A Love Story or Two (OK, Maybe Three)?

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, Recap, July 19, 2010

My first love was Dzintra, but as with all great love stories – ours was cut short far too early. After the enviable Dzenis-Dudley romance of 2010 ended, I knew I must move on and find my next reality star romance. Serena and Brianna both fit the bill perfectly. But, who would I choose? To love one meant I would have to hurt another. I’d been left so heartbroken before, I couldn’t stand to hurt one of them like that. Oh, how I’ve been conflicted!

Serena and Brianna have made the decision-making process very difficult. In my reality (yes, it’s a bit skewed), both have been competing for my affections. Serena with her unintentional comedic timing, Brianna with her diva-esque quality – both have been screaming, “Choose me! Choose me!” It has been embarrassing, actually. When the ladies argued a couple of episodes back, I knew that I was at the root of the tension. I hate it when ladies fight over me.

This sordid love triangle brings me to last night’s episode. Again, watching the two of them cook at Frank Sinatra’s house to win me over – or the judges, whatever – was difficult to watch. Even though Brianna was very hard on tuna casserole (a fave meal of mine), I knew the tuna hostility was really misplaced anger – she wanted my decision, and she wanted it NOW.

As Herb, Aarti and Brianna were left standing in front of the judges – one of them about to be eliminated – I finally made my decision. As I watched Brianna in her blue dress bravely stand before the panel, I knew she was the girl for me. The thought of losing her was terrifying! I couldn’t withstand that kind of pain. And once she survived this elimination, she and I would move forward with our relationship. She would forgive me for having been so confused for so long and Serena? Well, she would come to understand that cupid’s arrow had struck – and once that little dude strikes, he can’t be stopped.

And then, it happened. They sent my girl home! Can you EVEN? I threw my shoe at the TV! How dare Bob, Bobby and Susie, yet again, come between me and love?! It’s like they have a personal vendetta against me and are determined to have me die alone. Bobby, if you’re reading this, can’t you help a brother?! When did you turn on me?

Brianna, my love, I must let you go. I will always carry you (and Dzintra) with me.

Serena, you lucky girl – I’m all yours! Honestly, now that I sit and reflect, it has been you all along. Seriously. NF0607_Serena-Preview-Feature_s4x3_lead


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Comments (2,196)

  1. Thank you for the useful post :)

  2. Sadie says:

    Love can be painful. Glad you and Serena can put those other episodes behind you. I enjoyed this blog very much.

  3. Susan from Virginia says:

    I totally disagree with the judges decision to sent Brianna home. I think Aarti should have gone home instead. I will not watch the show anymore because of this unfair decision."

    • Kristina says:

      This was Aarti's first week of being in the bottom. One slip up and you should go home? If that was the case, there wouldn't be a show, everyone would have been sent home the first week! Brianna has been consistently towards the bottom in several of the challenges. The judges have given her advice and criticism but it seems Brianna chose to ignore them, that is the reason she went home.

      • Josh says:

        Agree with Kristina. Why should Aarti go home!!!? Doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Brianna was a mere charlatan who tried to project character that she didn't have. Her real character showed when she was impolite with Serena. Brianna is not a star - and I don't think she can ever be a star. Her behavior was becoming increasingly intolerable - glad she is gone!!

      • girloftheworld says:

        It was her first week being place in the bottom..not her first week belonging there

      • Cami says:

        I totally agree! Aarti shouldn't have been sent home! Brianna has always been at the bottom, she should've been home weeks ago, all she does is complain.

    • cheryl says:

      Brianna was there for all the wrong reasons. She did not capture the views for her cooking abilities. She was all about Brianna and was totally there for herself and the limelight. A great food network star is one that wants to capture viewers into trying their dishes and love the chef/cook and their style is all part of it. Maybe she will come down off her high horse and learn from this.

    • Jack Renfro says:

      I totally agree. Not only did the committee blow it, they lost all credibility with me. The show is not worth watching. But I will, simply for its entertainment value to see where they'll screw it up again.

      • Cami says:

        How did they 'screw up'? Brianna only whines about her food, she's always at the bottom. Who do you tihnk should've gone home? Herb, who just started screwing up? Aarti, oh, this is her first time on the bottom.

    • katliz says:

      I agree that Brianna should not have been eliminated. The judges always raved about how good her dishes were. So her personality was not as personable as others but I think she should have been given an opportunity to warm up to the audience.

    • Ashley_R says:

      wow, what 'logic'!
      Aartie loses once and should be sent home yeah? While Brina, Serena, Tom and Herb mess up several times but should stay? LOL

    • Sara says:

      Brianna was stuck up with no personality in front of the camera- her show would be totally boring.

    • Sarah says:

      Brianna was fake and she couldn't present herself to people and the camera profesionally. I love Aarti at least she is real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JimmyJack says:

      i agree, no one watches aarti

  4. Yalina Cruz says:

    I love Herb because he is so differente with a great personality that you want to see him cook and something new to the Foodnetwork family, with the healthy food. We need a program that show us a new way to cook in a healthy way and with a flavor, he makes a twist in the food that invite us to prove. The rest of the participants is the same, nothin new to the family. Briana, I'm so sorry but she doesn't have the personality to be in a tv show. You need to remenber that you see the people but you don't eat until you tried to cook.

    • Jan Murdoch says:

      I agree regarding Herb ... he is my favorite and has been from the beginning because I feel Food Network needs a show like the way he cooks. BUT I really feel the judges are more frustrated this year than in the years past because no one is just jumping out and grabbing their attention. Their comments are really below the belt sometimes, and deservingly so ... it is up and down, up and down. I can remember when Guy Fieri was competing, he just left the others in the dirt, kinda ... Bob said one time that when he saw Guy's try-out video, he knew he would go a long way - and he did and is awesome !!!

  5. A Low Fat Fan says:

    Give Herb a chance! He's so energetic and happy. He's also on the right track - give us folks stuggling to eat healthy a chance. Ellie Krieger is your only option, and her show is hardly on at all anymore (never in prime time). Herb, concentrate on olive oil, fish, seafood, pork, chicken and seasonings, roasting fresh veggies and other healthy cooking! Food Network already has enough cooks using butter, cheeses, creams and other fatty ingredients, just to make it taste good. Judges, are you all on Lipitor? Sure seems like it.

    • Amy says:

      Well said, indeed. Enough of these high calorie, fat induced, loaded calorie menus. Bring aboard the Healthy Way of Life. With that being said, I am rooting for Herb and Brad. Brad was awesome last night.. Frank Sinatra would have been so proud of him.

    • rick says:

      I agree, Herb has great potential as he is enthusiastic and very engaging. He can get people very excited about food and is in an area of cuisine (light and healthy) which is currently not being addressed on the food network.

      I would be a big fan of watching him give his insight to eating and living well!

  6. It's Yeero says:

    We need something else than an Italian, Spanish, or Soul Food show! We need something more spicy,
    Aarti all the way!!!!

  7. Jackie Murray says:

    The "self-described diva" needs to take a look at how many votes she garnered from the viewers.
    She and Gina Neely are the most self-absorbed we've seen. Too bad they are not nearly as hot as they feel they are.

  8. Karin says:

    Could not be happier Brianna's gone. Her "I'm better than all the rest of you" attitude was degrading. She referred to cooking for "the little people" once and it made me want to throw up! She could never get her act together in front of the camera. Buh-bye. All the best to you in whatever else you decide to undertake in life, just not on FN. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

    • Rob says:

      What episode did Brianna say she cooked for "the little people"? I totally want to watch that one again just to see how conceited she was.

      Oh so very glad she will not get her own show!

  9. Lydia T. says:

    Brianna could cook but I could see no potential in a show featuring her. Very unlikeable.

  10. Brianna fan says:

    Biranna's food was always good. I do not understand why she was eliminated. Irv is very depressing and I think he should have gone home since his food is not good and he just brings you down when you watch him.