A Quick Look Back

by in Behind the Scenes, Recap, June 4, 2010

Season 6 HopefulsWe're at the jumping off point for the all-new season of The Next Food Network Star. A new season means new finalists, new challenges, new recipes and ultimately, a new Food Network star. Everyone at the Food Network offices loves this time of year. It’s such an exciting time for everyone involved with the show.

But before we leap forward, let’s take a quick look back at the summer of 2009.

Jeffrey and MelissaOur Season 5 Star winner was none other than Melissa d'Arabian. She and Jeffrey Saad were the last two remaining finalists in the nail-biting season finale. As you well know, Melissa has gone on to host the hugely successful Ten Dollar Dinners and is shooting yet another season of the hit show as I type this. Jeffrey hasn't exactly left the Food family, himself. He has contributed heavily to our Cooking From the Pantry series on FoodNetwork.com.

Debbie LeeRemember Debbie Lee? Wow, she was quite the attention-getter. Some of you loved her, some of you loved to hate on her, but no matter your feelings, you couldn't help but talk about Debbie. If you want to catch up with her and all the other finalists from last season (and all the other seasons), check out our Where Are They Now? feature.

Who will be The Next Food Network Star for 2010 and have their life changed forever? I don’t know, but I'm excited to move forward and see!

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Comments (8)

  1. Jeane Bell says:

    So you gave Jeffrey Saad 5 moments as the spice smuggler and you call it "contributed heavily?"
    What a shame.
    His food and recipes are really exciting and I have tried all of the stuff on his blog.
    He deserves his own show because he just makes the food come alive.
    That's who I want to watch.

  2. luvcookin says:

    Yes, Jeffrey does make food come alive. I like both he and Melissa and would have watched a show from either one. I'd just as soon the FN get rid of funny boy Adam Gertler and put Jeffrey on. Maybe the new cooking channel will give him a show.

    And yes, Grant. I think we all remember Debbie Lee. Do you know that she's Korean and a liar?

  3. leila says:

    We want JEFFREY on food network. Nobody brings food to life like him. PLEASE GIVE HIM A SHOW.

  4. bonsall says:

    Hugely successful?? Are you kidding? I know no one who actually knows who she is - does she really have a show? And, if so, who cares.

  5. Grandma Joyce says:

    It will be interesting to see if the final two contestants command the same loyalty as Food Network viewers have felt for Melissa and/or Jeffrey. I enjoy Melissa's tips but Jeffrey makes my mouth water when he describes food, even with my tummy full !

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