Sunday Sneak Peek: Brad in a Boa?

by in Food Network Star, July 16, 2010
Brad in a boa
Will this episode bring out a new side of Brad?

Things are heating up, folks. Just seven finalists left. Not long to go before one of them has a new show premiering on Food Network. So why’s our usually-too-serious boy next door Brad playing dress-up with a pink boa?

It promises to be a fun episode. Tune in on Sunday at 9 pm/8c and head to our virtual Star Lounge to chat live with us during the show. Our favorite Kid in a Candy Store, Star veteran Adam Gertler, will be back by popular demand.

After the show, head over to Cooking Channel to join in on the first official Next Food Network Star: After Party at 11pm/10c. Rehash all the details with Adam, Cooking for Real’s Sunny Anderson and Season 4 finalist Kelsey Nixon. They'll chat with finalists and judges and get you the juicy inside dish on all things Star.

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