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Herb of the Month: Dill

by in Healthy Recipes, In Season, July 3, 2011
Liven up summer dishes without adding extra fat or calories with a few sprigs of green.

The Romans believed this herb was a symbol of good luck. This month we’re celebrating fresh and feathery dill.

Dill Basics
Also known as dill weed, you can identify this quick-growing herb by its soft feather-like leaves, sweet aroma and clean flavor. This green herb is very delicate so it’s best added to raw dishes or towards the end of cooking to preserve the flavor. Read more

Make Your Own Pickles

by in Healthy Recipes, July 28, 2010


Not sure what to do with those extra cukes sitting around? My grandma used to make batches of homemade pickles. We’d have jars lining the fridge shelves. Dill, spicy, sweet or sour — oh, the possibilities!

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Dill-lectable Delights

by in Uncategorized, June 7, 2010


For the past few weeks, I have been inspired by the herbs of the season and dill is one herb you shouldn’t miss. This fragrant, grassy herb looks elegant in my garden with its lacy feather-like leaves gracefully blowing in the wind.

Dill is well-known for the perfection it achieves when paired with a pickle, but this in-season herb has a variety of uses, from salads to sauces and pairings with proteins.

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5 Ingredients: Cucumber Salad

by in 5-Ingredient Recipes, July 2, 2009

After I made this dish last week, my 4-year old daughter requested “crunchy cucumbers” at every meal. Serve this light salad at this weekend’s July 4th cookout or bring it along on a summer picnic.

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