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Robin’s Healthy Take: Fast, Fiery and Under $5

by in Robin's Healthy Take, February 17, 2011
Robin Miller Spicy Recipes Today Show Make this whole quick, spicy meal for less than $15.

Robin cooked up these healthy, budget-friendly recipes this morning on the Today Show!

When I was deciding what recipes to cook for my Today Show appearance, the producer suggested something “fast and fiery.” Since fast dishes are my mantra (Quick Fix Meals, anyone?) and making spicy dishes is simple, I challenged myself by making each dish for $5 or less. Not $5 per person, but five smackers each for a fabulous, four-serving main dish, side dish and dessert.

Even better, the ingredient lists are super-short and each dish comes together in a flash.  Here’s how you make this meal for dinner tonight.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Chocolate Treats 3 Ways

by in Robin's Healthy Take, February 11, 2011
Robin's Easy Chocolate Treats

I don’t need an excuse like Valentine’s Day to eat chocolate — I eat it every day (hey, it’s good for your heart.) But I definitely use the holiday as an excuse to make sweet treats for the people I love and care about.

I saw a new ad campaign this year that said something like, ‘It’s not ‘I love you, it’s I love us.'” What a great message to send! There’s no better way to show someone special how you feel than by making candies from scratch. I’m not talking about labor-intensive sweets that require a candy thermometer, patience and little room for error. I mean chocolate treats that are super-simple to make and can be customized for anyone and everyone. Check out my three favorites: truffles, chocolate bark and white chocolate haystacks.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Game-Day Chili

by in Robin's Healthy Take, February 3, 2011
Robin Miller's Turkey Chili

This Sunday is a BIG day in my house. My husband’s from the Pittsburgh suburbs, so you know what THAT means: Go Steelers!

I don’t really watch the game (I watch the commercials), but whether you’re glued to the screen or spend most of the time socializing with friends,  it’s the perfect excuse for good, hearty football food. A football game calls for CHILI in my book, and my friends love my turkey chili with black beans and corn.  I serve it alongside gooey mozzarella bread — here’s how you make this sure-fire game-day hit.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Make-Ahead Casseroles

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 28, 2011
Robin's Chicken Casserole

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for yourself, your family or a table of friends, life is easier when you can make a great dish in advance and refrigerate it for another day. It’s no secret I’m a prep-ahead gal, and I do it for two reasons: First, so that I’m not running around the kitchen at the last minute when people are already hungry and second, so I can relax and have a cocktail while dinner cooks.

Whatever your reason for cooking ahead, I’ve got a few recipes for make-ahead casseroles that you can enjoy any night of the week. Oh, and by the way, they’re super-nutritious and lower in calories and fat than their traditional counterparts because I’ve swapped a few ingredients here and there. Check ‘em out, then send me YOUR favorite fridge and freezer-friendly dishes.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Behold the Beets

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 20, 2011


It’s beet season, so let’s celebrate those vibrant, nutrient-dense roots! Don’t shy away from beets because you don’t like them pickled or don’t want stained hands (wear gloves.) I eat them straight from the oven after roasting, but there are countless ways to enjoy these roots and their greens. Here are some of my favorites, plus, find out why these roots are so good for you.

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Robin’s Fresh Take: Healthy Slow-Cooker Dinners

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 14, 2011
Robin's Slow-Cooker Mexican Chicken
Robin's Slow-Cooker Mexican Chicken

I don’t know what I would do without a slow-cooker this time of year. I can throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot in the morning (or even the night before) and dinner is ready 8 hours later.  And, if I’m not ready, (if soccer runs late or homework takes too long) the meal stays warm and waits for us.  Plus, when it’s cold outside, there’s no question an aromatic, one-pot feast warms your heart and soul. Here are my favorite healthy slow-cooker recipes.

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Robin’s Tips: How to Eat Better

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 7, 2011
Robin Miller Live Chat
Robin chatted with us about her shortcuts for healthy eating.

We chatted live with Robin Miller today on our Twitter page about quick, healthy meals, tasty ways to eat fruits and veggies and more. Missed the live chat? See the questions and Robin’s answers here.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: 5-Ingredient, 20-Minute Pastas

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 7, 2011

Robin's Easy Healthy Pastas
Robin's Quick, Healthy Pastas

The holidays can be stressful, but I find the first week of January equally demanding.  Everything seems to go from 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds: My boys are back in school (a little reluctantly) and everyone’s back at work.  Since I’m dashing around catching up with everything, I like to have some quick, healthy recipes in my back pocket.  These 3 pasta recipes have 5 ingredients, less than 500 calories and are ready less than 30 minutes.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: New Year, New Pantry

by in Robin's Healthy Take, January 1, 2011

produce pantry cabinet

Does the “New Year, New You” theme ever get old?  Apparently not.  Let’s face it, we all want to start a new year off right, so we resolve to eat better, exercise more, be nicer, take more vacations, whatever.  There are an infinite number of resolutions out there, but as a nutritionist, the resounding one I hear every year is the same: “How can I eat better?”  Here are my straightforward, easy-to-follow tips and healthy pantry essentials.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Last-Minute Appetizers

by in Healthy Holidays, Robin's Healthy Take, December 24, 2010

Caprese Tartlets and Stuffed Peppers
Caprese Tartlets and Stuffed Peppers

Looking for hostess gift for a holiday party? Or are you hosting your own gathering and need quick, easy nosh ideas? I was just faced with an impromptu gathering at my house and needed refreshments for a hungry crowd. Here are 5 festive ways to feed your friends and family, fast.

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