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Robin’s Healthy Take: Last-Minute Appetizers

by in Healthy Holidays, December 24, 2010

Caprese Tartlets and Stuffed Peppers
Caprese Tartlets and Stuffed Peppers

Looking for hostess gift for a holiday party? Or are you hosting your own gathering and need quick, easy nosh ideas? I was just faced with an impromptu gathering at my house and needed refreshments for a hungry crowd. Here are 5 festive ways to feed your friends and family, fast.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Get Creative With Clementines

by in Uncategorized, December 16, 2010

Robin Miller Clementines
Bags of clementines are hitting the market -- get yours today!

‘Tis the season!  I cherish this time of year: from decorating to hosting holiday feasts for friends and family. But since I’ve got a tendency towards all things culinary, I also love the switcharoo in the produce department. Suddenly the citrus area looks all shiny and new.  It’s time to celebrate citrus!  And nothing screams “HOLIDAYS!” like the arrival of clementines, those juicy little vitamin C-packed gems that come in big bags and crates.

I used to think, “These are perfect for the boys’ snacks and school lunch bags,” but since SO MANY come in a bag or crate, I’ve gotten creative with other ways to enjoy them.  And boy do we enjoy them in my house.  Where I live, they call them “Cuties.” You’ll not only think they’re cute, you’ll love these new ways to eat them for breakfast, dinner and dessert.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Crazy for Cranberries

by in Uncategorized, December 9, 2010

dried cranberries

For me, the holidays have officially arrived when fresh cranberries hit the produce department. The canned, dried and juiced versions are available year-round, but the fresh berries charm store shelves in late fall and early winter. These nutritional powerhouses aren’t just for cranberry sauce — here are my favorite ways to use them.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Rotisserie Chicken to the Rescue!

by in Uncategorized, December 3, 2010
A rotisserie chicken can be the start of many easy dinners, from empanadas to sautes to soups.

How awesome is the smell of rotisserie chicken? My grocery store roasts ‘em right up front, so I can smell the caramelized bird the minute I walk through the doors!  I always think, “What can I do with that chicken tonight?”

Rotisserie chickens are a great dinner shortcut year-round, but they’re especially perfect for this time of year, when half my brain is focused on cooking while the other half is making holiday to-do lists.  But I don’t slam the chicken on a plate, add a veggie and call it a day — I get creative by incorporating the meat into a stellar meal for four.  Here are some of my favorites.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Lovin’ Leftovers

by in Uncategorized, November 26, 2010
Robin's Pumpkin Parfaits

My passion for creating the ultimate Thanksgiving feast is rivaled only by my quest for making stellar meals with the leftovers. We moved to Arizona six years ago, and now my extended family is more than 2,000 miles away and can’t visit for Thanksgiving every year. I used to prepare a huge spread for a big crowd, and now it’s just the four of us. Funny thing is, I still buy a 20 pound turkey, tons of yams, potatoes and peas, and all the fixings for two pies, one pumpkin and one apple. All that for FOUR people, two of which are under the age of nine!

Crazy? No!  I do it because I adore leftovers.  But I go beyond turkey sandwiches in my house — here are my favorite with-a-twist leftover ideas.

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Robin’s Healthy Take: Reconsider Cabbage

by in Uncategorized, November 19, 2010


When it comes to cabbage, think outside the slaw. It’s incredibly versatile, boasts nutritional muscle and when prepared properly (read: not overcooked), it’s delicious. Plus, good news for the quick cook: Sliced cabbage is ready in just four minutes! Can’t say that about many foods, right?

Find out why you should eat more cabbage, and get new ways to add cabbage to weeknight meals. Plus, my favorite holiday cabbage recipe.

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Robin’s Fresh Take: All About Yams

by in Uncategorized, November 11, 2010

sweet potatoes

Now that it’s November, I’m ready to, ahem, yam it up. We typically think of this root vegetable during the cool months and holiday season, but yams are sweet, nutrient-packed and available year-round. Learn all about this superstar veggie and my favorite ways to serve it. Plus: What’s the difference between sweet potatoes and yams?

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