Chatterbox, Ep. 5: Paula, a Sweet Treat, a Catfight and Girl Power

by in Community, July 11, 2010

Midterm exam time. Who sailed, who failed? And what made Paula Deen bring up her string bikini and the quality of her grandchild's cooking ability? Who came out on top--Team Serena or Team Brianna? Did Herb get back on track or crash and burn? Oh the suspense! There was too much drama to fit into an hour this week, so we got extra time and a bonus live chat with season four finalist and Food Network star and funnyman Adam Gertler. Like a Kid in a Candy Store--that's his sweet new show--Gertler zinged fans with running commentary and an admiration for all things Serena. Even Mr. Flay joined the fray with live tweets. The finalists faced two challenges: First, create "you in a jar" and present it to a big-ole live audience. Then they had to team up and run a food truck. That's when the twists and turns arrived. Some happy surprises--two chicks seemed to reach detente ("The empanada, y'all, is really good," Paula said), for now, which bizarrely disappointed chatting fans. Check out the chat below for details, then jump behind the scenes for Bobby's recipe makeover of finalists' dishes (would love his pointers!) and vlogs from Bob, Susie and Giada. Then vote for your favorite finalist, up to ten times per day. Meantime, I'll be wondering if Brad should let dark horse Tom borrow his lucky hat, and if Adam might borrow one of Bobby's ties. A+ episode, everyone.




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Comments (3,739)

  1. spiket says:

    Serena drives me nuts; her voice is like chalk on a board and just about slobbers all over herself talking too fast.

    Aarti seems like a very nice person and a good cook - of Indian food. She is begining to bore me to tears.

    I like Herb but I doubt he will go all the way.

  2. Esther Gustafson says:

    I really like Aarti. Her personality is great and I love the way she talks. I would definitely watch her show. I also like Tom's atitude.E

    • Cheryl Zahn says:

      I agree. I live in the midwest and would like to try Aarti's food. I want her jar of Indian spices so I get a chance to know what Indian food tastes like. There is little here, where I live, to know what true Indian food tastes like. I may not be able to travel but if I can have my taste bud's take a trip I am all for that chance. I would prefer to taste foods, than to buying someone's pans. But that is my choice. I also still like Aria.

  3. spiket says:

    I think Aarti is very limited in her style of cooking and is already boring me. Her personality comes across as sugar sweet - fake.

    • Worked for Melissa...

    • Hbee says:

      I disagree.

      It seems Aarti is good at integrating completely different influences and giving them a sort of Indian twist. Her food is by no means traditionally Indian. She uses Persia, Arab, Southeast Asian and Californean influences. Just because she uses spices you've never heard of doesn't mean it's all the same thing.

      Besides, if you're against the concept of regional cuisine, where does Giada fit into your box? Morimoto? Batali?

  4. mdsouza says:

    Aarti, has what it takes and what the FoodNetwork needs. She brings to the network new foods that are currently lacking. The current line up covers most of the common food styles already including budget eating, Aarti you go we are rooting for you.

  5. rick says:

    I believe that Herb, if he can harness his energy, will be a very entertaining new dimension to the food network with his energy chef concept. He is entertaining and, once he gains the requisite experience, will be excellent.

  6. Jete says:

    It's obvious Aarti was already chosen as the next FN star; the panel gushes over her; she shouldn't have won the product pitch challenge, Aria performed better. Also, Tom and Aarti's truck should have read Dick Bombay's Circus with the flashy clown clothes those two always wear. What was with that truck name? I expected water to squirt from Aarti's flower and feathers, and Tom looks like a slob. It's obvious he just pulls ideas from thin air as he goes without any real plan and just hopes everything works out (Watch him construct liver dish and then the funnel cakes). I didn't hear the panel comment on Aarti and Tom making a dish that Paula referred to as not liking to be hurt while you eat as their dish was so spicy, it was painful to eat. As usual, the panel continued to ignore all of Aarti's blunders. Aarti has her blog if anyone is interested watching her, she doesn't need to be on FN.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Hilarious post, Jete! You nailed it. Maybe they were still inspired by the carnival food challenge of a few weeks ago. I laughed out loud when Tom spluttered out "Dick Bombay!" while brainstorming and nearly fell off the couch when Aarti said "Yes!". It sounds like a villian from an Austin Powers movie! Yeh, curry flavored funnel cakes...I guess you're supposed to eat them with brussels sprouts snow cones.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree with you 100%. I too think Aria performed better in the product pitch. Also, Brianna is arrogant and I could not watch and enjoy a show she hosted. I do hope you are not correct about the panel having already made up their mind ---- I just wouldn't count Aria out. I would definitely watch her show.

      • James says:

        I think the next show is about "being entertaining." This should be Aria's big chance. I'd be surprised if she blows it. Being good on camera should be her thing.

        Will Brad do better?

        Who will go home?

  7. joelpitt says:

    The show has seriously JUMPED THE SHARK. The year Guy won, or even when Melissa or Aaron won, there were at least a few people who could have legitimately been seen as hosts of a show on their own. I cannot see myself going out of my way to watch ANY of these contestants. I think they are actually chosen for their UNLIKEABILITY, for the entertainment value of seeing them bitch and fight and crash and burn.
    If they were serious about having another star they would just give Aron Sanchez or John Besh or someone like that their own cooking show. And NO the insipid Chef v. City does not count.

    • tigergal75 says:

      Let John Besh have a show, please!!!!! He is so classy, so talented, and so sexy! The fact that he lost out to that giggling, ugly Michael Symon was a travesty.

    • LMcCall says:

      John Besh does have a show on The Learning Channel called "From Inedible to Incredible" where he takes really bad dishes from home cooks and helps them transform them into something delicious! It is on Mondays at 10 pm EDT.

    • susan says:

      I love Chef v. City!!!

    • Elaine says:

      I totally agree. Other years I always had a favorite or two and felt I would watch them. This year there's no one I would want to watch. Seems more about being a personality than a cook.

    • mcjrusso says:

      Hmmm. I'm getting deja-view here. I proposed Besh or Sanchez or Cosentino getting a show instead of a wannabe last season. And what did we get?? Melissa D'readful. Aaron and Chris are wasting time running and tripping on C vs C -- I've seen them do cooking demos and they are great teachers. Even Scott Conant -- a GREAT chef and teacher -- is wasted on Chopped. FN, PLEASE cut out all the gimicky game shows and food challenges, and bring back the folks who can cook and teach us how.

  8. Debbie Zarzecki says:

    I was glad to see Paul go. He was obnoxious and full of himself and for somebody who is into improv he didn't come across well on the camera challenges. Next out the door should be Brianna. That girl has a serious attitude problem. She is downright nasty and I would never watch any show show she hosted. My favorites so far are Aarti,Tom,Aria & Herb.

  9. Sandra S. says:

    Indian Cuisine Rocks!
    I am so excited to see Artie's culinary point of view. I have printed everyone of her recipes and can't wait to try them all. The Food Network has enough professional chefs on the air. I am excited to have someone that I can identify with, someone more like me.
    Hang in there Artie!

    • Rachel Ray isn't a professional chef. Neither is Alton Brown (at least, that wasn't his initial vocation as a filmmaker). Neither is Paula Deen, y'all....

    • spiket says:

      If all you want to eat is Indian food - boring. Artie is very limited.

      I think they should have a challenge and have them prepare something totally outside their comfort zone; I bet Artie would fall on her face.

      Maybe you want to eat Indian food food every day but not me and also not the majority of Americans. Very limited appeal to the country.

      • Bananas says:

        That is why Aarti should have her show - to help MAKE it more accessible. If you can add two or three more spices and make it familiar yet different, why not? I would love to learn a few new tricks.

        It is amazing how close minded most people are. "I don't cook it, so a show on it is useless." I thought the point of a lot of shows on food network was to EXPAND your horizons and learn how to think outside of the box.

  10. LA guy says:

    Man, enough with the Aarti-bashing. She can cook and she has a great accessible, open personality, and she conveys her love for food. What more do you want? Forget that Indian food is trendy -- she has a particular approach to food, she owns it, and she's a sweet person. If you give her a show, she will find an audience. If you publish her cookbook, it will have real recipes that real people will make and enjoy. Can you really say those things about any other contestant?

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! Finally someone to stand up and point out Aarti's real potential. I like her personality. I haven't eaten much Indian food and am not a fan of spicy, but she is bringing Indian food to be more accessable to people like me who might want t try it. And when will people realize that Aarti won the first challenge because the audience liked her the best even though she didn't finish. That's how charming she really is.

    • James says:

      She CAN cook, but the false modesty and mousi-ness is really getting old.
      Frankly, I like a few other contestants better.