Still Got That Chill

by in Behind the Scenes, June 23, 2010

It's pretty clear by now that Brianna knows what she's doing when it comes to cuisine. So far she hasn't had a single dish come out less than great — no mean feat under typical challenge conditions, you know? But when will she start to thaw? Despite recent urging from the judges to start warming up to her guests, her demeanor is still detached, even arrogant. So how did she wind up with a win this week? Listen to Bob's take on her victory ... and see if you think she would have won without the "luck" factor he mentions ....

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  1. James says:

    Here's my view:
    Dzintra: Has a pretty smile but she was just too "scattered". I admit, TV is pressure, but she knew that going in.
    Paul: Needs to go. Just keeps putting his foot in his mouth and offending folks more and more.
    Brianna: Should be next to go, after Paul. Too full of herself.
    Aria: Really liked her energy in the beginning but I'm finding as time goes by it seems to sound more (what's the word)--artificial, comes to mind. Becoming more tired of her.
    Brad: This guy could be the real unsung hero. No one else got the praise he got--from Wolfgang Puck! He needs to unwind 25 or 30%--but hey!-how "polished" was Mario Batali when HE started? Not very! Brad could go far!
    Aarti: Could give us a unique show we don't already have, recipe-wise, but comes across as "too mousy".
    Herb: He should at least be in the "final 4." Outgoing and good food.
    Serena: Would they allow anyone to "encroach" on Giada's "territory"? Serena needs to have a glass of Burgundy and unwind or slow down. If she can do that, she has good potential.
    Tom: Was too quiet at first. He did get more outgoing but sometimes just seem a lil' too out there when he does that. Will he find himself soon enough? Has made some good food.
    I'd like Paul and Brianna to go next. I'd like to see the Top 3 be: Brad, Aarti, Herb.
    PS---HEY!, Judges---How about getting some "new blood" on prime-time. Some of these folks have "had their day." You have some fabulous undicovered gems currently working on weekends or daytime that would be a huge hit if they became more well known with evening exposure. What about AARON, MELLISA, TYLER and CONTESSA?? I would LOVE to see these people on 6,7,8,9pm during the Monday thru friday week. And no, I don't know any of them . Its time for NEW blood!

    • Rob says:

      I've been watching The Next Food Network Star for a few seasons now and given the fact I know a lot about TV, I think my opinions are pretty dead on when it comes to the contestants so here is my breakdown:

      Aarti - There is something extremely fake about her TV persona. She once mentioned that she had two different sides to her personality that she constantly struggled with and that seems apparant from watching her. It's obvious she can cook but I just can't imagine watching an entire show of just her. Plus, we all know you are Indian and that's fine but you don't have to put an Indian spin to everything you cook. That, combined with her constant "I can't do anything" attitude really makes for an unappealing person to watch.

      Alexis - Since he is already gone, there doesn't seem to be much needed to say about him. I can say he was really annoying to watch and his culinary skills were mediocre at best.

      • Rob says:

        Aria - She actually seems to have a lot of promise in my opinion. I just think she needs to be a little more natural in front of the camera and find that medium between talking to the audience like we are 5 and being too generic in her word choices.

        Brad - He needs to go really soon. I find watching hin akin to watching someone giving a lecture on the IRS or something. There is no personality to speak of, his culinary skills seem to be lacking (despite his claims otherwise) and I'm sorry but that hat has got to go! Boring, dull and uninteresting are all words I would use to describe him.

        Brianna - Apparantly, she must have woken up one day and decided to be a Beyonce wannabe! She really annoys me as a viewer and I would rather watch almost anyone else on camera. Culinary speaking, she is great and there is no doubt about her cooking skills. On camera, she comes off as rude, obnoxious and treats the people she interacts with like dirt. To me, she reminds me of the girl in high school who thinks she is better than everyone else and treats the rest of the world as if they are unworthy to be in her presence. One of the biggest turn offs when it comes to me as a viewer.

        • Rob says:

          Dzintra - She is one of the most annoying human beings I have ever seen in my life. I hope I never have to see or hear her ever again and I would honestly rather eat a handful of dirt than watch her for more than 10 minutes! I'm sorry but you don't serve someone a mushroom dish and joke about them not being poisonous....nor do you compare a salad to a hairball! People like her have no social filter and think anything "different" they say is funny because of that fact. She could have been the best chef in the universe but with that personality, no one would care.

          Herb - This guy really annoys me sometimes. I understand his commitment to health and fitness but as a viewer, I do not want that shoved down my throat all the time. He's just way too intense with his energy and healthy living attitude that it makes me want to watch pretty much anything else but him. There really needs to be an overhaul on his TV persona....more good food and less intense energy and constant "healthy" rhetoric.

          • Rob says:

            Paul - This guy is pure crap. He's rude, obnoxious, fake and annoying to watch in every single way. He may have the basic skills culinary wise but that is all he has. Anyone with half a culinary mind would have been able to come up with a better integration of carmel corn than that lame garnish on the asian salad or whatever that was he made. Same goes for opening a bottle of soy sauce with a knife! What an idiot.

            Serena - She is very beautiful and sultry in that Italian way but that is about it....I cannot stand listening to her speak and I do not think she is remotely capable of slowing that down. That's her big weakness...the speed of her talking combined with her accent really turns me off and I could care less about what she was cooking. Honestly, she should work with a speach coach. If she could calm herself down, she might actually have potential. I'd rather watch her than Brianna or Paul anyday!

          • Rob says:

            Tom - I actually like Tom. From a viewer's standpoint, he looks like a really average guy in a good way. His TV personality is much more watchable than most of the other competitors but I think for him, it's the food that is a challenge. To me, the timing issues of all these challenges is what trips him up but I think if he had his own show and could actually plan out recipes and was in the studio, he's make a great asset to the food network.

          • MrsDewy says:

            Rob, I feel like you watch what you are interested I disagree with your comment about Herb. You don't watch an exercise program and then complain because it's all about exercise. I haven't really seen anything where I felt he was shoving it down anyone's throat. I don't watch Paula Deen because it's not my type of food! And that's the reason I wouldn't watch Aarti all the time if she had her show. Just this viewer's point of view!

        • Dotty42 says:

          Exactly. Rob, I say "amen" to your comments, as I feel Brianna is only in this to feed her ego; she just thinks she is "all that" and I think she needs to go...SOON. I like Herb the best so far. He's talented, and he is very personable.

        • Diane says:

          I agree with all of you about Brianna. I wanted her to go after the first episode. She's rude, arrogant and spiteful to the other contestants. Have you noticed this year in the poll that they don't have a vote for who we think should go next? Or have I missed it? I would vote 10 times a day to see Brianna gone!!! I like Aria and think her wholesome way will take her a long way. I also like Serena, she's a cute, bubbly girl, but she's always in fast - forward. The others are just so-so

    • Laurie says:

      All I can say is Yeah Dzintra is gone! I thought she was way to self centered. Every episode all she ever said was "what about showing off me" ...Blah. (not a quote just a summary of how she appeared to me)

    • samantha says:

      wolfgang actually said he would hire aarti based on her dish, so brad was not the only one to get compliments from him...

      I agree there is something "mousy" about aarti but she's quirky and i think she would bring an interesting and unique show to food network.

  2. Liz Munoz says:

    Brianna appears to be an excellent chef, true. However a chef pleases the person he/she is serving the dish to, and not vice versa.When I first saw Brianna in the previews I immediately thought "sophistication" after she did her camera challenge and started talking about it being party time, the sophistication went out the window. Enter immaturity. Then they had the Carnival challenge where they had to serve Duff's friends and she was aloof and cold, To Duff Goldman's FRIENDS... not just any customers... nope the man from ACE OF CAKES- And when the judges asked how interacting with the people was going, SHE LIED AND SAID "GREAT, DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC COMES EASY AND NATURAL TO ME." FREAKING LIAR. I am rather annoyed that the network has left her on after lying, but everyone deserves second change, right???

    The other thing about her, is that Brianna states that she is a Diva, although I don't know why, since is not Mariah Carey or anything. So I'm posing the question to her, Why are you a Diva? What makes you a Diva??

    Her aloof attitude and coldness towards people makes me want to change the channel and not watch the show anymore, but that would not be fair to Aria, Aarti or Brad, whom I enjoy watching. Either she steps up to the plate and stops this "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME ATTITUDE" or I will just not watch the show anymore... I don't want to watch someone who is cold and constantly looking down at people, as she sucks in both her cheeks...and I understand that Serena did not let her know she was behind her, but an apology would have been nice. Instead she tells the interviewer she didn't feel bad about it because Serena didn't let her know she was behind her. That should not matter if you injury someone accident or otherwise you should apologize.. Show some empathy!! and stop the narcissistic selfish act, unless it's not act!!..

    • Laurie says:

      The sooner Brianna, Tom, Daz, Paul, Brad and Serena are gone the more I will enjoy this show.

    • James says:

      Yer right. No empathy seemed pretty-darn cold. Paul should go next, then Brianna. Who would I like to see be the "Final 4" contestants? Brad. Aarti. Herb. Serena.
      I think Aria is waayyy too over-rated and hogs the spotlight when she's paired with whoever else. Outgoing is good but not where no one can get THEIR word in edgewise. Liked he in beginning but she's really wearing off.---and now, some BIG things about the foodnetwork itself. I hope the network "movers-and-shakers" read this....
      1. You have some AMAZINGLY GREAT cooks that are horribly "under-known". Specifically: AARON, and MELISSA (and I don't know either of them). America could benefit greatly (and fall in love) BOTH of these wondeful cooks if they could get an evening show. And also, why not put Tyler and Contessa on in evenings? Some of the current folks have really "had their day". I would enthusiastically welcome some "new blood" and I am confident America would, too. ...and 2.
      2. I'm becoming a tad discouraged that FoodNetwork seems to be creeping a bit too much in the direction of creating a "celebrity" (when they get a new cook/chef) and not paying *enough* attention to, or losing site of: who is a good TEACHER of cooking. Exactly here--is where we really NEED MORE people like: Melissa and Robin and Tyler (all great teachers)--but the problem is, these folks are badly under-utilized and under-exposed by being stuck on a weekend or daytime show. AARON is another awesome one! Put these folks on in the evening slots: 6,7,8,9,10pm. I dont watch for entertainment. I watch cuz I DON'T want to buy a cookbook and wade through 350 pages. I could care less if a movie star liked your food or if you've cooked at a 5-star hotel in Paris. "Is it GOOD?? Can iiiiii make it? Can you clearly explain HOW?--in a way that will encouarge and build MY (the viewers) confidence and skill by learning from YOU?" THAT's what counts! Connecting with me conversationally by being a good teacher/explainer. Not just watching you cook-- but getting the specific WHAT and HOW-to's. It isnt about your pets, your funky hairstyle, where you've travelled, your grandmother, how many mega-teeth you can show me when you smile, your baseball cap, or even listening to the Emeril Live Band. Can you teach what you know to give the viewer more confidence? Some of the current evening crowd have really had their day. Some really good cooks needs more prime time exposure. Thanks for reading this.

  3. liz munoz says:

    Brianna appears to be an excellent chef, true. However a chef pleases the person he/she is serving the dish to, and not vice versa.When I first saw Brianna in the previews I immediately thought "sophistication" after she did her camera challenge and started talking about it being party time, the sophistication went out the window. Enter immaturity. Then they had the Carnival challenge where they had to serve Duff's friends and she was aloof and cold, To Duff Goldman's FRIENDS... not just any customers... nope the man from ACE OF CAKES- And when the judges asked how interacting with the people was going, SHE LIED AND SAID "GREAT, DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC COMES EASY AND NATURAL TO ME." FREAKING LIAR. I am rather annoyed that the network has left her on after lying, but everyone deserves second change, right???

  4. marjorie says:

    I really don't like the way she treats other at all she is rude and mean to everyone. I really hope Brianna is gone soon!

    • Leslie says:

      omg! yes she is so rude did u c the preview of next week's episode she screams at serena!

  5. tucker says:

    Her signature dish should be Ego Souffle'.........all puffed up yet empty inside!

  6. promqueen says:

    My take is that long ago FN decided who will win, and it ain't Brianna. She is cooking very well, but they have someone else in mind to be the winner. So, she's got an attitude, big deal--there are other finalists (such as Paul and Serena) whose demeanor is a bigger turn-off to the audience than Brianna's "chill" as you refer to it. Brianna isn't my favorite, and I don't know her personally, but I do recognize her talent and work ethic. I don't think she was just "lucky" in last week's episode, as Bob put it. Why did Bob have to rain on her parade? Couldn't he just give her the recognition she earned for a job well done? She's got talent, presence, she doesn't act stupid, silly and unsophisticated like some of the others (see above). She didn't get the credit she deserved. For some reason known only to the judges at this point, they seem to favor others over her. Whether she wins this or not, in my opinion she will have great successes in the future. Good luck, Brianna!

    • liz munoz says:

      I do not argue her talent. We see it, the Committee sees it, but there is a way to conduct yourself, and she is a narcissistic person. When she hit Serena she stated that she did not feel bad about it because Serena didn't let her know she was behind her. And when you hurt someone intentional or on accident one should feel empathic and apologize. If only to let the other Human know that they did not mean them harm. And she has no sophistication whatsoever. She may appear sophisticated, but then she opens her mouth and like I said enter immaturity.

  7. JGalley says:

    I honestly don't get why people "held out hope" or some such for was clear from day one that she was too "out there" and just didn't belong. Is it because of this? people recognized she had some serious issues so rooted for the under-dog? I mean I hold no ill-will for the woman and wish her luck. But there's no nice way to say it. She wasn't friendly, seemed borderline neurotic, rude, and an oddball (which isn't always bad but in her case..was.) She obviously needed to go.

    That said. You also keep hearing about Brad and how he cooks good off camera and is real nice and whatnot but..on camera he's not..and I don't remember hearing anything good about his dishes....this isn't a test of just their cooking skills...if he can't get it together in front of the camera this week...he needs to go.

    Brianna, at this point..I don't care how good a cook she is. She's obviously fake. Is far too stuck up on herself. And would NOT make a good T.V.'s great that she cooks so well. But we're not looking to hire a new chef here are we? you need a T.V. personality..and she fails at any kind of personality save narcissism.

    Herb, well by the previews he seems to not want to be there's natural to get discouraged in a competition like this..but if he really feels he can't hold it together or is out of his element..either man up or go ahead on home.

    Serena, good for her for finishing the competition with the injury she had..she has more will then ditzy...however her motor mouth is a turn-off..and I can't help but feel most of the people that like her, do so because she's cute. She's annoying to listen too. But at least if she can tone-down the motor-mouth she has potential.

    Paul, just the typical feeling as most..he's arrogant, not funny, and seems an all around jerk. The only reason he's still there is because Ditzy was FAR worse...let this guy go

    Das, heh...yah..not feeling this dude. The whole "bro-tude" is annoying to watch, and comes across as a fake like Brianna. Not interested in watching a gangster-wannabe cooking show..thanks..release him.

    oh well this is long my own opinion the only two I'm still intersted in is the two women...sorry forget their names..Arti and the one with a flower in her hair lol. The curly headed guy is far too quiet and shy as Brad...if he can't get it together in front of the camera this week..gotta go.

    • Susan H says:

      Yeah, exactly what she said and Brianna and Paul; twice!

    • Chad says:

      I disagree wiht your haste to throw away Brad. I really like the guy and thinks he has a lot of natural charm, charisma and a huge "likability" factor. He needs to develope his camera technique but hopefully that will come. A contestant does not have to be stellar in all areas from day one. Last year's winner Melissa started off with a looong way to go and look at what her result was.

      Paul is a jerk.....enough said!

      I agree about Brianna and do not understand how anyone can think they can win a competition like this with an attidtude like that.

      Finally, I think your assessment of Das is quite silly. He is not a "gangster wannabe" and does not have a "bro-tude" ( both of which are highly offensive labels) but rather he is a Southerner who has that laid back, casual, southern guy deal...maybe too laid back, but when you see him interacting with crowds, you see how cool of a person he is.

  8. Ulrika says:

    I've wanted to see Brianna eliminated from the get-go. She might be able to cook but the self important diva arrogance makes me wish the judges would slap her off the show. To paraphrase Clare Booth Luce/Anita Loos "There is a name for you Brianna, but it isn't used in high society, outside of a kennel."

    • Michele says:

      I agree !!! I hope Brianna gets eliminated. I would never watch her show if she wins (God forbid). I hope the selection committee pays attention to the poll on their website and notices she is in last place.

  9. Karen says:

    This seems like a really weak field to me and I haven't seen "star power" from any of the contestants. They all can cook but can any of them carry a show? Possibly Aarti - she is very charming and Food Network doesn't have anyone doing Indian food yet. I also like Aria, but what does she bring that's new? Brianna and Paul should be the next to go. Neither has a personality that makes me want to watch them. I also think that "collision" with Serena looked contrived, like Brianna did it on purpose. Watch it again and see how Brianna lurches back for no reason.

    • valerie greeley says:

      I agree with Karen. Brianna is a bit to like. I would not watch her show.
      I'm really only moved by two contestant. Aarti and Aria. They both
      come across as believable. And they both love what they're cooking. I see the passion
      in their demeanor and their dishes. Keep up the good work girls...

    • Scout says:

      I agree Karen. It looks like Brianna intentionally backed into Serena intentionally. I can't stand Brianna and I hope that she's booted off next week. She's so full of herself for some reason that escapes me.

    • Samantha says:

      I agree. I think Aarti has a great chance to win the competition.

  10. Teresa says:

    I am not sorry to see Dzintra leave the show. She came across as a bit full of her self and was very rude in this last episode. I would not watch her if she did have a show as she is just not that personable.

    I am looking forward to see what Aria, Aarti, Brad, Herb, and Tom have to offer. I feel that these are the best of the group this season. I feel that they each have something to offer.

    Aria will need to be careful that she does not become too over confident, but I really like her.

    Aarti has a great point of view and her recipes look like something I would like to try. I think she would really bring something great to the network.

    Brad, Herb, and Tom are all sleeping right now but could really bring something interesting if they decide that they really want this. Only time will tell.