4 Questions for Adam G

by in Community, Food Network Star, July 11, 2010

Adam Gertler, our special guest in tonight's Star chat, will have (I’m sure) some enlightening takes on how this competition's playing out. Things are starting to get wilder, and he was, after all, in the finalists' shoes himself not too long ago. But … I also have some other, non-Star questions I think might be fun to run by him, too:

1) What are three foods you'd pick now if you ever did another "Freaky" special on cuisine?

2) Would you be willing to do a karaoke performance we could post here?

3) Besides a bra, have you ever attempted to make any other item of clothing with chocolate?

4) Do you need an assistant host for Kid in a Candy Store? (Please?)

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  1. luvcookin says:

    Well, I can't be on the computer and watch television at the same time. So ask Adam why he had such a love affair with the liar Debbie Lee last season. Did you know she's Korean and uses garlic?

  2. Dave says:

    Interesting. I will stick with Unwrapped though which is what this show is clearly ripped off from.

  3. girloftheworld says:

    star in search of a format..they just need to give it up...they threw Adam to the wall and he didn't stick

  4. Mona says:

    Adam was annoying when he was on Nxt Food Network Star and he is still annoying

  5. Nipa_Hater says:

    Show seems similar to "Unwrapped".
    I don't understand - Big Daddy is still stuck on Sunday afternoons in a 30 min cooking show while the runner-up gets a primetime show??!

  6. Grandma Joyce says:

    I did watch both episodes, and yes, Adam's show has some components of Unwrapped and "The Secret Life of" show. Where the shows differ, seems to me, is the zany humor of the host of Secret Life, which is missing from Unwrapped. Adam has a quick wit and some humorous one liners. Perhaps that was the idea behind the concept of Adam's show, which I did enjoy. The cake sticks looked yummy, and the cake-milk shake; rich but delicious.
    The comment regarding Big Daddy on Sunday's and Adam on the evenings; are the ratings higher on weekends than week nights, thus a weekend show is a "step up"? I don't know, am just trying to figure it all out.
    Have a good week everyone!
    Oh, no questions for Adam.

  7. Suzette says:

    Hooray for Adam!!! Love it!!! Adam is in his element. Awesome show....Awesome host...what better combination is there?

  8. Spectator says:

    I think Adam has a great presents on camera. I enjoyed him as a contestant when he was on the Next Food Network Star and I enjoy watching him on the shows that he has hosted. I thought "Will Work for Food" was a very interesting show and I learned a lot about what goes into producing the food that we have in the grocery stores. The first episode of "Kid in a Candy Store" was fun. I'm a fan of Adam.

  9. Julia says:

    Adam's hanesome, luv his show!

  10. Julia says: