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This Week’s Nutrition News Feed

by in Food & Nutrition Experts, December 26, 2014

In this week’s news: Flavonoids found to be fab for women’s health; yoga may be your excuse to skip aerobics; and could you undo your holiday weight gain just by breathing?

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But I Just Want Some Chocolate!?!

by in Healthy Tips, April 12, 2010
Cheesecake Brownies
Cheesecake Brownies, Lightened Up

I admit it — I’m a full-fledged chocoholic! If there are treats on the table, I’ll always go for anything with chocolate. Fellow chocolate lovers, rejoice: Small amounts of the sweet stuff can easily be part of a healthy diet. Learn our tricks to satisfy your chocolate cravings without going overboard.

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Aisle by Aisle: Candy and Chocolates

by in Grocery Shopping, October 27, 2009

Yes, I’m a candy addict! But there’s a time and place for “junkie foods,” as I call them. Here’s a rundown on some of the popular candies and the best choices for snack bags, party favors or even Halloween trick or treaters.

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