What Would Bobby Do? Watch Instant Re-Flays

by in Food Network Star, June 15, 2010

WWBD? It’s easier to be behind the camera than in front of it. And armchair quarterbacking a demo is more fun than doing one: I would’ve, he could’ve, she should’ve.

Even Bobby Flay knows the lens is a tough judge. So he's sharing his tips this season, making over finalists' recipes. This week, Bobby is pierside in Santa Monica, dishing out uncommonly sensible advice: Tom's fish taco churros could've benefited from citrus--yes, Grant, I too would be happy to discus Tom's  'do. Then Bobby takes on Paul's dish; he could've kicked it with a savory dish truly inspired by caramel corn (hint: focus, Paul, honey).

What would you have done differently if you were Tom, Paul or one of the other Finalists?


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  2. Grandma Joyce says:

    What would I have done differently as a contestant? I couldn't do it, the pressure of it all would make my brain freeze. These contestants have more guts than I to even enter the competition. There are a ton of ferocious elements within the challenges. My hat is off to each one.

    • KazJY says:

      Nice to read the positive comments here. While watching, I found myself thinking "I would have done this instead", and then I say "no I wouldn't have...." Remember that these people are all cooking / filming all day.

      Out of the frying pan and into the fryer, indeed.

    • CIAMom says:

      I agree hats off to each one. I can't imagine being in their shoes and having that pressue. It is very fun to watch. I love to cook and eat!

  3. nani lolo says:

    I might freeze too in the moment, but I know that a taco is not a taco without a tortilla or a lettuce wrap, masa or something to contain the filling. My thought process after the fact is to have taken the concept of the sweet (cinnamon) tamale typically made for the holidays and then prepare the sweet and spicy mole for the sauce to Bobby's point.

    • Tabitha says:

      Tom's dish was presented as a CHURRO, not a "taco," although he did make the fatal mistake of using that word to describe it. He said it was "like" a taco, not that it WAS a taco. And I think that his savory interpretation of the CHURRO was fairly well done. I would, however, take Bobby's suggestion of somehow incorporating cinnamon into the dish, but I think he deserves more credit than he's getting. Had he made a taco, like Bobby suggests, I think I'd have trouble seeing how it compares to the carnival food he was assigned: the churro!

      • Nean says:

        I don't think it would have been misinterpreted had it been a cinnamon type wrap as suggested; it would have invoked the churro flavor. It doesn't matter if it was or was not a taco, it missed the mark. While I completely agree it’s easy to sit at home and judge or say what you would have done differently, this scrutiny comes with the competition! It’s the ones that think fast and handle the criticism that will come out on top!

      • nani lolo says:

        I might be missing something here. Wasn't Tom assigned a sweet churro and asked to reinvent it based on the ingredients? In that case, should presenting another churro (even savory) be less creative according to the rules of the challenge? I still say it wasn't "like" a taco if the dish didn't incorporate some type of wrap, even if he had placed the churro filling in a corn husk for presentation purposes.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I just want to say I think the judges are a bit hard on Brad.
    Honestly he's the only one I would watch out of ALL the finalists.
    I like that he's laid- back, himself, and calm infront of the Camera.
    His food looks different and wonderful to me ( even the things that don't work out the ideas are unique)- The judges are wrong to think we all need a " character" to relate too. I hope Brad wins and stays the way he is!!!

  5. James & Judy says:

    It would be amusing to put these contestants' performances up against some of Bobby's own "golden moments" on television, perhaps drawn from segments of his early series The Main Ingredient. There were enough flubbed lines, dropped utensils, bad camera cues and mis-directed blocking in those shows to get Bobby sent home from any year of The Next Food Network Star.

    • Derice says:

      Amen!!! Although I like Bobby's shows, his own early missteps, blunders and flubs would surely be enough to send him packing from ANY season of NFNS! He should remember just how difficult the situation is (in front of a camera, etc.), and perhaps be a little less unforgiving...

    • James & Judy says:

      So, Bobby: where's YOUR "goo reel"?

    • Mallory says:

      While that's certainly true, that was way back when The Food Network was just starting out and not even remotely commericial. He's admitted that he was terrible on tv at that time. I look at this show as sort of the American Idol of the Food Network. It's all about a fast track to success, before that show you had to do it the hard way, sing in clubs, dives and bars for a long time until you were discovered. So same principle with Food Network Star I think. If you think you're good enough to jump into something that's already huge, you have to come with the skills and ability to really shine. The Food Network is long past the days of allowing their tv personalities to start at the bottom, improve and get better over time. As an avid FN watcher, I wouldn't want to watch someone fumbling around, there are too many great people to watch instead. That being said I'm glad Bobby was in the right place at the right time and given that chance because he's so good at it now.

  6. Evan says:

    I agree with the above. My main comment is that it looks like the show has picked who they want to go on before the competition started. Some that can't cook very well are pushed forward, while some that are obviously excellent cooks are being demonized. Dzintra looks to me to be the best chef, but the Food Network has shown her in a very bad light. What happened to common fairness. How yeah, this is a reality show, and they can do what they want.

  7. Aaliyah says:

    AMEN, brother!

  8. Hilda says:

    Dzintra, don't let the comments bother you down. I can see what a great Next Food Network Star you could be. I would watch your show.

    • Sadie says:

      I wouldnt watch her show. Im sorry. I just think she's kind of freaky. Im so sorry Dzintra. Im sorry.

  9. Lily says:

    Well...I think the judges have it rough. Imagine if you were in their place. It costs money to make a show, and if reviews drop....so does the money. They have a tough job. They have to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly of contenders, and find the best. Not easy!

  10. Bobbyfan says:

    I think Bobby is a great rolemodel and i love watching him on the cooking channel. I like to cook but i dont think i would want to be on the NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR. But i do check in every week. He's awesome at what he does. But i wonder if he would ever change his life if he wanted. Hmmmmm... got to go... (ding!)