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Robin’s Healthy Take: 2 Chickens, 4 Dinners

by in Robin's Healthy Take, May 2, 2011
Robin Miller Rotisserie Chicken Dinner
Robin's Quick Chicken Dinners

This week I realized that my local supermarket not only sold hot rotisserie chickens, they also sold them chilled and cut up (into 8 pieces.) They were also on sale, so it was a no-brainer: I snatched the last two! Pre-roasted chickens are perfect for busy weeknights, because they’re fully cooked and super-lean when you dodge the skin. So, what did I create with the chopped chicken? Get 4 of my best chicken recipes after the jump.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Get Creative With Easter Leftovers

by in Robin's Healthy Take, April 25, 2011
Robin's post-Easter feast

When I cook for holidays, I always have loads of leftovers. I actually plan it that way, because I like revamping tasty ingredients into completely new dishes. After Easter, it’s mostly ham and hard-boiled eggs (and most of the eggs have multicolored whites from the dye)! Since both don’t stay fresh for more than about 3 days in the fridge, I get to morphing pretty darn quick! Check out my favorites.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Pasta Primavera 3 Ways

by in Robin's Healthy Take, April 14, 2011
Pasta Primavera: Simple Ingredients, Endless Possibilities

Primavera is a pasta dish loaded with vegetables, but that’s where the rules end: The noodles can be long, short, twisted or tubular and the vegetables can be anything from broccoli rabe and bell peppers to yellow squash and wild mushrooms. Today I’ve given you three of my favorite pasta-and-veggie combinations — something for every craving.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Spring Chicken Dinners

by in Robin's Healthy Take, April 8, 2011
Robin Miller Spring Chicken Recipe
Robin's Healthy Chicken Dinners - Recipes Below!

When hungry cooks scour the Internet for dinner recipes, two of the words most frequently keyed into search boxes are “chicken” and “healthy.” It’s not surprising, considering chicken is easy to work with, family-friendly and affordable, and most of us try to eat healthy most of the time. Today I’m giving you fast and fabulous chicken dinners, spruced up with fresh spring produce.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: 20-Minute Spring Dinners

by in Robin's Healthy Take, March 31, 2011
Robin's quick dinners, clockwise from left: Asparagus-Shrimp Pizza, Chicken Fried Rice, Spaghetti With Fennel and Tomatoes

Even though temps are still pretty low in some parts of the country, there’s no doubt we all have spring fever. After harsh winters, we long for sunny days and the floral aroma of spring. And we crave spring produce — I’m ready for a bounty of fresh apricots, artichokes, asparagus, chives, fennel, leeks, scallions, peas, strawberries, rhubarb and watercress.  These simple ring-in-spring meals celebrate the freshest produce, and are on the table in just 20 minutes!

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Robin’s Healthy Take: March Madness Munchies

by in Robin's Healthy Take, March 24, 2011
Robin's Parmesan Chicken Fingers

So what if your bracket is busted? You can still cheer along your favorite teams, old and new, with these snacks by your side. These crowd-pleasing appetizers are lighter than your average party food, but still packed full of flavor. Enjoy the games and, more importantly, the munchies!!

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Cooking With Beer

by in Robin's Healthy Take, March 17, 2011

Flavor up dinner with a splash of your favorite brew. Image courtesy Food Network Magazine.

Depending on your age, St. Patrick’s Day has different meanings.  For my kids, it means dressing up in green, eating green scrambled eggs for breakfast and drinking green water. When I was single and living in Philadelphia, it meant jumping on a drinking bus and hopping from Irish bar to Irish bar all day long. Now, I enjoy watching my kids celebrate while I find creative ways to cook with beer! Beer lends a wonderful depth to all kinds of dishes, and it’s a super-affordable way to spruce up a meal. Check out some of my favorites.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Better Brown-Bag Lunches

by in Back to School, Healthy Recipes, Kid-Friendly, Robin's Healthy Take, March 10, 2011
Robin's Go-To Brown Bag Foods
Robin's Go-To Brown Bag Foods

I love packing lunch for my two boys every day. It’s a little part of me that I send in a brown bag (actually, a thermal lunch bag.) It like to imagine them opening lunch to find my surprises.  These are my favorite simple, healthy foods to pack up, plus, my easy prep and planning tips.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: 5 Great Grapefruit Recipes

by in Robin's Healthy Take, March 4, 2011


I have a grapefruit tree in my backyard.  Since I’m an east coast girl who now lives in Arizona, I find it hard to believe I have citrus growing in my yard!  It’s awesome.  And the tree produces a TON of fruit: Even after I give dozens of the sweet-tart gems away to my neighbors, I still have more than I can handle.

It’s no different in the produce department these days — the grapefruit look amazing and after you buy a bunch, you need to find creative uses beyond eating them with a spoon a breakfast.  Since grapefruit is brimming with vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) make sure you include the treat in your weekly menu.  Check out my super healthy ideas for pizza, lobster salad, vinaigrette, a hearty side dish and even dessert.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: 3 Fast, Comforting Soups

by in Robin's Healthy Take, February 24, 2011

Robin's Fire-Roasted Tomato, Coconut Lentil and Noodle-Miso Soups
Robin's Fire-Roasted Tomato, Coconut Lentil and Noodle-Miso Soups

Thank goodness spring is just around the corner!  Even though I live in a warm climate, I travel a lot and, like most of you, I’ve battled some pretty fierce weather this winter. Yes, the sledding at my parents’ house in PA was awesome, but at 15 degrees, my boys and I didn’t last very long.

Frequent breaks by the fire helped, as did hot bowls of soup. My mom’s an awesome cook and she makes a pretty mean soup, but she’s an “empty-nester” with much more time on her hands. Since I want good soup in a hurry, I created 3 soups with loads of flavor and comfort and just 5 ingredients. There’s one for every palate (or 3 different nights.)

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