by in Food Network Star, June 28, 2010

NF0604-BTS_DAS-Feature1_s4x3_tzDAS. I’m not exactly sure what to say about his elimination – other than for the judges, he clearly lost his dazzle. For me, I was never all that taken with Mr. Smith. He seemed like a nice dude and someone you’d totally want to hang with, but for this competition, I just wasn’t wowed. The one thing about DAS that will stand out to me? He always looked so tired. Now, I can relate, these days so do I, but for TV, looking like you’re on cold medication just isn’t going to work. So long, DAS. Go get some rest.

NF0604-BTS_Herb-Feature_s4x3_tzLet me speak a bit about Herb. Like me, he’s from Atlanta, and I absolutely hate to speak ill of one of my own. But, Herb! All that crying and sobbing was a bit much. We all have our sad stories and we all have times when our emotions get the best of us. But, this week, Herb was letting it all hang out and this wasn’t the place or time. He was so emotional that at one point he made Susie tear up. Yes, I understand he misses his family – however, you know what you’re getting yourself in to when you sign up for this competition. Herb, calm yourself down, wipe those tears away and get your head back in the game. You’re representing the ATL – so, represent!

0137558_Brianna-wins-challenge_s4x3_tzAs for Tom, he was on fire this week! I enjoy watching him come alive in front of the camera. He seems like he is quick on his feet and very witty – two qualities that I believe will serve him well. And, he and his big hair seem to be having genuine fun (or, either he’s faking it very well). My girl, Brianna, won the competition to have a recipe featured on Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill menu (Chile Chicken Skewers). That is a huge honor! I’ve been a Brianna fan since day one, so I must admit, I loved seeing her win this challenge.

That’s my quick take on Episode 4. Tag, you’re it!

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