Chatterbox: Live Chat Archive, Episode 2

by in Behind the Scenes, Community, June 13, 2010

Take two. Second episode, another hopeful's dreams, dashed (no spoilers until you check out the transcript). The top ten remain. Quite the dramatic evening here at Food Network. Duff was in the house--or on the pier in Santa Monica, as it happens--and had the Finalists cooking up savory dishes inspired by the sweetest of carnival foods. Sweet, or not so much. Cotton candy for dinner? A candy apple side dish? Waffle cones as a main? Not quite. The fair fare ranged from fantastic to brow-furrowing (Doreen, why are you so mad?) and the Finalists stepped up with confidence. (Aarti, that means you.) Bob, Susie and Bobby all had tough words, and so did fans. Plenty of you wanted to see Dzintra, Paul or Doreen go home--and even all three. Lots of you wanted Aria and Herb to stay. Wishes, granted. Call me Zoltar, just back from the carnival. In coming weeks, we'll have special guests joining the chat, so be sure to stop by. You never know if you'll catch a star, ready to share secrets. Meantime, vote for your favorite finalist and get every recipe (plus Instant Re-Flays, Bobby's makeovers of Finalists' dishes). Plus, check out the Episode 2 video gallery and check back here throughout the week to hear from Bob, Susie and Giada with their spin on all the action.

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Comments (2,068)

  1. Learn French says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I really think Dzintra should have gone home. She makes me feel uncomfortable just to watch her. Doreen should have stayed. There is something about her that I like. She could have worked on her point of view. Dzintra just floats though yet again to the next round. I am very upset!

    • singmeasong says:

      I agree with you Cheryl...Dzintra needed to go home. Seriously, who in the world would want to watch anything she was doing. She gets me confused and frustrated. Don't like her. She should have never been allowed to stay after the first episode. She didn't make the dessert, she complained about it, she should have gone home!

    • KoloheWiz says:

      I also agree with you regarding Dzintra. She is the quintessential dumb blonde. I doubt seriously she could walk and chew gum at the same time. How she has made it this far is beyond me. Sadly, I saw Doreen's demise coming because she just couldn't seem to focus. Then when she chose pulled pork with a 3-hour time limit I knew it was over for her. She should have opted for pork tenderloin medallions with root beer. Sadly, the judges apparently fail to see how bad Ditzy Dzintra is and she has made it for another week. Then there's the "I know it all" attitude and apparent lack of a palate of Paul with his burned peanut shells.

    • Nanakat says:

      I agree with you Dzintra should have been eliminated. She is too unfocused and jumpy, makes me nervous just watching her!

    • Sierra says:

      I agree with Cheryl, also. Dzintra makes you feel uncomfortable just watching her on tv! i dont know why she isn't sent home yet. I've hade a scratched eye once myself, and sure it hurt but i just put a wet papper towl on it for a few days and i didnt even go to the ER. Did i meantion i was about 10 when that happened? I don't think she should be on there. I like Aarti, but i think she's too hard on herself. Winning the challenge should be a confidence booster though! Can't wait til next sunday!

    • armygf2010 says:

      i totally agree cheryl. she is very awkward and irritating. i feel like she copped out on episode 1, and she failed this one again. so she should go home asap.

    • Diane says:

      I TOTALLY agree - Dzintra should go home!! It is VERY hard to watch her. She is sooooo whiney! She has not cooked anything correctly.

    • Gymasticsgirl101 says:

      I know right i agree with you girl>

      • ShlC says:

        Dzintra tried out three times and blew her chances twice, I assume she will be eliminated on the next show. Even her parents knew something wasn't quite right when they named her: Dz.

    • malina says:

      I also agree there is something about Dzintra that I just don't like she has zero personality and is a whiner. I was real upset she went to the hospital about the eye thing and Bobby had to remind her to continue to plate her food while she was talking. Doreen has far more potential than Dzintra by far.

    • kellybrophy says:

      yes, poor dzintra sounds like she is channeling someone else's voice from the past, always talking to herself in the 3rd person. very creepy. she gives off the impression she has some deep seeded issues. she was the one to go.

  3. Grandma Joyce says:

    Good show, Aarti is starting to gain some confidence after positive feedback. Felt bad for Doreen, she had a pleasant personality, just couldn't seem to express her idea for her own show. Oh dear, Dzintra and the "poor me" comments. Paul is trying way too hard. Herb was likeable with his cheesy comment. Serena is funny, just talks fast. I'm so glad I have no ambition to try to be a contestant. I would be in tears and sent home right off the bat. We still have several weeks of competition with many surprises yet to be seen. Thanks again, Food Network.

    • Lola Loughfinagal says:

      I am really glad Aarti is going on and I hope she gains more confidence in the episodes to come. Dzintra shouldn't be in the competition anymore and it is bothering me. She has this akward air around her and I don't think that I'd ever watch her on TV. I hope Herb does really well in coming episodes because he is likable and enjoyable to watch.

  4. USC95 says:

    Dzintra should have gone home tonight. She is horrible to watch and whiny. No one can fault her, the eye incident, but she is an excuse maker, starving for attention like a bratty child. She is also yet to produce a great dish. People actually walked away from her table tonight. I rarely disagree with these judges but they were wrong tonight. It is hard to watch the episodes with her in them.

    • Paulette says:

      Dzintra has GOT TO GO! She can't cook..or at least hasn't on the show yet. If she gets any further, I may not watch this show....and certainly will not watch any show she is on on this network. Just like i don't watch the ditz from last time.

      • Chef Bee says:

        Oh oh oh I see we still are so judgmental just like last you people find someone to put down and everyone on here just jumps on the bandwagon and here go. Dzintra is a chef instructor so she has the cooking chops, but for some reason she has not been able to pull it off. I wish you Holier than thous would put up or shout up. You have no way of knowing what people are going through on this show and it is very evident that you have no empathy for anyone, and I pray someone some day treats you exactly the same and will refuse to empathize with you.

    • Evan says:

      How about her first chicken and potato dish, which one judge couldn't stop eating. Dzintra is the best of the bunch, plus she looks great. Nice combination.

  5. Melissa Morice says:

    I agree with the comment about Dzintra. She acted so ungreatful which really turned me off. I am sure she could have sucked it up and made her own dish. How embarrassing to just give up. Too much drama for not enough of a reason. I scratched my eye on a rosebush before while weeding. Yes it hurt and yes I did go to the ER where I was given some eyedrops for pain relief. It wasn't that big of a deal and had I had a major competition on the line I would have put on my big girl panties, finished up, and then gone to the ER.

    • Pamela says:

      About scratching your cornea...I too have done that and gone to ER. Got the drops and an eye patch, however, driving home was difficult as your vision is obstructed. I would bet the FN would not want any contestant or potential law suit from someone cutting themselves. I suspect liability wise any network covers themselves first. It is edited so we don't know the full story. I do not care for this woman either, and hope she is gone next week.

    • Chef Bee says:

      please refer to my comment for paulette, you holier than thou whiners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joan says:

      Meliisa, she wasn't allowed to touch the food because of the medicine they gave her. The way I show it, the Food Network insisted she go to the clinic. How can you fault her for that, show take off those big panties and have a little compassion.

  6. tom c says:

    The right one went home tonight? The right one will be going home the next 6 or 7 weeks. This season is sooooo disappointing. Who chooses these people? They should be fired.....

    • Kathy says:

      Tom...I thought the same thing last week!!!! This show is NOT "The making of the next Food Network Star" it is who's the next Food Network Star. Clearly if you can't do 2 things at the same time and entertain your audience you should of never been casted for the show. No one has shown they want to be the Next Food Network Star ......the cast looks like they all want to go home and could care less if they are chosen or not. I sure agree it is boring and appears we are attempting to be entertained by wanna be cooks who need to be corrected on their manners and personality. Rule #1...taste your excuse for this.

    • Lori says:

      I agree 100%. What I did on Sunday, was tune in for the last 8 minutes just to see who was sent home. I like Ari, Aarti, and Brad.

  7. Loranne says:

    I can't imagine Doreen as the Next Star. I felt very unconfortable with the thing that she does with her mouth when the judges are talking to her. Following her: Dzintra.

  8. carol says:

    I can't believe that Dzintra is still in the running! What a ditz!

  9. Chef Dave says:

    Dzinga is a Dzingbat. She's like Martha Stewart with an even less appealing personality. She will be gone next. Unless of course the ginger kid produces even more inedible food.....

  10. @thewvp says:

    Dear lord, please lose Serena. Her cooking seems lovely but I, and all of my friends who are loyal viewers, agree that we cannot watch this woman for another 5 minutes, let alone 5 years. If you see this, Bob, please take note. We cannot, for sure, pick a winner; it's only the 2nd week (although we're leaning towards Aria and Brad right now) but we definitely cannot handle another episode of this chatterbox who comes off fake.

    Thanks, Guys!

    A Very Loyal Viewer in Arizona...TLF

    • hollygreye says:

      While I agree with you, we must keep in mind that these shows were recorded weeks ago and the winner has already been chosen so the judges cannot eliminate people at the viewer's request. All decisions are already in the bag before the show even airs.

    • Chef Bee says:

      I agree I wish they would send her home and yes I know it is already decided who wins, I also wish they would take off Diva Brianna but all three judges plus Wolfgang Puck have all been enamoured with them especially Serena and she is so phony it makes me want to puke.

    • Lori says:

      I agree. I cannot understand Serena when she speaks and if this person would make it to a tv show, it's one that I would not watch.

      At the moment, I am in favor of Aarti, Aria and Brad.