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Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Smoked Paprika

by in Robin's Healthy Take, September 17, 2012

Think you don’t like Brussels sprouts? Robin Miller will win you over with her recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts coated with Parmesan cheese.

Robin’s Healthy Take: Frittata Fabulous

by in Robin's Healthy Take, March 3, 2012

Clean out the ‘fridge and make a healthy meal at the same time. Robin Miller’s artichoke and Parmesan frittata is fabulous for brunch or dinner.

Robin’s Healthy Take: Cold Days, Hot Soups

by in Robin's Healthy Take, February 6, 2012

Cold winter days call for bowls of bone-warming soups.Try Robin Miller’s caramelized onion soup, butternut squash soup or kale and white bean soup tonight.

Robin’s Healthy Take: Spice it Up

by in Robin's Healthy Take, December 5, 2011

Ever wonder what to do with those leftover spices in your spice rack? Things you bought for one recipe and haven’t used since? I’m talking about things like Chinese 5-spice, cardamom, star anise, coriander, marjoram, garam masala, tarragon and other unique, rarely used spices (rarely used in everyday American cooking, that is). I can helpRead more

Robin’s Healthy Take: Creamed Vegetables

by in Robin's Healthy Take, November 7, 2011

You don’t need loads of butter and cream to make creamy vegetables. Robin Miller’s recipes for creamed corn and spinach are creamy but not heavy.