarti was made long ago. Yes she's an awesome chef, Yes she is a sweetheart but I do think that both Tom and Herb won over the focus group and, based upon the Foodnetworks selection criteria, either should have won, not Aarti. Sorry Aarti

    • darryl says:

      i agree with you in a sence that it was fixed weeks ago. but out of the last (four) i have to say im happ with the WINNER!!!

    • rsmkm5 says:

      I agree that Aarti was the wrong choice for Food Network. My 3 children and I sat there each episode and made fun of "Aarti Paarti". She was cloyingly annoying. I think Herb was the best choice. Especially in today's society where obesity is such an issue. Finding someone that can make food not only healthy but taste good as well. Brilliant. Tom would have also been a better choice. It was clear, however, that the judges had decided weeks ago that they wanted Aarti. Well, I certainly won't be watching any of her shows or DVR'ing them. As someone who watches or DVR's about 4 to 5 hours a day on Food Network, they have lost my interest and my faith in them caring about what we think. Clearly the focus group was not impressed by Aarti. She is annoying and as a previous blogger said, a "one trick pony". Better luck for the viewers, if we bother watching, next time.

      • Adam says:

        First of all, one trick pony does not describe Aarti in any sense. I don't know where you're getting that from.

        And honestly, saying you wont watch the network and that they've lost your faith after this, if you're really that fickle, you shouldn't be watching the network anyway.

      • Natalie says:

        I agree with everything you have said rsmkm5. I won't be watching "Aarti Party" either.

    • Kerrin says:

      I'm excited to begin watching Arti's show...I want to learn more about cooking Indian food and she's a natural to teach it to us...I would alos like to see Tom and Herb featured somewhere on Food Network...they were both great and I want to see more of them!

    • Sandra says:

      I couldn't agree more! The judges had their minds made up weeks ago. I was so wanting Herb to win so there would be a show featuring low fat dishes with taste! I love low fat cooking, but have a hard time adding the right kinds of spices to keep it from tasting bland. I also agree, the judges missed the mark last year too. What a yawner! Well....maybe next season!

    • Teresa says:

      I agree that Aarti was clearly not the favorite of the Focus Group. I am a woman over 20 and will NOT be running out to the store to buy some expensive spice to put on food that I already make (ie pizza)....really how creative is that....let's put a new topping on it and call it some fancy Indian name...whatever. Aarti's Party will not be showing at our house. We don't really watch Melissa's show either. Both of their personalities come off as fake. No one is ever that happy go lucky all the time...not even the nicest person in the world. I think Tom or Herb would have brought a bigger audience draw. They connected with the oridnary person on a level that Aarti really just couldn't. She is too worried about how she looked to the judges.

      • Adam says:

        This is hilarious. Really.
        First of all, it's not putting a new topping on it, and she did not call it some new fancy name. She changed everything about it. The bread was naan, the sauce was a chutney, and the cheese was indian paneer. Her POV is american foods with indian flavors. You're obviously misunderstanding something here.
        Second of all, how could you call her fake? "No one is ever that happy go lucky all the time." Are you serious? We saw an hour of her. She has her own problems. Just because she didn't cry about them doesnt mean she is the happiest person ever.
        And finally....worried about how she looked to the judges?? IT'S A COMPETITION.

        She deserved it. Don't be a sore loser.

        • allison says:

          couldn't agree more! people are acting like little children on this thread. its quite funny.

    • NW foodie says:

      I think Tom was the best at the end and the audience LOVED him! I truly think Aarti was selected because you don't have any personality that does Indian food and you have Big Daddy, Guy's Big Bite ... so why would you have Big Chef?!? Sorry but that's one show I won't be watching.

    • leo says:

      there are plenty healthy food recipes online and of course on the show as well. I would rather learn something new like Indian food. she is most stable finalist on this show and her food has really good consistency. why she is a bad choice just because she is unique ?
      if you don't want to watch aarti, thats fine. there are plenty choice for you. What about the audiences who DO want to learn and cook exotic Indian food?

      If there is NO Aarti, Who can we watch???

    • Dana says:

      I absolutely agree with Melissa! While I like Arti's personality, her cooking style is going to be a VERY limited audience! More people are interested in eating healthy and cooking healthier then Indian flavors!
      I'm sorry to say, I don't think she's going to drive the ratings!

    • star says:

      Your choice was right on! Loved all the finalists but Aarti was my personal pick right from the start. She is someone I and everyone I know that watches tv food shows would enjoy watching. Not just for her exotic food but for her warm presence on camera that feels like you are with a good friend comfortable!

      You obviously cannot make everybody happy we all have opinions. But In my humble opinion all of you have very good instincts on excellent new talent.

    • Lin From NJ says:

      Melissa, want some healthy recipes? Tune into Elliie Krieger.....she makes wonderful healthy food. I sincerely hope that one day Herb will publish a cookbook of his recipes.

    • Cherie says:

      I totally agree. Herb, to me, had an idea that I would relate to. Aarti's accent is annoying on a long term basis. I also will NOT be watching her show. I felt the same about last year's winner and have not tuned in for her show for more than 5 minutes.

    • Harry says:

      I could not say this any better. If I did it would be no doubt the FIX was in both this year and last year. In fact for me Aartis Party is unwatchable.

    • Cathie says:

      I agree Melissa ...

    • cindy says:

      I totally agree, I tink ths chioce was made from the start. Have we fially satified all the ethnic bases so we can actually focus on people with something to offer other than a" cute "personality.
      How about someone with a little ability to comentate, and ability so speak as they cook.
      This winner was as clear as saran wrap from the begining of the show. I'm done with this farce of a show.

    • Very Disappointed says:

      Wow I so agree with you Melissa, I was in shock when they said Aarti had won. I think the people should have a say because we have to tune in and watch the show. I liked Aarti but I will not watch her show, I would have watched Herb or Tom everytime they were on. Tom I think would of had a hugh following, he reminds me alot of Guy. And Herb was just so awesome and you really could learn something from watching his show. I am really tired of watching this competitions and having a big let down and the end and say WHAT, WHY. I wish Aarti luck but I don't think she will be on the air that long, which is sad..

    • Paul says:

      Unfortunately, you're correct. It's going to be "6 episodes and Out", like Linda. Indian food is love it or hate it, a very narrow market.

      Aarti is sweet, but....not the best commercial choice...Big Daddy revisited. Tommy-bear or the Sunny Herb made food that interests people. They might as well have sent the focus group off on a tour. They didn't listen to them.

      Oh, well. It's their money. Think I'll skip this next year. Their "fixed" picks are enough for me...sorry.


      • Jennifer says:

        totally agree the focus groups raved about tom and said herb had the potential to be the biggest star of the lot
        the selection committee already made their choice early on that it was going to be aarti, why bring a focus group in if they won't listen to them.

    • Polly says:

      I so agree with everything you said in your post! I have never watched last year's winner and have no plans to watch this years. I definitely wanted to watch both Herb and Tom. Herb for his healthy recipes that look like anyone could make, and Tom, for his unique carefree combination of foods and flavors in the kitchen. You could tell he would be encouraging the viewer to "just try it!" Sorry Arti...no party for me from you!

    • darzle says:

      I couldn't agree more! What a shame that the judges made a poor decision two years in a row. I can see how they would want to tap into a different cuisine, but that doesn't mean there's actually a high demand for it. I suppose the concept would be more intriguing with a different host? One that didn't grate on my nerves, perhaps? lol *sigh* There's always next year...

    • jan says:

      i agree--if all the network wanted was another ethnic background, then they should have had a "next food network east indian star" show . i think it was a shame to watch tom excell and grow every week when it was clear that they had already picked aarti. even when she was a 'deer in the headlights' in front of the camera. i just feel really sorry for tom---i've never seen everyone includinf bobby flay laugh out loud and look loke theu and the audience were thouroghly enjoying tom's pilot. 10 weeks to end up with the next food network flop. i hope tom shows up on tlc--they have rweal competitions.

    • WoodSchmatt says:

      Wow..you guys really messed up!!! Aarti was terrible..couldn't stand her throughout the entire show. She should have been one of the first to go. What is the point of having focus groups if you're not going to listen to them? Do they mean nothing to you at all?? I have no interest in watching her show and will never do so. I so wish Tom would have one...finally..someone who takes everyday, ordinary ingredients and helps us with dishes that are easy and we are willing to make. He used ingredients most of us already have in our kitchens...food that busy working housewives actually have time to make! Bad move, Food Network. I'm predicting she won't last long.

    • Gary says:

      I agree with you that Tom or Herb should of won, personally Tom was someone I would watch. I cant stand Aarti, I think shes an idiot. I cant stand her voice or stupid show. The judges made a terrible choice this year and last, Melissa is stupid too. Wouldnt waste my cable time on either of there shows. Might not watch Next Star anymore either. It has sucked since Guy and Big Daddy won.

    • Uni says:

      Melissa, I agree with you 100%. Although we never tried their dishes, it was obvious the focus group enjoyed more Tom's or even Herb's pilots. They both were more fun to watch. definitely. I also believe they made a mistake.

    • Bryanna says:

      I agree with you 150% Herb should have won! He not only expressed the importance of flavor in healthy food but he also made it possible for Latinos to finally be on the food network channel. Herb was a natural on t.v sure he had a couple of rough patches in the beginning but he soon got it, and he is a STAR! Aarti does have some good qualities but of course her food and show as a whole would not be something I would watch. I would have loved to see Herb grow as a STAR and doing what he loves and helping out those of us who struggle with weight gain and are craving flavors, and what better flavors that Latin flavors for our pallet. As a Latina myself, and someone who has struggled with weight gain as well, of course it is hard to incorporate flavor in these health foods, and i crave my Mexican and Puerto Rican spices, Herb would have been a wonderful choice and he would have helped many Americans finally loose weight and he would have encouraged us to be healthy! Though I am only 17, i know that Herb was the best choice, and i would have loved to see him on t.v, this season i really feel that the judges made a HUGE MISTAKE!

    • Paul says:

      Wow! You must have been watching a different show than I was-one where Tom and Herb could cook. That focus groups saw a polished finished product. Tom and Herb failed again and again when it came to their food.

    • Joe says:

      Tom should have won, nobody wants to watch a special on chutny, the other marmalade! I also don't think anybody wants to watch Herb act like a newscaster inflecting tongue rolls every time he needs to name a hispanic dish. The audience clearly showed appreciation for Tom and I think Bobby Flay felt a little threatened by Toms charisma.

    • kay says:

      I agree with Melissa. The network really needs a healthy chef like Herb. I see lots of great chefs cook on food network, but I rarely cook one of their recipes because of the high fat and calories. I hope they find a place for him. I would watch every week.

  3. Rose says:

    Congratulations Aarti!!! It is so wonderful and refreshing to finally find someone who can elevate Indian Cuisine to the heights it deserves! Indian Cuisine is so unfairly underrated and misunderstood to the point of being a shame! You have a wonderful personality and a vast knowledge of "exotic" spices and you can cook! I am thrilled that you won! GOOD FOR YOU! Enjoy the ride and I hope this is just the begining of many, many fabulous things for you and yours.

  4. Jane says:

    While I think Aarti adorable, and love to hear her talk, I really don't have much of an interest in Indian food, and never did.

    • Pamela Prejean says:

      Aarti is a wonderful person. I would love to learn more about cooking Indian food it is very exciting to learn more.

    • ERLewis says:

      I think a show that focuses in indian food will fill a major gap in the food network programming. Everyone has individual interests in what the food network has to offer and I think Aarti will have a significant following of people who want to cook indian, love the food network but could never combine the two.

  5. Kristy says:

    I agree with what Melissa wrote. Herb and his "Healthy Eating" fit into the lifestyle that my husband and I follow, and I am sure loads of followers do, too. Aarti seems nice enough, but not my cup of tea when watching a cooking show. I am sorry the judges could not see past the perky aspect Aarti portrays, and I really think either Tom or Herb would have garnered a bigger audience. We will continue to watch and support the Food Network, as it is one of our favorite channels, just not Aarti. Better luck next year!

    • brad says:

      I don't think herb is the first person with the healthy eating p.o.v. There are so many nutrionists that comes on Dr. Oz's show or even tyra banks show and they have a better personality and star, food network can just hire those people because people might have already bought their books. But herb combines latin cuisine w. his p.o.v and I am not sure if that is new and exciting. Herb didn't want to bring his roots to the table because that food made him the fat kid. That was a turn of to me b.c you don't blame the food, its all about you controlling your diet and eat good food. Herb doesn't need to turn into this fat kid and then realize he needs to do something about it. I won't sure blame the food and my roots and become all emotional about it, frankly I herb's crying was a turn of and did not connect w.me. The judges needed to tell him everything he needs to be, herb cannot stand on his own. Healthy eating w.herb is too predictable, and audience who want to watch his show just for that reason. Obviously you should know healthy eating when you were in kindergarten.

    • Asha says:

      I think that some people are afraid of indian cuisine and therefore run from it. Aarti is making it easy to do and who says that it cannot be healthy too. Herb's and Tom's idea has been tried before time for a change.

    • Hallie says:

      HERB? UM no. nice guy but not fit for food network. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is healthy and what is not, plus that is not what food network is about. Its about the love of good food. How you balance it into your life is your business.TOM on the other hand, deserves a show.

  6. nancy says:

    I agree with Melissa above............ Aarti has a great personality, she was good in front of the camera (except for the Iron Chef commentating challenge), and I know all of you loved her food. But I'm not really into Indian food at all. So I don't think I will watch her much, not unless you put her show between Paula's and Guy's! Herb, I would have made a point to watch, because a) I really like him, b) I LOVE Hispanic food, and c) I too am struggling with weight issues and would love to have healthier Hispanic food choices. I agree that the judges had your minds made up early on to reach some other segment of the viewers you apparently feel you are missing now. I hope your decision was a good one, just doesn't work for me.

  7. Melissa P says:

    I loved every minute of watching this series with my daughter. Aarti was AWESOME. We LOVED her from the get-go. And, Bob, I think you are right ON with your asessment of each finalist. Each week, when you would describe what you thought of each one's performance, I was in agreement. Sometimes I thought you all were pretty harsh with your criticisms, but I realize you probably have to be that way to draw the best out of them. Too fragile egoes need not apply, I suppose. Thanks for a GREAT TV series, and thanks for picking the best one!!

    • Trini says:

      I agree. My daughter and I both loved Aarti and routed for her to win. They made the right choice. The other guys were good especially Herb but Aarti is the girl.

  8. rsgstr says:

    How can you make somebody that doesn't poss any skills, like cooking, and only being able to cook with tumeric, and curry something we want to watch. I think you owe the public an apology.

    • cccc says:

      your truly ignorant on what indian food and Aarti can do. That's your problem not his.

      • rsgstr says:

        you are truly the ignorant one, I'm Indian and Pleaseeeee this isn't racist. I just don't like her presentation of herself. We are not all meek, unsure of ourselves, and harbor as many insecurities as she does. I did watch all the episodes and she miss more that she hit. I think the network chose a token chef and now they have one.

        • summergirl says:

          Just because your Indian doesn't mean you know anything about Indian food. No more than being born in the US gives you an innate understanding of American food. You ask others to stop playing the race card but you keep saying "I'm Indian" as if that magically gives your view of Aarti more validity.

    • suburbanfoodie says:

      No apology nececessary. In fact. thanks a bunch Food Network! Aarti will be fantastic. Rgstr, you clearly didn't watch very many episodes to come to the conclusion that Aarti has no cooking skills. Perhaps you didn't see the Iron Chef competition where even the Iron Chefs raved over her food. She got better and better every week and while I'm not a particular fan of Indian food, I will absolutely tune in to see if she can win me over. Congratulations to Aarti, clearly a rising star!!

    • Trini says:

      I think rsgstr owes the Indian community an apology for that xenophobic and racist comment.

      • Melissa says:

        I don't think that comment was racist, rsgstr was only telling the truth, she used those spices many times, I didn't read anything racist about it.

        And yes she did a great job on Iron Chef, but it was slightly rigged in her favor. Her and Herb got Shrimp, easy to make the main focus of any dish. Aria and tom got bacon traditionally an enhancement and not something to make a main focus out of.

        • pepe says:

          It wasn't a racist comment, but it was also really uninformed. Please cite for us ONE instance of anyone this season using "curry."

        • Guest says:

          Aarti used those spices because she tried to stick to her POV.....But Herb used chorizo that is loaded with saturated fat and sodium, in a lot of dishes he prepared...i don't see any relation to "
          "HEALTHY COOKING" there....

      • rsgstr says:

        you are really don't know that I AM INDIAN. If you want play the race card don"t do it here. I know you probably like to put a name and a tag on everybody but Please this isn't about race.

    • Madhu says:

      What do u know about Indian cooking?? Its one of the most ancient style of cooking...its very simple to put a patty in bun than adding turmeric and coriander in correct proportion.Mind it before u talk.

      • rsgstr says:

        You don't know what your talking about I AM INDIAN and still don't like her or her cooking. she missed more that she hit. Get a life

    • Ray says:

      Congratulations on your poor choice - you screwed up again.
      1. Her qualifications are that she is "a food blogger"?
      2. Her cooking range is limited to hand-me-downs from her mother.
      3. I personally do not like Indian flavors.
      4. Herb had the right approach to healthier food.
      5. I still don't know what her "culinery point of view" is.
      6. She is too flighty and lacks the confidence to carry on for show after show.
      7. You completely ignored the focus group.

      In summary, I personally will not seek out her show and will skip over it if I accidently click to it. Thanks for putting it on at a horrible time - she'll be gone soon.

      To the judges: Booo!

      • S.A. says:

        Sorry, but I have to say, most of your points are wrong.

        It says that she did go to a cooking school, and by food blogger it means that she cooks and posts her recipes on a blog.

        Hand-me downs from a mother or a family member are pretty much universal and I would bet there are many people that have recipes handed down to them. Also, in the various challenges not everything was a recipe from her family. There were challenges with surprise ingredients that she had to incorporate and on the whole, she did this, and made a coconut gazpacho that wowed the judges which is not done often.

        Just because Aarti does not go out of her way to say that everything in her food is healthy doesn't mean that all of her food will be very unhealthy. In fact, many Indian dishes are quite healthy. But Herb's point of view was to mix healthy with Latin food, which can be unhealthy because as he stated, there are numerous fried dishes.

        Also, you've stated you don't like Indian flavors, which would suggest that you know her culinary point of view involves Indian flavors. She has stated (many times) that she infuses her cooking with Indian spices.

        As long as Aarti doesn't let her nerves turn her into a gibbering wreck on camera, it's not really an issue anymore. I doubt any good director would let her appear like she's fearful on her own show. It's good for reality TV drama, but not professionally.

        Concerning the focus group, I would be willing to bet that the focus group went on for a very long time (considering the judges deliberate for hours but obviously not everything is shown) so it's very possible that the focus group offered pros and cons about each person.

        If she personally does not appeal to you, you can just say that. But if you're going to back up your decision with half-truths, it makes you sound biased.

      • Natalie says:

        LOL, awesome list Ray!

      • Caribbean Queen says:


        The decision was not based solely on the final episode. Clearly Aarti got talent and showed that week after week. I don't think you have had any indian food in your life ever to say you don't like it. also most of us (the fans and general public) prepare meals at the basic level - We don't always want to see executive chefs prepre meals from gormet menus. we can relate to "hand me downs from mom" actually this is where every chef starts at home. IT IS AT HOME MOST OF US WILL BE VIEWING AND PREPARING OUR MEALS. I live in one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world TRINIDAD and we tryf and love all kinds of food. Indian cooking is splendid and is a part of our national culinary menu. ALL FOODS CAN BE PREPARED HEALTHIER using substitutes and low fat condiments including indian so I don't see your point. IN FACT I THINK THIS BLOG IS HERB - get over it you did not won. Aarti is the best and the rest of the world is anxiously awaiting her show. Get over your ego and THINK GLOBAL DUDE.

      • tan says:

        Giada has hand me downs from her mother,so that's a sorry point.

      • ccjs says:

        Right there with you, Ray. Either of the others, Herb or Tom, would have been so much better. Aarti is definitely not my cup of tea for many reasons.

    • shelly says:

      she obviously does have skills...she won

    • Lin From NJ says:

      rsgstr, I can't believe you! Aarti has cooked delicious food....during the Iron Chef segment, all the judges, who were Iron Chefs, LOVED her food....Bobby Flay said he would like to open an Indian restaurant with her and Cat Cora immediately said she would like to get in on that.

      If you don't like Aarti or Indian food, fine. That's your choice....but please stop saying "nobody"" likes Indian food. I have just gotten into Indian food and am looking forward to her show.

      I think all 3 finalists had proven they have great chef skills.

    • Cathie says:

      I found it funny that they dissed the Italian cook ..for only cooking Italian and totally gave Aarti a pass! I guess they already have an italian cook ... maybe they should have told her she had no chance from the get go.

    • dpm says:

      How can you say she does not have any skills...She wowed the likes of Booby Flay and others...Give her a chance buddy... I am sure she will incorporate other spices on her show. Keep in mind that she will be cooking for the American audience at large...not just Indian population.
      Food Network caters to all kinds of cuisines, many with repetitions...This one was a welcome addition and I will be definitely watching out for her. Congratulations Aarti.!!!
      Owe the public an apology...pfft. Keep dreaming (

  9. Dee says:

    BOB: I am going to say CONGRATS on your choice of Aarti!!!!! She is magnificent and we need the wonderful diversity in cooking that she offers and her glowing personality. She was my favorite from the beginning and her positives definitely outweighed the few negatives that came through in the various competitions as compared to the other contestants. I also cared alot for Tom and Herb but still Aarti was my number one choice. Again, congrats...I am so anxious to see her show and learn to cook in new ways that have not been presented on Food Network in the past. If you choose to give Herb and Tom another chance to put out pilots, I would watch them also, especially Herb with the Latino cooking edge along with his healthy cooking vibe. Thank you, thank you for another wonderful contest.. You are all the best!!! Dee in Rockport Texas

  10. Patricia says:

    I am happy for Aarti winning the most recent Food Network Star. Although I did want Brad to win. I love Indian food and like most others, I felt Food Network wanted to go in a different direction and Aarti was that direction. I did like Aarti from the start and I felt she was going to win. I will watch her show and hope to get some great curry recipes and maybe even a good samosa recipe. Can't wait to see what you have to offer Aarti. Good luck!!

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with Patricia...I was rooting for Brad! But all along, I knew Aarti was going to win, with her winning personality and her delicious-looking Indian cusine.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree! I was rooting for Brad the whole season, but I knew in my heart that Aarti deserved to win, with her wonderful personality and her delicious-looking Indian cusine! Good luck and congrats, Aarti!