4 Questions for Adam G

by in Community, Food Network Star, July 11, 2010

Adam Gertler, our special guest in tonight's Star chat, will have (I’m sure) some enlightening takes on how this competition's playing out. Things are starting to get wilder, and he was, after all, in the finalists' shoes himself not too long ago. But … I also have some other, non-Star questions I think might be fun to run by him, too:

1) What are three foods you'd pick now if you ever did another "Freaky" special on cuisine?

2) Would you be willing to do a karaoke performance we could post here?

3) Besides a bra, have you ever attempted to make any other item of clothing with chocolate?

4) Do you need an assistant host for Kid in a Candy Store? (Please?)

Got Your Own Questions for Him? Join Us at 9p/8c

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