Finale Chatterbox: Party’s Here

by in Community, August 15, 2010
Congrats, Aarti!
Congrats, Aarti!

Cue the confetti: Aarti Sequeira is the Next Food Network Star. Challenge after challenge, she fought for the spot, rollercoastering past insecurities and weaving the Selection Committee's suggestions into her delicious dishes and effervescent demos. Big-flower purveyors rejoice! More important, home cooks can look forward to Aarti's sparkle and charm as she teaches them--starting next week!--how to experiment with exotic ingredients and use them in everyday cooking. Tons of you joined Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson for our live finale chat tonight, talking through the whys and wherefores of this wild season, commenting along as the judges and a focus group screened the demos and as the drumrolls rolled. Check out the archive to see who said what. Kudos to all this season's finalists, but only one person can be the Next Food Network Star. Congrats, Aarti.

What do you think?

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Comments (3,532)

  1. Hobiscus says:

    Sorry - Aarti seems like a nice girl, but definitely NOT food network quality. The second her picture appeared, I turned it off for good. Aarti Party is not a show I'll be watching - what a waste of airtime. She has NO confidence and although she actually made something OTHER than rice tonight, it floors me that she'll be on a wall with Bobby Flay. You canned Brad who was your top contender, then let us down by not selecting Herb (the OBVIOUS #2 choice). How disappointing! I hope you get better judges next season!

    • Tom was the ONE says:

      Aarti? Now there's a show I will NOT be watching. Judges... you blew it!

    • mary says:

      Totally agree

    • Mell says:

      Completely agree...she has so little food knowledge. There are more ways than one to make chutney and I can't get the raw chicken thing out of my head. Gross. Brad was much better than aria and aarti. In addition the obnoxious rhyming title that doesn't make sense, she usually only makes a form of rice..--boring. This was a complete set up from the beginning. I am completely over this show now.

    • MLM says:

      You are so right, either guy would have been my pick. she was lackluster to me, and no good food info.

    • john45 says:

      I partially agree with you, i think Tom and Herb did much better than Aarti in their 'promos'. However, Aarti won nearly all the challenges before and therefore the judges must crown her if she did the best out of them.

    • Nita says:

      I agree with you so much. I too was pulling for Herb. I can not see Aarti making it. I probably will not even watch her first progarm and that will be a first for me. We alswys love to see the stars develop or not, depending on what happens. This is one that does nothing for me. She is cute and sweet, but first of all, drives me nuts for some reason and second, I just don't see the pull the show will have.

      I hope she does pull it off, if I had money to gamble with right now I would put everything on a "miss" not a "hit.

      • SZQ says:

        I agree....I love Indian food but will I watch a show about just indian food,..,,,not like we will eat it all the time. I was pulling for the latinos!

    • sonia30 says:

      i totally agree with you....she seems nice but in my opinion id prefer herb or tom to win

    • macchef says:

      The needed a different ethinic type of food. Other than guy, how many winnners are still around?

      • Tina says:

        "Other than guy, how many winnners are still around?"

        Melissa is in her second year and Aaron McCargo (Big Daddy) his third.

    • Barb says:

      Right on! Thought Brad would be the next Tylor Florence - calm, controlled good cook - Not toothy smiling, giggling again - don't we get enough of mellis D'A, Anne Burrell, the Neeleys?? Let's go for cooking not just entertainment - I thought Food Network was all about!

    • Joan says:

      Having read everyone's comments, I now see that my reasons for being SO dissabointed last night are shared by many. I, too, was rooting for Brad and Herb. (I did not "like" Tom because he is just another Guy, who I do not watch.) This makes for a second set-up outcome that I do not like. First, Melissa, now Aarti! Can we just get back to Iron Chef at 9:00 and get on with our lives? Sunday is a work night!

    • Sanny says:

      I thoroughly agree with you that Aarti was NOT the correct choice

    • Ann says:

      I agree with Hobiscus 100%

    • elaine says:

      I will not be watching either. If I want Indian food, I'll go to an Indian restaurant or try to duplicate a dish at home. But, I'm not interested in incororating Indian cuisine into other dishes. Indian pizza is not my cup of tea, neither is Indian spaghetti. You blew it this time. Herb's POV is a much needed genre.

    • bzybeebritt says:

      I absolutely HATE that Aarti won. I feel like this was set from the beginning. I mean I know Aarti won all sorts of challenges but I really think that was a set up. The food network has no shows that deal with Indian food. So they find a woman who can cook Indian food well, fuse it with american food and be decent infront of the camera and say "sweet another demographic" I feel like I just wasted 10 weeks on a preset decision. I feel like Herb's pov was the best. We could really use a healthy show. That's a better show. I just feel scammed by the judges and the network. There were so many other better choices for a winner. I just hope they get it together for next season.

    • Guest says:

      I agree, once Brad left I quit caring; knowing that I would watch any of the finalists. This was not the next FNS.

    • ChrstnLanier says:

      I agree - I called it 2 weeks ago that they would pick her. Same thing happened last year. I will not be watching next year I think reruns of NCIS will fill that time slot. FN you are better than this. These last two make Sandra Lee look good

    • Wrong Choice says:

      ITA! I don't know how she made it into the finals except it was very obvious that Bob was quite smitten from day one. Herb would have been the better choice since they let Brad go.
      I won't watch this show again.

    • Tate123 says:

      I agree, I won't be watching this show and I am a HUGE Foodnetwork enthusiast. She just not sophisticated enough. I would have liked Herb to win. I would never have watched Tom. He is too messy and dirty looking. Too bad. If he had cleaned himself up a bit, he may have won.

    • Tina says:

      While Aarti is cute and has some interesting ideas, of the 3 finalists, she is the one I am least likely to watch. I kind of liked Herb's take on things, because there are SO many cooking shows that only use unhealthy ingredients--tons of butter, whole eggs, white flour and rice. I really would like to see a more healthy cooking show and I think he would have done it! I liked Tom better than Aarti too.

    • Bob_T says:

      I disagree with most of what Hobiscus said.
      I agree Brad should have been in the final 3.
      I think Aarti is a good choice although I would have chosen Tom because I like his goof-ball personality and he's a pretty good cook, I think I would have enjoyed his show the most. Pretty much a toss-up between those 2 for me.
      My thoughts on Aarti are I believe she is one of the best cooks of this seasons contestants, she has a warm and genuine personality that I like a lot, and I will probably try to make some of her dishes. Although she frequently showed a lack of confidence especially in a competition atmosphere, she looks very much at home and comfortable in front of the camera. I saw no lack of confidence in her pilot.
      On second thought I think Aarti is my favorite. :)

    • Ziggy73 says:

      I agree as well nice Women but definitely lacks the overall confidence and charisma needed to captivate an audience Week in and out. Tom was my first choice with Herb as a close second the focus group loved Tom as did I and his wacky personality he reminds me a lot like Guy.

    • Weakest link says:

      Nobody will miss you if you decide not to watch the show :) Bye bye!

    • guest says:

      I also turned off the show when they showed her picture. Aarti was no fun to watch. I felt embarrassed for her. Herb was far better. And Bob T's comment that she was the better cook - she couldn't even prepare rice properly.

    • judy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree.
      I am sooooo disappointed in their choice. I don't think Aarti has the knowledge or appeal. Tom was my choice !!


    • Carol Gamache says:

      You are absolutely correct in your assessment. All Aarti ever cooked was rice dishes. I am not interested in her type of ethnic cooking - just plain don't like it. Herb should have been the winner -- he had the personality, the recipes and the screen presence and the show. I loved the idea of cooking great things without all the fat. Also, I make a habit of staying away from food shows with hosts that are extremely overweight -- they are wearing what they cook and I don't want to cook like them and ultimately look like them. I like the Food Network and this was a big mistake. I'm sure down the road the sponsors won't pay to advertise when the audience isn't there.

    • gks says:

      I couldn't agree more. When Aarti didn't even complete half of the semifinal challenge (the commentary) and was named the winner I was certain that she was already chosen to be the winner. The judges need to be more subtle about crowning their favorite ahead of time. Unfortunately, I'll never know because I don't think I'll watch it next round. I will also not be watching Aarti. I expected more from Bobby.

    • greatfan says:

      I want to congradulate Aarti on winning but it is not a show that I would watch. Having learned to cook from my mother that was, to say, a bit unconventional, I truly appreciated Tom. I actually thought he would win.
      As yo, I said to myself I would never watch again, however the competion is Fantastic and will support my favorite but as for the Food Network - Thank God they decided to start the new station. I have no connection with the "Stars" that earn $M per year and use ingredients that are out of my price range - that is why I loved Tom - He could have brought food more affordable and more to the taste of the average American.
      This is my first time on a blog - sorry - but my feelings

    • mary perez says:

      I agree I think I would cook more of Herbs recipes. I was wishing he would of won. I'll watch to see what Aarti cooks but I really don't feel my kids would enjoy it.

    • Nick_T says:

      Glad to know I'm not the only one here who things Aarti was a bad choice. As this shows again, the judges got lucky with Guy. In all six seasons Guy is the only one who won who is still on the food network and is a great tv personality and food expert. I fully beilive that if they selected Herb or Tom they had a better chance of making a good run at Guy's thrown. Someone in their reply to this made a comment about FN needing a new ethinic cooking show, I think your right, because throught the show I kept asking my wife, "When is Bobby going to get on her about only cooking Indian food. just like he did last season to Debbie about cooking only Koeran dishes. Like most people on this blog, I WILL NOT BE WATCHING AARTI PARTY!!!!! I'm very disapointed in Bobby Flay, the other two no surprise.

    • Donna says:

      I totally agree. I also turned it off as soon as her picture appeared. I think the judges picked her because she was the WORST. Ever since Guy, a former winner, has done so well, the judges seem to pick those that will not succeed. Are they worried? Might be!

    • Alloliio says:

      Aarti was the worst of them all and no one will watch her show !!

    • Eiduj says:

      I agree! I could have told you the first show that she would win. She cooks Indian food (Chutney and rice) which no one else on the station does. Although not my favorite contestant and definitely not my favorite food I just knew all the way through she was a shoe in! It's too bad because I think there were better cooks and much better and more confident personalities. The fact that the judges said they would have to work hard on her confidence and waste a great deal of precious time bolstering her up it obviously didn't matter. Don't forget either Herb or Brad or Tom. They each were just so warm and great cooks too!! I agree that it was a great disappointment and a waste of my time. I really like the judges but felt they fell very short on this one and no one is going to watch! So unlike Melissa who I just love!! Eiduj

    • Chigirl says:

      I completely agree that Aarti appears to be a nice girl, but she is NOT Food Network ready. I love the Food Network and was really looking forward to a great new show, but I will NOT be watching this one. Everyone I have spoken with are on the same page with me. Brad, Herb, Tom and they picked Aarti...I have no desire whatsoever to spice up food with Indian flavors as these are my least favorite flavors...Better luck next time Food Network, as I will only tune in if there are different judges.

    • Bill_C says:

      I completely agree. I, myself, would have liked to see Tom. Aarti was number seven on my list.

    • eiduj says:

      I agree. I knew from the first show that she would win. She's cute and cooks Indian food and no other FN star does. What a shame. She didn't cook that well and the judges even said she lacked confidence and that they would have to spend a great deal of extra time bolstering her up!! What a waste! Between Tom, Brad and Herb any one of them were so likable and good cooks that it was really too bad! Your ratings will suffer and we'll be getting a Sandra Lee who cooks rice, chutney and not much else!! I for one will not be watching! I feel like I wasted all these weeks hoping against hope that what happened wouldn't! I like all the judges and think the stars helping prepare the contestants for each show is such a good idea. But almost all of them had comments about Arti's confidence! Why didn't you listen? Take a good long look at all these comments and think long and hard about your choice! I'll bet you advertisers who gave prizes and money aren't too happy right about now!

    • goldilocks689 says:

      i agree with Hobiscus, this will be one more show i will not watch, all we need is one more chubby food person. geez. give me a guy. hope that dam flower does not fall in her food. i really dislike her.

    • lucy says:

      I agree i will not be watching Artie i have no interest in cooking Indian food I have not liked her from the very first so upset that i watched all these weeks and now her

    • Kiss the Cook says:

      We prayed we'd hear either Herb's or Tom's name announced as the NFNS but sadly, we heard Aarti's name. We would certainly have been fans of either of their shows!
      Aarti is so annoying we won't tune in. If we're going to take the time to watch TV we want to learn something and enjoy the person conveying the information.
      What a huge disappointment.
      Aarti's recipes might delight but we would rather discover her ideas without watching her or more importantly listening to her.
      Maybe next year.
      We will miss seeing and learning from and laughing with Herb and Tom. What a pity. What a loss.

    • pamme says:

      I agree, Herb is someone i would watch ...Aarti seems nice but not someone i would want to watch . Herb had it>>>> hope to see him with his own show

    • Herb Tom Fan says:

      Herb or Tom -- Aarti is simply annoying and cloying. I would never tune in to watch her.

    • Elaine says:

      Well everyone to their own taste! Personally, altho I liked Herb and Brad, I felt from the get go that Aarti was a winner. I am not of Indian decent so am looking forward to learning to prepare a new type of food. I am thrilled that Aarti is the new Food Network Star. Woo Hoo

    • foodlover says:

      I agree w you Im not going to watching Artie....I really thought that either of the two men would have been a better choice and they would have had more viewers.....Just wait only time will tell once they get the ratings back they will realize it was a mistake

    • habaneromama says:

      Kudos to Big Chef and Cooking with Sabor!!! It's MY KITCHEN, and at my age goodness knows I'm trying to eat healthier, but I abhor the lack of flavor. Obviously, the best man didn't win.

      From the very first show the judges made it plain they wanted the cutesy ethnic version of what's-her-name darbian from last season. I will not watch their new show. I don't like the food and I can't afford to buy those exotic spices. Too bad for Food Network - their loss, our loss.

    • smiling says:

      I agree that this is not the choice I would have made, but oh well I wasn't a judge. I could tell way early in the show that she would be the winner for a few reasons.

    • Lupe says:

      Totally agree Herb should have taken it. I was very very dissapointed when I saw her picture, it didn't even look good.

    • carol says:

      i totally agree - was my first season to watch and brad was my first choice. but when it came to the final three i would have been ok with tom or herb. was so disappointed with aarti.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree i will not be watching Artie Party. I cant even understand why they would pick her, the other two were much better. I tried watching Melissa from last year a couple of times but she wasnt any good. I wont even waste my time to tune in Artie to give the show a chance. Count me in as a lost viewer__

  2. Sean says:

    Congratulations Aarti!

    I think it'd be a waste (and a foolish choice on Food Network's part) to let Tom or Herb slip away. Maybe they'll be back in the future like Adam? We can only hope.

    • Amy says:

      I hope so, too..both would add a lot to the FN lineup

    • Rose says:

      Absolutely! I hope to see both Herb and Tom on Food Network soon. I was disappointed in the final choice and somewhat surprised. My H thinks it's because of her point of view being different. Oh offense meant to her, but she was not my choice.

    • Daisy says:

      Congrats Aarti! I heard Tom got his own show as well, Outrageous Food, which will air on primetime. But I haven't seen anything on this site regarding it.

    • Kathy says:

      Congratulations Aarti! I'm glad to see that you can win this with all your self doubt...I'm hopeing that the upswing of emotion will continue in the future and I hope to check in on the Paarti and see your beautiful and warm a person who has been beat down for years upon years you are an inspiration of how just allowing yourself to be your greatest fan can help a person reach a dream...

      • Kathy says:

        Tom, I really do hope that you do get a show because your knowledge of food and tips was so fascinating that it truly shows that someone who wants to go back to school for culinary can have fun while learning and not be so afraid of the kitchen....

        • Kathy says:

          Herb, your show would also be an excellent addition because I was injured at work and being unable to do alot over the past 22 mths, I had gained so much that I cry and wish I could break every long mirror or short for that matter - some days I get so wound that I can't breath and now I'm finding myself tell my children I can't do certain things because I wouldn't fit or I'd not be able to keep up or just it'd be to hard to breathe because I can't even walk across my house without struggling...

          • Kathy says:

            its not that I eat alot - I eat 3 small meals a day but I'm tired of food and its taste but I know I have to be careful with what I eat..if I could learn how to still make small portions but make them taste good and healthy I think until I lost the 100 lbs I need I'd tune in as much as possible and look up what you have done online to be sure I stayed with what you were teaching....Loved this season better than the 1st season because the top 3 were people that I could relate to on very personal but different levels...Thank you FN for introducing us to these 3!!!

    • JJENGR says:

      Although I'm not a big fan of any of the finalists, does anyone remember how truly bad, inedible, and terrible Tom's food was in the "Iron Chef" episode?? One of the judges said Tom's "bacon streak" was the single worst dish in the history of the show!! He shoudl ahve been canned that week.

    • Beverly says:

      I agree with you, Sean. The top three were all fantastic! And I do hope Tom and Herb will have a show. At least some guest shows!

  3. headlites says:

    Arti made so many mistakes previously, I don't know how she made it this far , except the network needed a different ethnic food show........ I knew halfway in programs they must have let her slide because of indian dishes................. she did look nice in her red dress though....... well , I enjoyed watching the finalists under so much pressure making their meals......... I wish them all success, but I won't be watching Arti.........

    • cindy says:

      I agree with you. I think they dropped the ball on this one big time. I wanted tom to win. The focus said it all, he is unlike any other in the foodnetwork. He is down home and just an average guy. I would DEFINATELY watch tom, but not so much arti. To me, he was great throughout the show. I think they went by looks and the fact that she could produce indian dishes. It isnt enough for me to watch her though. Well anyways, good luck arti.

      • Donna says:

        "Unlike any other in the foodnetwork" -- except EXACTLY like former winner Aaron "Big Daddy" McCargo, who noone is watching, either.

    • ginberg says:

      I literally dropped my jaw when the photo of Aarti was put up. I couldn't believe she won, especially after the comments from the focus group on Tom. I was certain Tom would win and was looking forward to watching his show. Aarti's Paarty bugged me from the start and am very disappointed she won. Big mistake I think. But I don't have to watch her show.

      • sam says:

        i dont understand why you are after aarti are you saying she won this without any hard tom and herb had their bad days too! and aarti did too!

        is it her mistake to be indian and showing you how to influence indian spices
        she is relatable to camera and tom making ohtrs laugh , i like tom too but this is food network not a comedy show.

      • karyn1001 says:

        I couldn't agree more! I was really looking forward to tuning in for Tom. Not only does he have more personality, he is much more versatile in his cooking methods and flavor profiles. Sure it might be nice to try an Indian dish once in a while but really...a weekly show on that-no thanks. Tom makes the food my husband and family wants to eat and makes it fun to watch and learn. Aarti is good for well, possibly a party. Nothing else. Good luck Tom I hope to see you soon!!

      • moniqueAngel says:

        Maybe if Tom cleaned himself - the ending would be different. I surely don't want a grubby person teaching me how to cook. If Tom would groom himself he would be more successful.

    • beachgirlinbh says:

      I agree. No interest at all in Indian food.

    • Mary P says:

      I won't be watching her either! I don't know who is worse, Melissa, last years winner or Aarti!! I am about done with the food network and their shows. They need new judges!! Indian food is fine, but who wants to watch a whole show about it week after week?

    • sasabune says:

      I don't know which show you were watching. Aarti won more challenges than all the others combined.
      Tom made THE worst dish in the history of the show. He is so lucky he wasn't eliminated last week. Herb was almost gone too. The BEST person won this season.

  4. Nicole says:

    Aarti, I called it on week one! Just ask my husband. So proud of you and cant wait to learn how to cook Indian food! My grandparents were missionaries in India many years ago and Dahl Soup and Curry Chicken have been family recipes passed down over time. I love the flavors and aromas of this cuisine.

    Paartying for you!!

    • Dale says:

      She's not cooking Indian food. She's sticking Indian flavors into everything else. It's like the designer who collected all kinds of neat stuff and then painted everything black. I love Indian food, but I don't want everything to taste like Indian food. Maybe someday she will learn to cook something other than Indian food. Too bad you got rid of everybody who could cook. She's too annoying to watch anyway, but she goes with all the rest of the crap (drama, not cooking) you have on the network now. Just like the other contests, you already decided the winner before it started.

    • bigdog0624 says:

      I'm not buying Aarti as a food expert. She knows 1 type of food Indain, with the wide range of viewers the network has. That's a very limited market. I really wanted Tom to win, He is such fun to watch and makes you want to try his techniques.I really hope you find sometype of show where he can be an on air star. If not then it's the networks loss, Tom is the second coming of Guy. I even would have been happy with Herb, his healthy point of view is something in general your network lacks, There are millions of people out there myseft included that require a special diet. Whether its low fat or low salt. We have nowhere to turn to get ideas for food we can make at home. You missed another chance, but hey 10% of your viewers will like aarti.

  5. Corey1975 says:

    I couldn't be more disappointed with this decision. There's no reason why Tom shouldn't have won today. After a shaky start he's shown that he's a true champion in the kitchen. His pilot got rave reviews by the focus group while people found flaws with Aarti's. This doesn't feel like a competition, it feels like everyone was set up to lose against Aarti. Once Brad lost, I was really hoping for Tom, I'm really not interested in Aarti's point of view and I can't see myself watching her show.

    • redi says:

      I agree totally with you. I feel the judges had their mind made up even before the final show. I am not interested either in Aarti's view. I feel the other two never had a chance. To me, you need a star that is confident and upbeat which I don't see in Aarti on the screen.

    • cindy says:

      I agree with you 100%.!!!!

      • cib says:

        I've been saying that for weeks. Aarti made mistakes and they were always pooh poohed. I knew before I watched last night that she was the preselected winner. I'm not sure why they even bothered to shoot the other pilots. They should have just had a coronation.

    • karyn1001 says:

      Ditto!! If the food network executives are smart they will put her show on at 2a.m. and hire Tom for a prime time spot!! I say impeach the party of Aarti!

    • Trish says:

      I couldn't agree more. It was a SET UP from the start . They kept eliminating everyone that was a threat to precious Arti. The selection committee happens to love Indian Food and "vivacious" girls. They don't want to listen to the people that watch the shows. Last year was also a big misfire. Jeffrey should have won. Brad should have won this year. I WILL NOT EVER WATCH THE ARTI PHARTI.

      • Brianna says:

        I agree, Jeffrey really should have won last year, and this year they made another mistake. The audience wants to see someone who is quirky and relatable, and Tom was all that and more! Brad was also very relatable and genuine, and I think the audience could really see that. Although i enjoy Indian food, I think it is a bit out-there and confining for a food show.. I don't know, I just really think Tom made leaps and bounds throughout the competition and Aarti stayed the same and the judges just couldn't see through the viewers' eyes.

    • charlie says:

      I strongly agree. Aarti should have been disqaulified a few weeks ago and she stayed, thats when I knew the fix was in for her to min! Herb and Tom aced last nights Pilot test and according to the screeners they were both heads above Aarti. Tom was more consistant and better in front of the camera. Herb's show concept is also better than Aarti's hope that Foodnetwork sees that and brings both Tom and Herb into the shows programing.

    • Anne says:

      I agree, come on now, she served raw chicken ! I will never watch her show. It seems like FN thought they were helping her with her doubts and insecurities, send her to a therapist instead , where she can talk about her mum all day long. SO DISAPPOINTED !!!

  6. Chris Toppen says:

    CONGRATS ARTI!!!! WE all jumped up and screamed when we saw your picture up on the wall!!! Can not wait to see your show in one week!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO GIRL!!! YOU DID IT!!!.

    • john45 says:

      Why are you so happy? Tom or Herb should have won! Aarti is a good girl but she has very little confidence! Tom has a great sense of humor or they could have chosen Herb, who has a great passion for food! Splendid work!!! :@

    • bonsall says:

      What??? Well, at least you will be the lone person watching - she'll be gone in no time. But Brad, well, they made a huge mistake in letting him go.

  7. Hratch says:

    I'm really disappointed that Aarti won the competition. It's not that I do not like Indian food, it's that you have too many women in Food Network. Secondly, It's impossible to believe that everything was not designed and decided ahead of time after the results. You pulled her all the way here. She had lots of struggles and did not make as big of jumping progress as Tom and Herb did.
    You guys are going to regret very soon for choosing her. From now and on I do not believe that things go the way you show in this program.
    Very few people will watch her program. I know I'm a little guy here, yet I can see the future probably better than your group of so called "professionals " who decided that she is the one. Anyway, good luck with your Aarti. Respectfully Fr. Hratch

    • not a picky eater says:

      Too many women?? How many shows is Bobby Flay on?? How many times a week does Guy Fieri pop up on the screen? How about the dudes on "Chefs vs. City?" How about all the male chefs on "Iron Chef"? Adam on the sweets show? Duff Goldman?
      Tom was wildly inconsistent -- as Cat Cora said, "There are educated risks and there are stupid risks" -- and other than the brilliant story he told on the "jealousy" theme, his arm-flapping camera presence was loud and annoying. And I'm sorry but a theme of "big flavors" is way too vague. Herb came on strong at the end, but he too was all over the map for much of the competition. I do hope that he gets a Cooking Channel show, as I liked his POV. But for me, the right person won last night. I am ready for something different from FN.

      • Bri says:

        Tom was not loud and annoying, he was interesting and funny. There aren't many funny, quirky people on the food network, and he would have brought in people who aren't foodies or big FN fans (like me) with his antics mixed with expertise. Aarti was the safe, predictable choice, and judging by much of the comments on this page, the wrong one. She seems like a nice girl and an interesting character, but Tom would have brought variety to FN, which it needs.

    • MLM says:

      I agree as well that it seemed that, at least Bobby Flay wanted Aarti from Episode #1 and that nothing else matters. I liked her okay, but her POV just doesn't interest me; I mean, one would have to first LIKE the taste of Indian cuisine to want to change American classics week after week after week with the same spices. And personally, I didn't think her pizza looked or sounded that interesting; but we are all different. What I am disappointed in, though, as I have pointed out over and over and over that, no matter how well Herb did, he was shot down; no matter how well Brad did, he was shot down; and no matter how much Tom improved, he was shot down. I mean, look at how well the guys were liked in the viewing by the audience; but still, the judges and whomever else put Aarti in as the winner for this Season. Really, REALLY disappointed,! Again, I have nothing against Aarti; her POV just did not and still does not interest me. HERB had the right POV of all the finalists, in my humble opinion, and I think that he would have done marvelous on his own show! Come on, judges...have some backbone and reply to some of us who are negating your choosing Aarti!

    • happygrandmaof3 says:

      I have to agree with you
      they are going to regret choosing her i dont think that she will get that big of an audience she is not really clear on anything and in ten weeks she did not cook one thing my husband and i even wanted to try

  8. RuthO says:

    What an anticlimax...we all knew Aarti was going to win the way FN has been promoting her and listing her briefly as one of their hosts...but can I say it was still a major disappointment. Tom's show, and food, was the most interesting and unusual and Aarti's looked like a snack.

  9. Sue says:

    Am I really the first? I guess this just goes to show we're serious foodies but not serious tecchies!

    Regardless, I wanted to go on record and say how joyful I felt for Aarti this evening. The only other contestant I've felt compelled to vote for on this series has been Guy Fieri.

    Aarti has that warmth and charm I am drawn to in television personalities but, in addition, brings her Indian twist to the table. I'm excited to watch her new show. Maybe she can teach me to, finally, make a tasty palak paneer. Congrats Aarti!

  10. Aug10nowgone says:

    This show has officially jumped the shark. Clearly a rigged choice, for a show I will never watch. My time watching Food Network grows shorter.....

    • foodlover says:

      Artie always cooked Indian food the same way that the Korean girl cooked the Korean dishes all the time last season....Seems very rigged. I'm not a big fan of Indian food and I'm sorry to say Artie I will not be watching

    • Sue says:

      Could not agree more. At least Tom is getting his own show.