Chatterbox: Our Mr. T Gets His Groove On (A.K.A. the Episode 3 Chat)

by in Community, Recap, June 20, 2010

It's been an all-star Sunday: Bob Tuschman dazzled millions (overstatement is only slight) of chatting fans from Chelsea Market, our wee Mission Control, crackers and cheese complimentary. On the double big screens in the Boardroom and on single big screens in living rooms everywhere, there was bigger-than-life Guy Fieri guest-judging on Star--he was off-the-hook tough. The spectacle included a very long multitalentedish Tilt-a-Whirl dance down a very long red carpet. And then there was a handful (footful?) of drama between Serena and Brianna. Yes, a trip to a hospital was involved. Oh, and by the way how do you feel about glass with your slaw?

Bob answered burning questions: What are the  most important star qualities? Where do you most like to travel? Exactly how tall is Susie? But Bob also couldn't help but jump into the fray as duets were, um, challenging in the challenge and solos way went off-key, too. Happily, there were, well, sexy moments logging as highlights. Just catching up with your DVR? Follow along with the chat play-by-play below. Saw the action? Enjoy it again, with commentary. To call it entertaining would be an understatement.

Grab all of tonight's recipes and tell us what you cook and how it turns out. Then vote -- up to ten times every day -- for your favorite finalist.

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Comments (1,293)

  1. I've been absent for over a month, but you reminded me why I appreciate this web site so much. Thanks, I'll start reading much more often.

  2. QuincyHughes says:

    We're down to seven, and just like the first two eliminations, this didn't surprise me at all. I'm actually thrilled in this case, because frankly, Dzintra "from the planet Dzintron" was just a complete mess. Something about her just from the introduction I got of her over a month ago in the Food Network magazine gave me a bad vibe about her, and I STILL refuse to believe that her real first and last name start with DZ, but I wanted to see the show to give her a fair chance. The first episode she had the eye incident, but even after that I was willing to wait until the next episode before I formed an opinion on her. So last week was that next episode, and by the time it ended both my lady and I pretty much came to the conclusion that Dzintra would just repel us away from a weekly program on ANY network. This week's episode was no better. The SHHHHHHHHHHHHH was just the beginning. Comparing the food to a hairball?! Seriously, this woman is hopefully on medication because she is a ticking time bomb. Thank all that is holy that I won't have to see another minute of her on my television.

    As for the rest, there's absolutely no chance that Paul and Brianna are winning this either. Paul is another mess, and Brianna isn't interested in being the next Food Network star. She just is interested in being a star, period. She's a complete phony and everything from her stupid little wink in the intro each week to the way she acts like she's above everyone (including the other contenders and every person she's serving food to) just repulses me. To be fair, however, she shouldn't be given any grief for the accident with Serena; Brianna was 100% correct in that Serena was supposed to let the gang know she was behind them. (Of course, this doesn't mean Brianna actually gave a crap about the injury later, because Brianna only is interested in Brianna.)

    Tom and Brad, I just don't see it right now, but I'm not writing them off just yet. Das seems close but just needs some polishing. His cabbage totally has me interested, I'm hoping to find that recipe here on the website soon. Aria, Aarti and Herb continue to be the frontrunners in my view.

    • JGalley says:

      couldn't agree more. took the words out of my mouth. That accident was in no way Brianna's fault..but that doesn't mean she even cared about it. Serena needs to chill out a little and learn from this're supposed to let them know you're behind them SO THIS VERY THING doesn't happen.

    • Dude says:

      Did it ever occur to you that her name might be ethnic? Why not rail about the authenticity of Aarti's name?

    • rick says:

      I agree Herb,Aria and Aarti are clearly the best of breed

    • chrisb says:

      Yes, I agree that Dzintra needed to go - she seems insecure, tries try to hard and then she goes downhill. I actually felt bad for her at one point ... also kept bringing up her training background .
      As for Brianna, I would NEVER watch her show. She truly is only interested in one thing - HERSELF. Brianna could have cared less about hurting Serena - just one less person to deal with in the contest. Whether or not she apologized, Iam convinced she would not have been sincere and only done so to save face and judgment. She needs to GO!
      Tom needs a haircut desperately, along w/some new lines. He doesn't always have the best dishes either.
      Brad just needs to come 'alive' ... maybe brush up on some of his recipes.
      Das needs a personality change - needs to come down several notches. He comes off as being too cool - why would I want to watch him??
      Paul needs to go as well ... condescending, etc.

      Serena does need to slow down a bit [talks way too fast], but I love her and some of her dishes.
      Aria and Aarti - I like them both, along w/their food.

    • woodpecker says:

      QuincyHughes (3 days ago)
      " I'm actually thrilled in this case, because frankly, Dzintra "from the planet Dzintron" was just a complete mess. Something about her just from the introduction I got of her over a month ago in the Food Network magazine gave me a bad vibe about her, and I STILL refuse to believe that her real first and last name start with DZ"

      Why do you need to chastise a contestant 's name?
      Your ignorant comment regarding Dzintra's name just verifies how clueless you are when challenged by a foreign sounding name.
      I take it in stride and chuckle to myself a little when someone does not take the time or ask how to pronounce my name correctly. The only reason I happen to be here is because Dzintra and I share the same last name and was asked if we were related.
      Lets get real. This is another reality show with all the psycho behaviour expected. In other words nothing but a "phoney baloney" sandwich.
      The producers of these shows only considers contestants with possible personality disorders.

      The same could be said for those that watch and take the time to comment.

  3. Meg-O Meg-O says:

    I'm actually seriously bummed that Dzintra had to go. I think if she had not gotten that glass in her eye the first episode she would not have been going crazy to try to prove herself. At this point, I was relieved to see her go. So far, Aarti is my favorite. And to whoever wins, put them on at a time when people watch, not Sunday morning when I'm either in the shower or at church. And one last note, if you ever saw the biography on Bobby Flay and see Brad, Brad is exactly like Bobby. He may be bland now, but Bobby was also a restaurant owner at his age and he's very serious about his food and the biggest star on Food. IMHO, Barefoot Contessa is very bland and people love both her and her food.

  4. Lisa says:

    I am glad Dzintra is final gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is really out there. She looked and acted like a complete ass clown on the Red Carpet Shoot. Her personality sucks!! If she had her own show I would call the network to have her banned!!!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    ARIA and Aarti are the best ones on the show. Fun to watch!! Very alive and bubbly in front of the camera
    You go Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wisconsin Mom says:

      You've called it! The only two worth watching are Aria and Aarti! Herb is cute and will probably place third. The rest: who cares?

  6. Penny says:

    I think the judges made the right decision this week. I liked Dzintra in the beginning, but this week she was just ridiculous! SSHHH??? Sounds like a mother scolding her child. I'm liking Aria and Herb. I would watch a show with either one of them and I'd bet it will come down to the 2 of them on the final show.

    • Sharon says:

      I think it might be between Aarti and Herb...problem is...although I hear everyone saying, they don't have an Indian food show on, that's great but not for me...while I'd like to make an occasional dish, I don't see it as being something I'd watch all the time. I think I'd rather like Herb's Healthy cooking...those are the types of shows I'm watching now and well, as Wisconsin Mom said, Herb is cute!

  7. Sab says:

    How did Guy get along with the small portions. I am surprised he didn't complain about Mr big bite getting all toothpick. Guy was great on the show tonight

  8. catrice says:

    None of the food really looked good tonight. Other than Aria and Aarti, I really don't think anyone is just oozing "likeability." Maybe it is my tv, but I thought I heard a "sorry" right after the collision. I'm curious, people were upset that Dzintra didn't keep working with her eye mishap. would it have been better for Brianna to stop working, losing time and possibly hurting her teammate Herb, or to keep trying to finish the challenge? If I misheard and she didn't say sorry then, how do we know she didn't say it in the footage that they edit out?

    Das and Paul? are so annoying. Honestly, I haven't really warmed up to anyone, but at least Brianna can cook. She won't make it far, but I'd say there are at least 3 that could go before her and I'd be fine with that. Brad is also condescending sometimes. I noticed how he always has to call himself "chef Brad." Shesh!!!

    When it comes to fakeness, it is hard to call just one person out. Most of them seem fake and unnatural to me.

    • RAB says:

      I heard her say sorry as well right after the incident, but you would not have known it if you concentrated more on her behavior. She said sorry as she continued to do what she was doing. I don't believe Brianna even looked up from her dish.

  9. Samantha says:

    I couldn't be happier that Dzintra is gone. Aside the comments about the mushrooms and the poisonous ones and the salad being like a hairball sometimes, her hushing Aria was the rudest thing I'd seen. And to top it off, one of them apologized when she said she was going home and she said "No you're not." She doesn't have any appeal whatsoever. Paul is another one I can't wait to see go. The way he acted towards Serena was rediculous.

  10. Janet says:

    Something is very off with Dzintra - her thought process is off the wall - she always goes for the worse possible illustration. "Shush' is the least offensive. How did she come up with "hairball", "poisonous mushrooms", and "your egg in someone elses womb" --not just off the wall but generally disgusting. And she didn't seems to learn from any of the advice she's given. She's one of those sad ducks who just doesn't relate.