Chatterbox, Episode 8: Giada and Eva

by in Community, August 1, 2010

Tonight! Wow, I can put the evening in to one word: "Exciting." Eva Longoria Parker jumped in as our celebrity guest judge (I'm still laughing at her question to Timberlake) and Giada De Laurentiis stepped in to the Star Lounge to answer some of your questions. In my humble opinion, Episode 8 and tonight's chat were the best (and most surprising) we've had this season.

What did you think of Timberlake's elimination (and the episode overall)? Review the chat log below and let me hear your thoughts.


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Comments (2,837)

  1. Amanda says:

    Why in the world did they keep Aria and get rid of Brad? Aria is the most annoying personality on that show and I would never watch a Food Network show if she led it. The judges really disappointed me this week.

    • Trish says:

      I agree with you Amanda, I am going to STOP watching. Brad was young, cute, fun to watch, and a skilled chef. I would watch his show any day of the week. Herb has been horrible on all his camera challenges and has one good star challenge and they eliminate Brad. Come on, maybe Bobby doesn't want any competition. I hated their last choice and hate her show. Jeffrey would have been so much better than her. Come on judges, I want to learn how to cook good food, not cheap stuff for $10.

      • floweringink says:

        I totally agree; Jeffrey would have been a much better choice; his food was interesting and he was really likable.

      • TLMx3 says:

        Trish - I have been saying that same thing over and over! We all know the economy is rough - do we have to be spoon fed this on a food network too?! Forget the $10 Dinners (what a snoozefest anyway) and the revamping of Sandra Lee - with the cost cutting - ENOUGH already! Can't we just have good food and leave it at that? NOT another home cook!

    • Linda B says:

      Amanda you are absolutely RIGHT!! Aria can't keep her tongue in her mouth - its weird. Its just another Big Daddy and Adam whatever mess.

    • Linda B says:

      I agree 100%. Bad decision on the part of the judges. Just another Adam whatever and Big Daddy - don't watch either.

    • Hector says:

      She talks to the camera (audience) as if we are her 3 year old son. Look woman, I don't need to be talked down to, you can't cook and you have a boring personality! Terrible decision, which clearly Susie disagreed with. She was crying for Brad like he was her first born!

    • nancie says:

      spolier alert...
      i agree...and was it me only ....or did any one see a midepisode soundbite stating that starting august 26th is the premiere of "family style".......w t f foodnetwork nothing like giving the ending away ...

      • Lisa says:

        Family Style is about a brother and sister running a restaurant, not Aria's show at all. It's probably been in production since before these contestants stated their concepts.

      • Adriane says:

        The show "family style" that was advertised is a brother and sister who run a restaurant. It does make it look like Aria doesn't win, since that is what she would call her show. . . or she does win and calls her show something else. Either way, I don't see Aria winning this competition.

      • Nancy says:

        I don't watch the fake Melissa and I will not watch Aria. Aria is devious plus I don't need no more cooking for a family type of shows. Brad or Aarti I would watch. At any rate I do not think FN cares what people want - Bobby Flay, quite telling the other judges how to vote, you are not the only judge like you want people to think. As for Tom, he is good but I do not care to watch a grizzly bear on TV telling me how to cook. I am beginning to use different spices that Aarti has been using in her cooking. Wow, the aromatic scent in my apartment was outstanding. I would walk in and out of my apartment so I could smell the spices that were cooked yesterday.

    • Tammy says:

      I am so with your Aria has been riding under the radar the whole time. The judges made a huge mistake keeping her. There is nothing special about her nor anything that would make me want to watch her. It was a no brainer Brad or Aria! What were they thinking?

    • Joann says:

      Totally agree. Not much interested in any of the final four. Herb is too darn weepy and emotional, Artie is too insecure and overly chipper - I just want to smack her :) Aria is fake and Tom, well he IS funny at times...but too sloppy in looks and presentation

      • Nita Mckelvey says:

        and my opinion, from day one: none of the finalists now or in the past few weeks will really make it as a future star. I think Herb stands the best chance. Artie, is just like you said, whiny, she drives me crazy plus I am not sure a show on Indian food would make it. In a few years maybe..I do like Aria, but she needs a lot of help and Tom, OMG there is no way. Herb is the only possibility. He will bring a new dimension to the network, a combination of healthy eating and Cuban cooking. I don't know if I would watch, well I probably wouldn't, but I would watch him before the others.e

    • denicarter says:

      Aria won ---- haven't you seen the advertisements on Food Network for a new show titled "Family Style"?

      • rose jones says:

        will not watch aria im a food network fan. i watch it everyday. but not a show of aria. she is not star material. brad was. i wish i could be a judge. i believe common folk. could have done a better job. brad was and is a star. you blew it. listen to your viewers. they know best.

    • Kathryn says:

      I'm with you, Aria is as uninteresting as there last years choice. Brad has so much more to offer, and an endearing personality to go along with it. My husband and I were surprised and disappointed. All that said, Herb is my top pick.

    • Vic says:

      I'm with you Amanda. And I detest that flower and the little girl hair clips and she's an emotional wreck when she doesn't do well. The judges got it wrong this time.

    • cmadden520 says:

      I think this show is really disintegrating. Brad would definitely have been the Justin Timberlake of the FN. He would have brought in a target market of young females which the channel definitely needs. Tom is so disheveled that I can barely watch him let alone eat his food. Aria is like a diva with bipolar disorder. Arti makes me crazy she is so frenetic. Herb, you just know, doesn't have the inner strength or control to make it to the end. Big mistake to have let Brad go. I am a FN fanatic and I am tired of watching all the female chefs (except Giada). Brad would have been a huge breath of fresh air. This is the last FN Star show I watch. It's time to retire this one.

      • Robert says:

        You are so right. I am so tired Aarti & Aria I could scream. I think however, that they want the Indian POV. Why I don't know. But, they keep Aarti after she failed both challenges this week & send home the Guy w/the real talent. Makes no sense.

    • Jewels says:

      I totally agree. Aria should have been sent home the week before for her lack of professionalism and good manners when she interrupted Aarti. As well, her dishes typically look or sound appealing. Aria doesn't seem able to relate the dish to the theme. Last week her fried shrimp had no connection to pigs in a blanket. She could have at least wrapped the shrimp in bacon or proscuitto. This week her joy was just depressing. Someone please tell me what "hopple popple" is? Doesn't sound or look like anything I would ever consider serving. Brad is so much more enjoyable to watch and listen too. His food was nine times out of ten appealing. Big mistake here judges. You goofed last year. Please don't repeat yourselves this year.

      • Robert says:

        You are so right. I totally disagreed w/Melissa as there choice last year. This year they have already blown it by eliminating Brad.

    • rose jones says:

      brad was a star. i do not know why they got rid of him. arid is not a star. i would not watch her. foodnrtwork youate when u let brad go.

    • Robert says:

      I agree w/you completely Amanda. I think they want Aarti to win it. I don't know why they bother continuing clearly Aarti who did badly in BOTH challenges this past week should have gone home. Instead they send the one w/genuine Talent home. Very, very disapointing.

    • @OBXSchmidt says:

      FAILFAILFAILFAIL! anyone that actually knows anything about the culinary arts knows Brad was the best and had the most Star quality of any of these other pretenders........Pathetic Aria is the Kate + 8 of Food TV. Pretty sad show that just lost all of it's quality......

    • larry says:

      i am very upset that they let brad go last night, i think they made a big no no, what where they thinking

    • Amanda N. says:

      I agree with what most you are saying. Brad should NOT have gone home. He was one of the most likeable chefs and he had a point of view that was different. Seriously, how many more "home" cooks do we need? If the Food Network is looking for diversity in their shows they lost a great opportunity by sending Brad home. Very very disappointed.

  2. floweringink says:

    Big mistake deciding Brad off the show rather than Aria. The Food Network doesn't need another home cook and Brad really has something that i know everyone would want to watch. He had something and the judges let it go and it is really a shame.

    • Trish says:

      They need better judges, they made the same mistake last season by not picking Jeffrey. Brad should have gone to NY! I am not watching this anymore.

    • Jay says:

      That is the truth - I watched all of last year and think the judges were right on - but I after last night I really don't know if I will even watch anymore - I really thought Brad was the winner or at least had the best chance of anyone - very disappointed

    • Topazst says:

      I couldn't agree more. Brad obviously has sound cooking skills and would provide us with useful information. His personality made you feel comfortable watching him. He was so easy to relate to. If I wanted to watch a home cook like Aria make family style dinners, I'd tape myself.
      Even my 11-year-old was stunned by the decision to eliminate Brad over Aria. She is now boycotting Food Network. I think I may join her. I certainly could care less about the end of the show now. I don't lilke the cooking style of any of those remaining in the competition, and feel I know as much -or more- than they do.

    • James says:

      What were they thinking?
      It was a "you've GOT to be kidding!" moment.

      NO WAY should Aria, or Herb, have outlasted Brad.
      Ever since they hired Guy, the trend has been towards louder and more wound up people. Mark it down: if they give this to herb, or Aria, then you can bet you will NEVER see anyone else like Ina/Contessa ever win again.
      It's "all energy, all the time." And I dont think aarti is the answer to more mellow, either. I liked her in the very beginning, but now she just grates on me.
      It was a just plain bad decision to ever send Brad home this early. Herb shoulda probably went 2 weeks ago, Aria this time instead of Brad, and Aarti probably next.
      In the end, it should have been Brad and Tom. I wonder if perhaps Bobby Flay felt a lil' threatened or like Brad might have become too much competition. We'll never know. I couldnt belieeeeve they did that.

      • carol says:

        Agree. Guy F. is entertaining, but I have never made a single recipe of his. I change the channel when he comes on. I don't think any of this year's finalists are as good as last year. I love Melissa's show and Jeffrey did a great job on one of Bobby's Grill It segments.

    • Marie says:

      i loved brad. definitely would have made some of his dishes. while i find aarti engaging, i probably wouln't use her recipes. her on camera presentations are one note and becoming same old same old....all about mum

    • Genesee10 says:

      I just watched the re-run of Sunday's show, and I just don' t get it. Letting Brad go was such a mistake. He is so charming and likable and can cook! He did a great job of presenting his new point of view on the first challenge, which sounded very interesting. And did you not hear Eva say that she would watch him regardless? FN needs some different POVs other than home cooking ( and I am a home cook with 2 kids). I love Tom, tho and I think Herb has potential. Very disappointed!!!!!

    • Dain says:

      Well said. Aria is by far the worst contestant on the show, and has shown us multiple times she is not capable of being part of a team (or making interesting dishes). Brad, on the other hand, was charming and brought something new to the table (although admittedly he stumbled a bit in the beginning).

      A crying shame.

  3. aeroslin says:

    Was quite shocked to see Brad go home tonight. Frankly, I would have been less shocked to see my favorite, Aarti, go home. It is what it is. Tom is a force and unless Aarti gets her confidence in check, and as I've said before, realize that her cooking talent belongs to her, not borrowed or lended, she's going to loose. Aria, now, come on.

    • MoniBel says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Bill N. says:

      Brad is the only one who knows how to cook. I watch the Food network channel to get tips on how to improve my cooking. Brad could have improved his presentation and taught me something about cooking. The last 4 are jokes & I will not watch anymore.

      • Trish says:

        Im with you Bill. I don't want to learn how to be a home cook, I already am one.

      • James says:

        They Blew it.
        They blew it reeeeeally bad.
        I have every confidence in the world Brad would have gotten even better. he already was.

        I coulda learned from that guy.

        You said it very well, yourself, above.
        This thread is already up to a whopping 10 pgs.....and I'm seeing thumbs up's --clear into the 40's and even higher! We've never seen this anytime during this season/show.

    • Jane says:

      Very disappointing to see Brad let go. He truly could cook and had an engaging personality - it was not silly and fake. Cannot believe they kept Herb who has not cooked a decent dish but once and cannot make sensible complete sentences. The judges seem to favor and protect him for some reason. The judges made a sorry decision last year with letting the best one take second place and they are really screwing up this year again.

      • @austinchump says:

        The judges Bob and Suzie do favor Herb and Aria, and make it quite clear. Both Bob and Suzie repeatedly tell them that they "...saw star quality in you from the start.." Whatever. Ever time I hear either Bob or Suzie say that to Herb and Aria, I roll my eyes and laugh. Aria showed her true devious character in the previous weeks. Her food is also uninspired for the most part. Herb is the most emotionally scattered male i've ever seen, and additionally his food is less than exciting, if not all over the map between latin and healthy?? I won't be watching either of their shows. Unreal that the judges ditched Brad over those two messes. >_<

    • Janet says:

      I was shocked to see Brad go home too. It seemed like he was on the upswing. This is a tough group to judge. They all are likable and the recipes have been interesting. I agree about Aarti but her food is different from most on the Food Network, but they suggest you vote for her? That I don't get.

    • Hasbro says:

      Me too...I thought Brad should be given another shot at it. He and Aria are the best of this bunch. It is a little boring now watching everyone try to balance camera and cooking is trying my patience!

    • Nancy says:

      I am tired of hearing Aarti has no confidence. I remember years ago I was told (I never cooked before) that I was the cook, I was expected to cook for a Board of Directors, I was expected to cook for 45 people with a several with different diets. At that time my age was 20. I stood there in shock, yes it took me quite some time to settle down, I had no confidence, I never cooked before. You know, today I am a great cook because someone believed in me. I feel the same way toward Aarti.

      I also like Brad, he was sacrificed for Aria - damn! She does not belong in the line up at all. Aria is fake!

  4. Phil says:

    Wow, just wow. Brad was way above the competition and deserved to go on. I am just in complete disbelief that the judges thought Herb & Aria particularly were ahead of him.Very disappointed in the decision.

    • Linda B says:

      What can you expect from the panel! Look back over the past few years - not exactly stellar performers that they have chosen. The Food Network used to be fun and informational - Emeril, Sarah Moulton, and several others. Now all there is Miss Paula and her "awl - oil", Rachael and her EVOO, Giada and her poor upbringing (HA!) and those beautiful teeth! What a shame for all of us who actually enjoyed the network and cooking - where is Julia when you need her.


  5. floweringink says:

    I am very hopeful that Arti will win. I have wanted to learn how to cook indian food forever and would watch her show religiously.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. Aarti's is the show I am most excited about watching.

    • new foodie says:

      Me too!! I've already been trying her recipes like her recent green curry chicken! There definitely needs to be someone who can introduce us all to Indian foods on the food network!

    • Linda B says:

      Get a book, it will give you more information and expertise than you wil ever get from Arti's Party!

    • Joan M says:

      Aarti is the only one of those left whose show I would watch. The voting seems to agree with this opinion.

    • JTB says:

      I totally agree. Plus she has a fun and high energy personality.

    • wfbh says:

      I agree, I would watch her show as well. She is the only contestant with a consistent and well-presented point of view. Anjum Anand is good for a more advanced cook. Arti makes Indian cooking accessible for the beginner. To the judges: Brad, seriously, not Herb or Aria, Brad? What were you thinking? We don't need Aria, we have Sandra Lee and Paula Dean and Rachel Ray...enough? Herb would be good if he could really bring some good Mexican food (my ethnic bias) to the network. Tom's entertaining, but a repeat of sooooo many other shows. Variety, you need variety!

    • Rose says:

      I really want her to win too!

  6. crookedwren says:

    I hated to see Brad leave! He was one of the most authentic contestants EVER. A class act. No charades. No drama. Just the guy next door who you want to spend your time off with.

    While he was a bit awkward when he was presenting, when he was chatting on camera, he was brilliant -- relaxed, thoughtful, caring. I'm sure he could carry that quality into the studio.

    He was REAL.

    I think it's a real loss for FoodNetwork.

    • eddie says:

      Yeah, I totally agree. I think he was a really good kid. Young and inexperienced, but still a great guy. I thought he took the elimination so well. No crazy tears and bemoaning what he had lost by being cut (see, Serena from last week) but rather a real appreciation and gratitude for being given the opportunity to learn so much. I think that speaks volumes to his upbringing and his qualities as a human being.

    • Trish says:

      HUGE loss. They should just hire him and Bobby could mentor him. Forget being a Food Network Star. HIRE Brad!!!!!

      • @austinchump says:

        Please no!! For the love of the gods, no! We don't need another Food Network Star with an ego the size of the African continent. Ugh. Humility is endearing. Bobby is a great chef for sure. Sadly though, he has little to no tolerance to accepting constructive criticism . =(

    • @austinchump says:

      @crookedwren You make a really good point with regard to Brad's on camera presentations. I want to elaborate on that point.

      Obviously I don't know the nuances of how the recorded shows are produced on FN. Emeril Live was (is?) the only live Food Network Show (if it is still around?) However, I venture a reasonably accurate guess that even some of the "big" stars like Giada, Bobby, Ina, and Racheal, to name a few who have recorded shows, rarely film a show without some retakes. I mean cummon, no one is perfect. So, to put so much emphasis on Brad's "on camera" mild weaknesses as a valid reason to axe him given his other superior strengths was frankly disingenuous. Brad could have easily nailed his first couple episodes with dry runs. I'm confident based on what I saw from him that he would have quickly become just as camera ready as any of the other celeb chefs after just a couple shootings.

      Judges booting Brad = epic Fail. Just sayin...

    • Linda B says:

      Big Daddy's House is a good example of complete incompetence as a CHEF!! What a joke. I tried to watch once or twice and couldn't make it past the first 5 minutes. New judges are needed. Always liked Bobby but must reconsider.

    • james says:

      Have we EVER seen such OVERWHELMING votes on ANY thread all this year/season? Not even close! It is seriously, decisively obvious that many many viewers are taking issue with the huge mistake of sending Brad home. I hope they are watching!

      Mark it down. A prediction: IF--they end up giving this to someone they say "has energy" like Aria or Herb, then you will never, ever again see anyone like Ina/Contessa ever win again. (and I dont think Aarti is the answer, either). Time will tell.

      It started with when they hired Guy Fieri.
      Ever since, the "quest" has been to find louder and more wound-up people--and now we have Herb and Aria.

      Brad has "chops". Too much? Was he a threat? Who knows?
      Brad had a smile ladies loved.
      He wasnt conceited or obnoxious or hyper. Thank God!
      It made no sense to let him go. He even wow-ed "the foodies" and he WAS getting better. The public is clearly on his side. Aria shoulda went home before Brad.

      In the end, it shoulda been between Brad and Tom!

    • Deb says:

      Hey not to worry Brad lovers, of which I'm one, Susie F. totally loves him and she will find a spot for him on the network. Previous losers have gone on to have "side" shows and internet shows and this is what I think they will do with Brad. They are not going to let him just disappear. He will make a name for himself. He deserves a shot-such a nice kid! That being said, my vote goes with Aarti, I'm totally interested in learning Indian cooking techniques and spice combos and she has great camera presence she just needs to overcome her fear and self doubts.

  7. bhiks says:

    i know why aarti has self doubts , because i am also Indian women, because we are raised with self doubts and questioning ourselfs what we do all the time!

    tonight i was so nerves that aarti would home and for sure i can bet my money that aarti is next ! she will never win this.
    first i think she needs to consult a shrink rather than being nfns.

    • Karen says:

      I think they are grooming Arrti and her 'toilet party' Aarti's party ... because they are lacking in the Indian market and deciding to make the "REAL Netork Star go home - Arti is cute, but not really a star ... Aria is annoying -BUT TOM??? no way I would watch him ... he's out of the park. Brad was what they needed ... too many custy women .. and I can't stand d'arabian!!! She'[s really annoying! I didn't like Brad at first, but he really developed later on

      • James says:

        It makes nnoooo sense!

        OK--of they REALLY want "Diversity"....gee whiz, Chinese Food
        is much more popular and widely-eaten every day!

        ...and yet, there is no Asian or stir-fry show. Why not fill that FIRST??

  8. Lainer says:

    I think the writer of this article is an idiot for calling Brad "Timberlake".

    • ChrisDac says:

      Lainer, I'm with you 100%. Brad certainly has his own unique personality. I doubt Timberlake could could on Brad's level.

  9. CoachK says:

    So shocked to see Brad go home! Not sure why everyone thinks it should have been Aarti? I think it should have been Aria! Like they've said before, Aria has made no progress, she's still performing at the same level she started at! Tom is by far my favorite. He's fun and proved he can totally take a challenge to the next level by thinking outside the box. I mean the tuna story about jealousy? Like the judges said...genius! No one else took this challenge to that level.

  10. MonBe says:

    Really?! They sent Brad home over Aria and Aarti?! Big mistake judges. Brad would be a much bigger hit on a show than Aria-- and I will NEVER watch her show if she wins.