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Katie’s Healthy Bites: What is Spirulina?

by in Uncategorized, August 27, 2011
What is spirulina, exactly?

With so many so-called super foods on the market it’s tough to decide which are worth shelling out some dough.  Here are a few facts on a funky green powder called spirulina; I think it’s worth at least a try!

What is spirulina?

It is an edible blue-green algae that is available in tablet, flake or powder form.

What nutrients and vitamins does it contain?

Spirulina is about  60% complete protein, which is a lot compared to about 25% in chicken or beef. It contains all the essential amino acids, and 10 non-essential ones. Ever wonder where fish get their fatty acids? Fish eat algae like spirulina which is rich in fatty acids, especially omega 3. Spirulina contains B complex vitamins including B-12 but there is insufficient evidence as to its bioavailability. Beta-carotene is also found in this super-cool supplement. Read more