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Robin’s Healthy Take: Roasted Garlic 101

by in Uncategorized, January 9, 2012
roasted garlic
Chunky Tomato Soup with Sweet Corn and Crispy Shallots

I adore roasted garlic – the roasting process takes some of the pungency out of the raw clove and adds a deep rich and sweet quality. There are many techniques for roasting garlic but I think the easiest is wrapping the whole (albeit halved), heads in foil and baking them until golden brown. Once the flesh is tender, you simply squeeze it from the papery skin and you’re off to the races. Try adding roasted garlic to vinaigrettes for another layer of flavor; stir roasted garlic into your favorite cheese fillings for baked ziti, stuffed shells and lasagna; or simply spread the heavenly puree on crackers and serve with cheese and fruit. I pulled two recipes from my latest cookbook, “Robin Takes 5” for this post because they both feature roasted garlic. Since all 500 recipes in the cookbook have 5 ingredients or less, each ingredient truly matters and roasted garlic comes to the party ready to deliver.

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