Foes, Frenemies, BFFs: The Many Faces of Serena and Brianna

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Is the Serena-Brianna dramarama done? Have they reached detente? Not that long ago Serena was in tears after a kitchen collision and a foot injury--with Brianna to blame.

When the pair partnered in a food truck challenge this week, they fought like sisters, "but in a good way," Brianna told the Selection Committee. They hugged it out, learning that their dishes--empanadas and panini and gyros--scored a win. As the intensity is upped, can they keep it civil?

NF0603_TS-StarChal-4_s4x3_tzBrianna's facing heat for her cool approach. Bob T talks in his vlog about how the audience in the live demo simply disengaged: "Brianna was probably the biggest offender there; her presentation just left them flat." But in her vlog, Giada counters that Serena "is stuck in what she wants to do," rather than connecting with the audience and judges. (Funny, that's not the impression you get over on Food2, where Serena debuted, in a way, before Star was a twinkle in her eye.) Given that they both, like the other finalists, have work to do, it might be best for them both to go ahead and get along instead of resorting to schoolgirl spats.

NF0605_BTS-Serena_s4x3_tzThen again, maybe not. Don't you get fired up by people who rub you the wrong way? Doesn't the next Star need passion and intensity and strength? Could it be strategic to set your competitors off their game by distracting them with faux, or real, ire? I'm guessing I'm not the only one who is hungry for more, because it is, after all, entertaining.

Hug. It. Out.

Now it's your turn. You make the call: Should Serena and Brianna stay frenemies or foes or become BFFs? We want to see your comments (though the comments you've shared toward them in the past few weeks indicate you prefer warm and fuzzy to too cool for school). Tell us what you think.

Then check out the fan vote and vote for your favorite finalist--last I looked, Brianna was the favorite of 2 percent of voters; Serena was at 7 percent. Tough times with each other but limping along together?

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Comments (1,996)

  1. -jessica says:

    i really think they (brianna and serena) should be BFFs because i just get so annoyed when they fight with eachother. i was so happy when i found out that their food truck team won :)

  2. James says:

    I dont think Giada wants Serena to win.
    Its "competition". Her niche.

    Was it last year? There was an afro-american (VERY likeable and great food), who I believe was also from the deep south (Atlanta? Paula-country?)--and I remember thinking/feeling like Paula didnt really want him to win. Again--"territory inavasion..."hitting too close to home"...and, he didnt quite make it, but came close.

    This is a major reason I'd like to see LESS of the current chefs judge new people's food. Cattiness.
    Still ANOTHER problem is, even if push THAT aside, THEN we hafta deal with: "You-didnt-do-it-like-iiiiiii-woulda-done-it, so-its-wrong."

    So what does that mean?
    That the new people have to just be a "protege' or copy-cat of whoever has the job already in order to be safe?? This is why I'd like to see THE PUBLIC doing more of the tasting/judging, preferably outdoors, at picnic-tables, food trucks, inside large tents, a school, a police dept, TV Guide reviewers, an outdoor music concert, etc.
    Tell me what you think. :)

    • Diogenes says:

      ???? No, last year there was no southern African American who came even close (male or female). The three finalists were a Korean woman and a man with a middle eastern background, and Melissa, the winner. The year before an African American DID win (Big Daddy). I love Giada and I loathe Serena myself, so if Giada doesn't like her maybe it's because she's always whining about something. I know what a turn off it is for me.

  3. Jete says:

    Maybe Giada and Serena could share a show; Giada's show is nice, but it really needs to be a little more exciting, sometimes I almost fall asleep watching it, and Serena could add energy. If Giada shared a show, she could spend more time with her husband and daughter.

    • James says:

      Thank you for commenting.

      By the way, I will say Giada is a beauiful lady, easy-to-talk-to, and very good at Italian
      cooking. (I do think her uber-smile is overdone, though).
      But as I've mentioned before, just as there are family-style chefs or generic "make
      everything" chefs, and we aren't stuck with just one of them....likewise, why should there only be one "specialist"?...whether its Italian food, Mexican, Asian or whatever?

  4. Sharon says:

    I feel the chefs are too hard on the new comers. Very critical as if they did not make mistakes or still do make mistakes. They are human just like the up and coming chefs. They should do away with their holier than thou attitude. At one time they were novices too so please lighten up.

    • James says:

      Ya know, I was just thinking about that this morning.

      Of course, anyone wanting to "make the cut" has to be tested...however...these last couple years, it seems as if we are pushing all the hopeful contestants (well, closer and closer to it, anyway) in the direction of Dinner Impossible TYPE of stuff. Ok, not quite THAT severe, but getting more n more like it.

      They are NOT auditioning for Iron Chef, or Dinner Impossible.
      They are (correct me if I'm wrong) basically to do 3 things:
      1. SHOW they can Cook (have "Chops").
      2. Be good on Camera.
      3. Connect & communicate with the audience and be able to teach/explain what they know.

      One need not be "world's fastest, ultimate-creative SUPER-chef in kitchen stadium."
      Once they have their show, each episode of their show is not a mega-competiton....yet they are being pushed more in that direction.

      Somehow, I dont think Bobby Flay ever had to cook for Frank Sinatra as part of his testing. (I could be wrong, but I think the point is clear).
      I thought the food-truck thing was a great idea and a good test.

      • Food star is awesome says:

        I totally agree. They act as if they've never made a mistake in their entire cooking career. Give these people a break! They're on TV for crying out loud! maybe even one of the most watched shows on FN! It's crazy.

    • pat houser says:

      i could'nt agree more, they complain if the constestants are too talkative,then they complain if they dont say enough, how did the NEELEY'S ever get their own show, she is too silly for me to watch.

  5. Booviegirl says:

    I wouldn't put too much faith in Brianna and Serena staying friends because Brianna will stab Serena in the back at the first chance she gets. Brianna thinks she is so hot (is she kidding) but even is this was true, who wants to see a cook that thinks she is hotter than her food. She is condesending and overbearing to the other contestants. I can't stand her because she acts like she is better than everyone else and I would NEVER watch her show if she were to somehow manage to sabotage everyone else and then win. I certainly hope the judges can see thtough her and will vote her off this Sunday.

    • ajcarl says:

      you are SO right...Brianna is not anywhere as special as she thinks she is. In fact I am a guy who thought she looked pretty good at first...then she opened her mouth telling us how great she is. I almost puked! I like Aarti and Tom. I like Serena but she's too hard to understand. Without a voice/diction coach she would never make it.

    • Kim says:

      I was just saying this last week to my boyfriend. She is a very beautiful girl but i dont enjoy watching her at all. Especially that episode where they had to run the red carpet .... Although she can obviously cook, as i think there was only one challenge where there was a negative comment on one of her dishes, i just dont enjoy watching someone who is that into themselves. I would not watch her.

      • Diogenes says:

        Interesting, because I think Serena is a whiney, sulky diva and I would never watch a show with her on it. I actually can't stand watching her right now and can't wait to see her eliminated. I'd much rather watch Brianna.

  6. James says:

    Should Serena & Brianna stay friends or foes?

    I say, simply stop, pairing them together anymore!

    They made up. We're not to watch "the catfight".
    Let 'em both do their thing--seperately (like the other contestants) and see how well
    everyone does.

    • Nan says:

      I agree, James. Its like they WANT some excitement of girls fighting with each other. Actually, because of their attitudes, I am not interested in either girl and would not watch either girl on their own show. Neither, it seems, are not mature enough or professional enough to have their own show on Food Network.

  7. KLY says:

    I must agree with you 100%. Brianna can't be trusted. From the first show I did not like her and my thoughts haven't changed. I was offended when she never appoligized after steppping on Serena's foot! Even if you didn't mean to do it you should appoligize. I don't think she is "hot" I think she is a hoochy mama who needs to think of others not herself. Futhermore, I would never watch her show, she doesn't smile, speak well in the camera or to other contestants, and is very condensending.

  8. moira1961 says:

    Brianna is that girl you act like your friends with but really she gets on your last nerve! And Serena..OK we get it your Italian...big deal, why do you have to act like such a ding bat! In my wildest dreams I can't even imagine that she's an attorney! WERID!!! I think they are both VERY ANNOYING.. SO FULL OF THEMSELVES. But hey they can cook, that's for sure! But I still wouldn't watch their show..

  9. Rashon says:

    omg they were so good together, i would love to watch them 2 go around the world in their luch truck, that would be an awsome show!!!!

  10. missy r says:

    If Brianna becomes the next food network star i will not watch again, she is rude,and condecending,not cute and she gives an attiude that she thinks shes better than everyone else.Even if Serena is not a better chef she has more class than Brianna will ever.Please dont let her be the next food network star.

    • renee says:

      I also would never watch Brianna. When Serenna was looking for the sirachhi Brianna made a comment. It was something like who doesnt know what Sirachii is? Well I dont. And if I knew everything she did why would I need to watch her show. She is as someone said earlier a hoochi mamma. I wouldnt want to talk to or listen to someone who thinks they should get a pass on manners because they are hot