Bobby Flay Fit: A Letter From Bobby


bobby flay

Dear Food Network Fan,

I want to personally welcome Food Network fans to the first-ever fitness programming on The whole seven-part series will take you less time than watching a 30-minute television program, and the results could help change the way you feel about yourself forever. There’s no magic to my fit lifestyle — I’m careful about how much I eat, when I eat and what I eat. I work out as much as I can, even with the busy lifestyle of a chef. I don’t follow a diet or cut entire food groups out; I just use common sense to nourish myself while still enjoying eating and drinking as an important part of my life. I had an amazing time shooting this series and I hope to do more. All I ask of you is to follow it for seven days. If you like my philosophy, go on to the next day and on and on. No pressure, no quick fixes. Just slow, steady progress that won’t become an obsession; it will become you!

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