So How About You — On Star?

by in Food Network Star, August 13, 2010

Next Food Network Star Final Three

You've followed their progress all the way to this Sunday's finale, watching as Herb, Aarti and Tom aced the challenges ... or fell flat. And at some point maybe you thought, "I could do that."

So why don't you give it a shot?

Casting for the 2011 season of The Next Food Network Star is happening now. And after taking in all the action of Season 6, you already know what we look for: great cooking chops, a passion for teaching and a winning personality.

If you're confident you've got the goods, remember this: the final three got started by just throwing their hats in the ring. So come on. Roll the dice and see if you could be the next Star!


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Comments (2,649)

  1. Yvette says:

    so its the finals, but i cant pick the winner,because they all what the other lacks. Yvette

    • Ginny says:

      hope Arti enjoys her breif moment, I will never watch her show. Should have been Tom.

      • elizabeth says:

        I agree! I would have watched Herb, Look at what they put in their food. Tom's was a chicken heart attack with all that butter and oil. Herb's looked great and something I would want my family to eat. They should have had the focus group taste everything. Sorry FN no need to watch your new star or buy her cookbook you just cooked up a recipe for disaster.

      • Mark R Carpenter says:

        Aarti makes me want to change the channel. I would love to watch either a show with Tom, whose portabella cap slicing tip is the only one I took from the finale, or Herb, who would doubtless help us all bring classically bland health food a little flavor (i.e. egg whites). I love to eat Indian cuisine but Aarti's recipes and food seem tame and Americanized. Congratulations on losing my 18-34 demo vote, now excuse me while I go back to reading my copy of Medium Raw.

    • Tracey says:

      I wasn't surprised by Aarti. The network needed someone who could present Indian flavors. Tom and Herb were both great, but not unique. Aarti really advanced with last week's presentation for the Iron Chefs who gave her food rave reviews. All of you who are nay sayers are not looking at this from the the network's business perspective . . . which one of the contestants was bringing something totally new to for their viewers. They already have similar Tom and Herbs, there is no other Aarti.

    • innerjuju says:

      Can't pick the winner? You don't have to- the judges did that many weeks ago. There was never any question that Aarti was going to win. Take the focus groups. Nothing negative from the group regarding Herb. Negative about Aarti's performance and one about Tom's appearance. How many people do you really think are going to watch a full time show about Indian cuisine? And then Susie said the magical sentence that summed it all up, "Sometime our viewers don't tune it to learn anything about cooking. Sometimes they just want to hang out." Uhhhh, yeah, that's why I watch a cooking show, to hang out with a "beautiful, articulate woman." So Susie was just interested in boosting male viewership or they just really wanted to give Aarti that show.

      I won't be watching this joke again.... ever. In fact, Susie's philosophy has turned me off the entire Food Network.

  2. Sandi says:

    My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. I am so impressed with all of it! I am a high school teacher and very selective of what we watch. Hands down "Food Network" is our favorite channel. We vote 100% for Arti. We want to watch her program and learn how to cook Indian food!
    Arti you are the Best! Herb and Tom, great job, but there are enough of your types on the network.
    Thank you

    • Feebees says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I am not much fan of Indian food, but I trust all these chef 's opinion. Yes, she is not so much of fashion or style, but she can cook. I don't care about Tom or Herb type. Foodnetwork is about food , so this time they chose right one. Last year, they chose wrong one. Go Arti and ignore bunch of racist comment..

      • luvcookin says:

        Why is it racist to not care for Indian food? No one said they do not like people of Indian heritage.

        • jodicooks66 says:

          For one, she's not cooking just Indian food, she's bringing Indian flavors to American food, or Mexican or maybe Chinese.

    • Tony says:

      We will never watch her show! you guys blew it! My family and I will not be viewers. Not at all interested in Indian cuisine We believe that Herb or Tom had more appeal.

      • Trish says:

        Can believe how people are really judgemental? What are you afraid of?...another race than your own does better at something? or Is that jeously talking? Seriously get a life! I'm sure whatever religion you believe in, you would know that this is not how you should judge people!
        Arti you are the best at what you do, not all white people are like Tony here!
        This is America damn it!

    • jacquie says:

      I liked arti from day 1-just don't call it arti's party!

    • carey says:

      There is not a chef like Herb on the food network. I sometimes compare Tom to Guy, but no one is like Herb. Cuban food would have been great for a show!!

    • john says:

      Yo, This show is boring. Why have the last two winners done little and Guy and Bobby are on many shows? If the winners are that good put them on a couple of shows to expand their audience.

  3. Blah says:

    I rather watch The Next FN Star than be in it. Even if I wanted to, I'm too young! That's right, everyone, I'm not an adult. I'm a kid. But I'm not going to tell you my age. Anyway, back to The Next FN Star, I think it's better for us viewers, to watch and blog next season. I hope this is not the last blog. If it is, bye 'till next year!
    It was fun blogging with all of you!
    P.S. I hope all of you come back and blog next year!

  4. DScott says:

    I'd love to see a clever chef/cook that likes to create well rounded and easy to make appetizers. I'm so tired of the 'Big 3 Squares' Teach me how to do little morsels of fun that are nutricious. Tapas style, but americanized. I'd love to see someone that can do easy sauces for meats and dips for veggies and fruit.

  5. JackJones says:

    I thought Tom or Herb would be the best fit for the Food Network. Aarti wouldve fit better on the Cooking Channel. But I think we all know that it was decided Aarti was going to win, weeks before the last show.

    • carey says:

      Thank goodness I"m not the only one that thought this. It was so obvious it was nerve racking!! I hated that they where so obvious from week 1 who their favorite was.

      • PATTY says:


    • Anonymous says:

      You are right, Jack. These reality shows are all the same. People are picked way before it even gets halfway through the competition. A very good example is on DWTS when Kristi Yamaguchi won. There were several other people that were far better than her. I think Tom won hands down, even the people Bobby Flay talked to before they picked said he was the winner. What a crock the whole thing was. I am NEVER gonna watch that show again. There are way too many people on the Food Network channel that are not worth watching, Paula Dean, Barefoot Contessa, and many others. I am so tired of tuning into these things and getting the same results. Certainly will never watch Artie's show when it is on either.

    • Sally says:

      I absolutely agree and thank you for validating my thinking. It was obvious that she would be chosen, regardless of her whining throughout the 9 weeks. I thought either of the guys would have brought more energy to the mix. After last year's choice, I thought I would not watch again, sadly I did. Won't make that mistake again -- too frustrating. By the way, didn't the focus groups mean anything in the process - why bother to have them?

    • carmaleeta says:

      I have to agree. Herb & Tom did the best the audience even said so.. I believe her lack of confidence will hurt her. I don't even remember last years winner. The choose that wrong. How sad..

    • nancy says:

      I agree with you. I think Herb would of been the best. I liked Tom also he reminded me alot like Guy. I know I will not be watching Aarti, she doesn't offer anything that's interesting.

      • Tam says:

        I agree!! There are plenty of Aartis on the Food Network already! Most have become very boring to watch! I just knew Tom won....and was looking forward to watching his show...but now...I think I may just be done watching all of them, except...Guy and Paula!

    • Barb Ladd says:

      I agree. I think this is fixed, knew from the first, that they would choose Aarti. I will not watch the food network anymore, except for unwrapped and challenge. They can take their food stars and go some place. What a gimmick. Barb

    • Barb Zielinski says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I supported Aria or Herb through much of the show. However, last week when they gave Aarti "shrimp" to create we dishes "featuring" the special ingredient ---- and they gave Aria "bacon". Please ---- at that point it was clear they were bending over to make their preselection look valid. Also, of Herb, Tom and Aarti, she was the only one that had any negative response for the audience participants. I most likely will not watch her show, but will stick with the others on the network.

    • gale says:

      i thoroughly agree...aarti is so NOT interesting!! herb and tom were so much better...agreed, i will NEVER watch aarti's show / BORING!!!

    • cherri says:

      I so agree with you. I think Tom or Herb should have definetly won. I do not see how Aarti won , she is really not that good and I'm sorry but Indian food does nothing for me. I'm not the least interested. This was really a disappointment.

    • Kristen says:

      Concur. I could see the bias toward Aarti weeks ago. Tom or Herb would have appealed to a much broader audience. It comes down to dollars and cents and I think FN could have gone to the bank on either men, not Aarti

    • Denise says:

      You are so right. I would much rather watch Brad or Tom than poor little Aarti, her show will be cancelled as she will not be able to handle the stress.

    • bubble says:

      It was clear that the judges wanted her to win. She will be ok - but not greatl.

    • jimettrix says:

      I think Herb had the most unique show. Goof food-healthy-food and fitness. Where on TFN is there a show that addresses growing waistlines. I'd actually have watched that show. I won't be watching a show so focused on Indian cooking, which is what I've seen from her, solely because I'm not at all fond of most of the spices used (like if I didn't like garlic or oregano, I doubt I'd like Italian). So... congrats Aarti I suppose, but I won't be a customer... show idea is too focused.

      TFN is missing a major market with a show like Herb's idea.

  6. Levi says:

    You guys are gonna be SORRY Brad got cut! I'm not a little girl crying cause he was cute just really thought given more camera experience he would shine. I know it's my opinion only but I watch all your shows. Brad BY FAR seemed the most talented and the ONLY one besides Tom that I would use a recipe from.

    • G, San Diego says:

      I agree, Brad had great potential, but, going forward, I really believe, of the three remaining, Tom has to be the one! He may not have the "LOOK", however, he has a very warm, endearing personality and I think he would be great at his own show! He also makes me laugh and I feel that would be a very positive factor, as well.

    • Wanda says:

      I'm with Levi. I cannot STAND Aarti and Aria at this ppoint. They make me crazy.. insipid, trite, predictable... just Like Giada. Couldn't you get a Food Netwok Star to help out the contestants that 60% of the viewers DON'T hate?

      • Angie says:

        I loved Brad, thought it would be great to watch him
        very engaging
        I will not watch Aarti party - so annoying

    • jasmine29 says:

      I have to agree with you, Brad was awesome, although I do think Herb would have been a good choice also, dont feel as though Aarti is going to pull in alot of viewers, Funny thing is the judges all SAY to be yourself, but then they tell you what to do to be who they think you should be, the kind of image they feel you should project.

  7. Kathy Lodge says:

    I just want to say that I think your, Bob and Susie, decisions so far have been so on target. I think for the good of Food Network, Aarti would be the choice as I think we need to see a show on Indian cooking however I'm not so sure she could make it through an entire show. She's extremely personable and I just love the way she speaks but..........Tom is a blast - I think he would make a great host and I do believe he can cook. And then there's Herb who I think audiences would adore. You can tell he has "history" and I think that would help him tremendously in his efforts to "cook"....I just don't know if he would ever feel totally "at home" in front of the camera. Hard choice you guys.............I'm sure you'll pick the right one. Last year's winner, Melissa, I'm still not a huge fan of .... I will watch her show but just don't get much from it.

    • karjef says:

      Couldn't agree with you more...on everything.

    • guest says:

      You're Absolutely SPOT-ON!! Aarti is so PLEASANT to listen to, and is as "comforting, passive, and subtle" as a flickering fire in a fireplace. She is just mezmerizing...and she can cook AMAZING dishes, too! I will be devistated if she doesn't win tonight! GOOD LUCK Aarti!!! You'll be as great as "Guy"!!
      I totally agree with you! Melissa is soOO hard to watch (flitering hair when she twiches... constantly)..she makes me nervous. If she would stop referring to EVERYTHING as "MYMYMINE"'s almost like she never had anything of her own and if she'd only realize how insecure and selfish she sounds...(sorry Melissa)...but please work on not saying MYMYMY so much, & relaxxxx!!!!!

    • Izzy says:

      I agree. Tom was my winner. I'll definetly watch his show because I know someone will pick him up.

      • john says:

        I thought Tom should have won. Aarti and Herb were good and all three should have shows on The Food Network. Tom could also become a "project" on a fashion makeover show.

        I cannot stand Guy. My friend shave sent many quality restaurants in the northern part on Illinois and he has been unable to find any of them . He did show a place in Chicago in a neighborhood my parents moved out of four decades ago

    • CjDiaz says:

      i don't care for last yr's winner & all 3 were finalists good but i was hoping Herb would win.

    • Eileen Smith says:

      Do not like last year's winner at all. Loved the low key guy, Jeff, who had real food chops and street cred in cooking. Cannot watch a cool and forced personality like Melissa whom I cook better than. Would loved to have watched Herb with the healthy, but flavorful approach, and that incredible personality. Besides, the credibility of losing all that weight, and being able to produce good food--yeah, I would have loved that show. Do find the Indian influence somewhat appealing, but also feel that Aarti plateaued early on. Will watch a few shows, but it will get old rather quickly I fear.

  8. Joan Shack says:

    My name is Joan Shack -
    Thank you all for presenting this show and the channel entertaining and educational shows.
    Aarti : She should be the winner. Very cute. Warm and engaging on camera. Has won more challenges than anyone else.Won the iron Chef challenge. I would love to know how to make her food.
    Also. i watched a show on PBS that said that one country does not suffer from Alzheimers Disease. It was India, they think the ingredients in Curry , especially Turmeric, is the reason why.I am anxious to learn to cook Indian stlye. Her food sounds fabulous.
    On the others:

    Tom: nice guy, but hard to watch. He twitched while on camera and flails his arms around, he also looks like an unmade bed. His food may be good, but unremakable. I would not watch his show.

    Very nice guy. Warm and charming, but shy on camera. I love Cuban food. but i don't know if he could pull it off.

    • marggie says:

      He would be the one with the highest ratings.It is not only Cuban but Caribean and healthty food. The panel is going to regret their choice.

  9. Loretta Langford says:

    You are doing the same thing this year you did a couple of years ago.....choosing the WRONG person! It has been obvious for weeks that the stupid judges had chose Aarti.....but she has NO star appeal at all......I would not waste 5 min of my time to watch her on anything! You sent the only person who had any star quality at all home.....and that was Brad! He could have truly been a star! You did this same thing a couple of years ago when you chose the Gourmet Next Door or whatever she called herself. when are you going to learn???? Stop being so arogaunt and look at what appeals to the Food Network Fans for a change! You chose Guy only because he was so poplular with the fans....the judges obviously never wanted to choose him.....but look what he has become! You don't know as much as you think you do!

    • Joyce's Voice says:

      WEh-eLLL.Loretta....maybe you should read the blogs...Aarti IS THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE! If you look-up "appeal" in the'd see Aarti's Picture!

    • Wanda says:

      You GO girl!!! She makes me crazy. I will NEVER watch her show if the judges have the bad taste to pick her.

    • cindy slick says:

      I agree and they made a BIG mistake I will not watch Aarti she is annoying and has nothing on food on want to see. Cannot stand to watch her. Herb was the one!! He would of brought ratings galore!!! Even Tom would have been better. And Brad by far would have been big. He would of over come the camara thing. Big Mistake Food Network big mistake!

      • btulgetske says:

        I will NEVER watch her "Arti Party". If I hear that one more time I will throw up.

        • Kim says:

          Aarti was the wrong choice in my opinion. I don't find her interesting & will not watch her. I really enjoyed both Herb & Tom; however, I've always leaned more towards Herb especially since Brad was eliminated. Herb has such passion. Besides, in today's world who doesn't want to watch that "girly" figure without flavorful foods? My prediciton...Aarti will be a one season wonder like most of the winners.

        • Iralee says:

          I have to agree with you, I will NEVER watch her show.

    • skirkpat says:

      I really liked Brad, too. I'm not even sure why, but he was intriguing and struck me as having the professional "chops". In the beginning, I thought he came across as arrogant, but he toned that down a lot.

    • tws says:

      I agree I would never watch Aarti Paarty... Even the name turns my stomach. I would watch Brad since he is discovering the world of cuisine instead of being an unknowing "Expert". Aarti seem lacking in so many ways and the judges seem to have her picked from several weeks ago to be the one. The judges were tearful when they had to let Brad go...

      I will no longer waste my time watching fixed contests like the Next Food Network Star...

    • Nicole says:

      Than don't watch the show, but there will be a lot of people that do. Brad wasn't as great as all his fans are making him out to be. He had a nice boyish charm to him but he couldn't get it together in front of the camera. Aarti is the fan favorite, if you look at the fan vote you can clearly see. Aarti can cook and she has great screen presence.

    • conniejj says:

      Brad would have been someone I would have enjoyed learning from or Herb with his light but delicious meals, but I won't be watching Aarti Parti. UGH No charm are far as I'm concerned. When I watch the food net work channel, I want to be able to cook the meals and I won't be cooking any of the meals she'll prepare. Bad choice!!! You lost a viewer.

    • Stanton says:

      I tend to think Herb had a lot more info to offer and I really wanted to learn more about Cuban/Puerto Rican cooking. Tons more interesting with a health twist! Tom was a likable guy but I just think Herb had finally turned a corner and pull his weight on this network.

      • Deb says:

        I have to agree, I was So disappointed that Herb did not win but not nearly as disappointed as my husband. After a massive heart attack he thought he would finally get the chance to once again eat his childhood meals, only healther.
        This morning he was still so mad that he called the cable company to cancel.
        Good Luck Herb, your style of cooking is not only wanted but greatly needed!

    • Cindy says:

      I so agree, I never liked her and will NEVER watch the show, Big mistake to choose her !!!!!!!

    • Cjd says:

      I LOVE GUY! & i was shocked that Brad went home before that other chick but i think he'll b on the screen soon somewhere. out of the last 3 my pick was Herb, Tom's dishes may have been alright but i couldn't get past his "dirty & unkemp" look

    • Ada says:

      It was quite obvious that the judges chose Aarti many weeks ago. She is charming, adorable, etc., but Herb had an appeal to the audience. Part of the Food Network is enjoying the show - we never taste the actual food. Why do you think Paula and Guy are so popular? They make you want to cook and eat! If I'm think of serious cooking I watch Ina, but for entertainment AND ideas for cooking I watch Paula, Sandra, and Guy. Aarti, by far, is a better choice than last year - she is sweet. I'll miss Herb and Tom's fun way of cooking.

    • don ayesa says:

      you are so right . I stop watching the food network, I too thought that Brad should of won. I really did not like any of the finalist. the foodnetwork has also lost about 289 others we all said that was the last time we will watch such a stupid outcome. Marv sutton

    • beverlyjane says:

      I agree with Loretta. This was not a good choice and I personally will not be watching Beach Party Bingo or Chatty Cathy!! I was severely disappointed to realize that this whole "star thing" is a put up job and not a genuine competition at all. Sorry. but you have certainly lost me entirely for this one.

    • Seth' Grandma says:

      I am with you, tired of watching these shows that are fixed from the start.

  10. lakshmi says:

    I wish I could compete. I love my cooking. I cook as a scientist and a health food nut. But there is no place here for a vegetarian. I find it repulsive to look at the so called protein food -meat, fish aor any animal. Food Tv probably has no idea about what protein is

    • Nangotoo says:

      Then don't watch what makes you sick---or better yet, write to the new Food Channel and suggest a vegeterian show. Its a new channel and still has room for many new shows. As a vegetarian, you need to understand that the majority of the world eats meat as a protein because that is what is available as food. In some countries people don't have the luxury to turn down any food that may be available to them or they would starve. I'm sure that the Food Channel folks know very well what a protein is and what foods are considered proteins. :-) Lakshmi, there is something you aren't considering: not everyone can be a vegetarian even for their health. I am one of those. So just because you don't like meat, don't insult the people at the Food Channel. That is being rude.