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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Make Your Own Nut Butters

by in Uncategorized, February 20, 2011
Almond Butter Apples
Almond Butter Apples - Photo Courtesy Food Network Magazine

I love peanut butter! If you’re a fanatic like me, you’ll love how quick, simple, creative and healthy making your own nut butters can be. Homemade nut butters are preservative-free and packed with heart-healthy fats. They are a versatile ingredient that’s both filling and delicious. Smear these nut butters on a cracker, a slice of apple or crusty whole grain bread or blend it into your favorite recipe.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Have a Steamy Chinese New Year

by in Uncategorized, February 2, 2011
Alton's Vegetarian Dumplings
Alton's Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings

This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 3 and goes on for 15 days. Why not celebrate by using one of my favorite healthy kitchen tools, the bamboo steamer?  Steaming is a gentle, healthy cooking process that preserves nutrients and locks in flavor, texture, color and moisture, and this traditional cooking technique is the perfect way to make dumplings, flavorful veggies and more. Here’s how to use it, plus recipes to try.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Mindful Eating

by in Uncategorized, January 23, 2011

mindful eating

When I meet with clients, I always talk about mindful eating. Mindful eating is the exact opposite of eating while driving, watching TV, gobbling the leftovers on your kid’s plates and taking a nibble every time you walk into the kitchen or pass a plate of goodies.

Instead, think before you put that second cookie or extra helping of pasta on your plate. Use these tips to become more mindful of what you eat to prevent overeating and help form a healthy relationship with food.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Winter Salads

by in Uncategorized, January 17, 2011
Winter Greens
Tyler's Green Salad With Walnut-Pear Vinaigrette

Salads aren’t just for summer — there are plenty of ways to glorify your greens throughout the winter. Salads are a fun, colorful and creative way consume a diverse number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essentials for a healthy you! Create your own savvy salads using this winter salad ingredient key, or take a bite of favorite salads from Food Network chefs.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Cooking Under Pressure

by in Uncategorized, January 9, 2011
Pressure Cooker Risotto
With a pressure cooker's help, this risotto is on the table in just 10 minutes. Image courtesy Food Network Magazine

I used to stare at pressure cookers in the home goods stores, questions flurrying:  What would I do with that?  Would I even use it?  Well, I finally bit the bullet and added one to my kitchen lineup, and, to my surprise it’s become a favorite tool and a busy life saver!  So if you’re asking yourself if you want one…the answer is, YES!

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: 5 Healthy Addictions For 2011

by in Uncategorized, January 2, 2011

diet and exercise

When is comes to making New Year’s resolutions, I often find my clients choose unrealistic goals that then lead to disappointment and a sense of failure. This year, do it differently:  Develop healthy, achievable “addictions” that promote long-term lifestyle changes.  No disappointment, just new experiences!

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Discover Garam Masala

by in Uncategorized, December 12, 2010
Garam Masala Rice
Basmati Rice Pilaf With Garam Masala

Garam masala is an Indian term meaning “hot spice,” though it isn’t actually a spice itself. It’s a dry spice mixture comprised of up to 12 spices. If you haven’t sampled this sweet-spicy blend, here’s the scoop on versatile garam masala, and how to incorporate it into your favorite dishes.

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12 Days of Healthy Holiday Gifts: Flavored Vinegar

by in Uncategorized, December 5, 2010
Flavored Vinegar

We’re serving up fresh healthy gift ideas every day from now until December 12. Catch up on the previous gifts here.

I start brainstorming holiday gifts for friends and family almost as soon as Thanksgiving ends!  I love to use my culinary inspiration to create handmade gifts for loved ones, and this year I am making flavored vinegars. The fun thing about flavored vinegars is that they are super simple, so you can literally make each one personalized for the recipient and their tastes without a lot of hassle.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: Cut 100 Calories During the Holidays

by in Uncategorized, November 30, 2010
Dip With Chicken Fingers and Veggies
Swap part of the mayo or sour cream in dips for Greek yogurt and save at least 100 calories.

Thanksgiving is over, and that means the holiday season is in full swing. Hectic schedules, holiday baking and a few too many treats leave many people a few pounds heavier come January 1, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 5 simple ways to cut 100 calories during the holidays.

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Katie’s Healthy Bites: 5 Super-Simple Turkey Preparations

by in Uncategorized, November 21, 2010
Turkey With Herbes De Provence
Turkey With Herbes De Provence

You don’t have to deep-fry your turkey to give your turkey that wow factor — instead, look to herbs and spices.  Here are 5 marinades and rubs to add a healthy dose of flavor to your Thanksgiving feast.

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