Chatterbox, Ep. 5: Paula, a Sweet Treat, a Catfight and Girl Power

by in Community, July 11, 2010

Midterm exam time. Who sailed, who failed? And what made Paula Deen bring up her string bikini and the quality of her grandchild's cooking ability? Who came out on top--Team Serena or Team Brianna? Did Herb get back on track or crash and burn? Oh the suspense! There was too much drama to fit into an hour this week, so we got extra time and a bonus live chat with season four finalist and Food Network star and funnyman Adam Gertler. Like a Kid in a Candy Store--that's his sweet new show--Gertler zinged fans with running commentary and an admiration for all things Serena. Even Mr. Flay joined the fray with live tweets. The finalists faced two challenges: First, create "you in a jar" and present it to a big-ole live audience. Then they had to team up and run a food truck. That's when the twists and turns arrived. Some happy surprises--two chicks seemed to reach detente ("The empanada, y'all, is really good," Paula said), for now, which bizarrely disappointed chatting fans. Check out the chat below for details, then jump behind the scenes for Bobby's recipe makeover of finalists' dishes (would love his pointers!) and vlogs from Bob, Susie and Giada. Then vote for your favorite finalist, up to ten times per day. Meantime, I'll be wondering if Brad should let dark horse Tom borrow his lucky hat, and if Adam might borrow one of Bobby's ties. A+ episode, everyone.




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Comments (3,739)

  1. Laurence says:

    hi there, really good website, and a decent understand! 1 for my bookmarking.

  2. Anneliese says:

    I would like to say thank you a whole lot for your job you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same top work from you later on too.

  3. Dennis says:

    Bob, for crying out loud, taste the marmalade with the food. Bitter may be what marries the chicken liver and the Brussel sprouts. How can you tell by tasting it out of the jar? Maybe you did and whoever edited together the video blew it. Seems like bitter might be the ticket with such savory, but unlikely bed partners.

  4. Chris J says:

    I think Brianna is The Next Food Network Star. All her food is great and she has a romantic look. This is something the network is missing. The last winner was a regular coupon cutting woman. Yall have enough burger eating country cooks frying fish and cooking burgers. Women need a show on how cook romantic food for men like Lobstar, Shrimp Creole, etc. Food Network needs to step their game up. If Brianna cooks romantic dishes and flirts with the camera, ratings are through the roof-I'll co-produce it."

    • Jimmy says:

      I hope not. I'm firmly in the Aarti camp and would settle for Aria. Brianna always comes off full of herself to me.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Too bad her personality is so off-putting.

    • Tina says:

      I think that she is the most rudest person on the show !! , For her to state " get out of my kitchen" she doesn't even own the house and it's NOT her kitchen , this woman seriously needs to improve her attitude !!! She can't seem to be friendly to the audience . I 'll be truely upset if she wins !

      • Diane says:

        I will absolutly agree with you-- i think she comes off as a bully to Serena-- they are supposed to be adults- i will not watch anything that she is involved in!

    • luvcookin says:

      But I bet that "regular coupon cutting woman" knows how to spell lobster! Not one woman I know would watch a show where this stuck up woman is the host.

    • Scott says:

      Brianna is to full of herself. Nobody has a higher opinion of her than Brianna herself. I'd never watch a show with her in it.

    • I am puzzled what you mean by "romantic look" ( unless by "romantic look" you actually mean "cold & disengaged".) I didn't see a single shot of her making eye contact with the audience or even acknowledged their existance." And even though she and serena made it through the team thing, brianna still never missed an opportunity to roll her eyes and tsk, tsk at her. I realize of course that she may be getting the "villian edit" that reality shows need. But if so, FN may be cutting their own throats here. She does have cooking skills, but so far, she's not someone I would want to share a table with. If she were a chef in a restaurant where I never had to see her, that would be fine, I might eat there. But she's not someone I would seek out because I enjoyed their company as you do with a TV host.

    • Mary says:

      Ugh! your kidding right? Are you watching the same show as everyone else. Brianna is horrible. She things she is something she aint. She does come across as cold, distant, and completely full of herself. She would be horrible to watch. It bad enough we have to endure her for the time the Next Food Network star is on. I agree completely with the people who responded to your comment.

    • emily71 says:

      Yes, give us a romantic-looking host so we womens can cook lobstar and rustle us up some men-folk.

  5. Sophia says:

    I'm really hoping that Herb can overcome and win. Arati, Brianna, and Tom are great cooks, and I think they will have a good chance, too.

    • MrsDewy says:

      I think he did a great job "overcoming it" last night. He is back! I think he was robbed. he should have won the challenge instead of Aarti who didn't even complete the challenge!

      • girloftheworld says:

        the judges should have made more out the fact that she didn't finish the challenge.
        Tom did awesome.

      • Velops says:

        We can't forget that the judges had no input on who won. This is based completely on first impressions from an audience who knows nothing about them.

        Herb's product was so simple that anyone would rather make it at home than buy it. I certainly wouldn't buy it. Even though Aarti didn't complete the challenge, her product idea was so good that it pretty much sold itself.

    • lcc says:

      Honestly, Herb needs to tone his energy down a lot. It is sooooo annoying.It was cool at first, but now it is starting to get on my nerves.
      Aarti is the only one who should be a star on FN.

  6. @insou2you says:

    thinking about where we were in the "midpoint" of the show, realized that so far the only real "stand-out" winner has been Guy! Every now and again I see Aaron, didn't even know Melissa was still on the network, and Rory should SO have her own show (that was a serious debacle). I think the judges dropped the ball with Kelsey as well - i really liked her! a LOT of the "winners" have been so forgettable - do the judges really know what the viewers are looking for??

    • Evan says:

      Totally agree, except what do you see in Guy? He's so hard to look at.

    • Velops says:

      I think you are misunderstanding what winning this competition means. The competition is only an opportunity to become a star. It is up to the winner to make it happen. Many of the past winners did not become "stand outs" due to various reasons. Some didn't find an audience with their shows. Others decided that producing a TV show just wasn't for them. The rest wanted to prioritize other things in their lives (family, restaurant, etc.).

      Those with true star potential don't fade from the public eye. They work to realize their dreams rather than relying on others to do it for them.

    • Corinne says:

      Melissa was great when trying to win and I was all for her, but her show they have for her just is sooo blah now? Boring to be honest! A few seasons ago the judges made a huge mistake with "The Gormet Next Door" can't even rememebr her name now. I watched like half of her first episode and changed the channel.
      I do however watch Aaron "Big Daddy", at least he has a personality! I would like to see Herb win, he just needs to get his confidence back! The judges have dropped the ball a lot as you said. Truthfully they need to really listen to what we the viewers want, and would watch. Why bother to ask us to vote, if they aren't going to listen?

  7. JGWALLIN says:

    When will we see some "Star" food? This season seems to be more focused on camera than "Chef" qualities.

    • Evan says:

      Absolutely right on. The other 2 shows are about the best chefs. The Food Network is obviously NOT interested in skills or they would have kept Dzintra on.

    • Eric says:

      I think they're smart for forcing the camera on them . I think in seasons past they found out that maybe they were wasting their time with some of the contestants that could cook ok but really didn't have any business being in front of a live camera . I mean it's a cooking show on TV after all .

  8. Paulette says:

    It was long overdue, but finally, finally,finally Paul was sent home! Now the next one to go is the "diva" Brianna. She might be an excellent chef, but her people skills are lacking and her attitude is unappetizing.
    I used to like Aria, but it is evident that she wants the spotlight all for herself. She's not a team player. She wouldn't let Dzintra get to present a few episodes ag (BTW Dzintra is an awesome chef & not as looney tunes as the show had presented her-check out her videos if you google her), and now she had Brad slaving away in the truck while she's spreading that Mommie Dearest smile had hogging the camera. It was great to see her squirm in being the bottom 3 at the evaluation.

    • Jimmy says:

      I couldn't agree more. Paul should have been gone a long time ago.

      Aria's attitude was surprising this week, but we have to remember this is a competition, not a team sport. Still, I like Aria and would watch her on the network.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Don't forget, Brad was the one who wanted to cook the burgers at the last minute. Their team got dinged for poor timing and for overcooking the burgers and that was both Brad's doing.

    • Tina says:

      I agree with you, that Brianna needs to GO ! She thinks she "owns" the kitchen , she was telling others to "get out of her kitchen" major attitude !!! NO people skills !!

    • Evan says:

      Paulette, I agree with you totally. I never could figure out what people saw in Aria. She is very cut-throat to other contestants. I also agree with you about Dzintra. Too bad the Food Network never gave her a chance because it's obvious she is the best chef of all of them, plus she looks great.

    • lcc says:

      I agree Aria is too into herself and not her team mates, and so is Brianna. Okay, so she was nice to Serena this last episode, but EVERYONE knows that was like, playing Mother Teresa for the selection commitee.

    • Merrie says:

      I couldn't believe it when Paul gave a smartass reply to Bobby Flay's question during judges table. Did he really expect to stay after that? You can't insult one of the founding chefs of the network and survive. IMO, good riddance, Paul, you screwed the pooch with your smart mouth and bad food. Period.

  9. Suzi Samuels says:

    As fans we all ahve our favorites and as the show progresses we might change our opinion. I could not and still cannot stand last years winner I will not watch anything Food Network prodices that has her in it including one of my favorite shows "The Best Thing I ever Ate", having said that, I like Herb, I think he has great potential, Brad needs to stop telling us he is a PRO, we know, Brianna needs to go home and reassess how she got to think she is a diva, Aria sparkled and fizzled, Aarti is just annoying, I do not care how well she marries any spice or how well she can cook she needs to tone down, watch Giada, Ina, Paula, Bobby, Sunny and see how they speak to the viewer and that voice is too annoying! Serena speaks to fast and the world revolves around more than sauce, Tom is finally awakening to the fact he is on a competitive show.

    • luvcookin says:

      Different strokes for different folks. I love to watch Melissa and never miss her show. I'll watch Melissa over Rachael Ray any day.

  10. Suzi Samuels says:

    Some of these contestants should have a go at "Chopped", go up against those judges, it would be an eye opening experience to say the least! For the judges, I realize you judge on a criteria that the viewer doesn't, but you should always keep in mind the final result is the the viewer and what intices them, since we cannot taste anything we are always on the visual, and that in itself speaks volumes at times.

    • Carrie says:

      That would make for a fun episode huh?! On a separate note, I'd like to see an All-Star Chopped w say Alton, Guy and ?? It'd be interesting to see what kind of baskets they'd end up with :0

    • James says:

      Choped should be taken off-the-air.
      Chopped should be Chopped.
      It is "over-done."
      IRON CHEF is the only show that "works" for racing against the clock.
      Chopped is trying too hard to be another iron chef show--and the whole judging things strikes me as too much "without mercy" and boot-camp. YES! Cooks DO need to be critiqued...but the whole thing is overdone. Dinner Impossible is total hype. This kinda stugg strikes me as trying to take a shock-jock radio DJ mentality and trying to apply it to a cooking show. Fake. Over-done. If I want adrenaline i can watch Law & Order special victims unit.

      • Viewer FN says:

        I really enjoy "Chopped." Unpredictable--great food one week, spectacular failures the next, plenty of drama, plus those contestants are thinking on their feet-literally. Ted Allen is a perfect host; the judges are great. (Love Aaron!) On Iron Chef, the menus are set in advance, they have sous chefs, it's a completely different type of competition.