7 Vegetarian Summer Party Dishes

by in Healthy Recipes, May 24, 2014

stuffed cherry tomatoes
Even if summer isn’t officially here, it’s fair to say Memorial Day marks the beginning of the backyard food-fest season. Whether you’re a host or a guest, make this your motto: No vegetarian left behind!

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (above, from Food Network Magazine)
Start the party off right with these one-bite wonders, which come together in 20 minutes. Feta-stuffed cherry tomatoes take a quick turn in the broiler to get the cheese soft and slightly charred before getting drizzled with olive oil.

Garden Potato Salad
A summer barbecue wouldn’t be complete without potato salad. In this healthier spin on a classic, veggies steal the show. Carrots, celery and cucumber are tossed with red-skinned potatoes in a zippy homemade dressing.
potato salad

Jalapeno-Lime Corn on the Cob
The perfect match for smoky grilled corn? A spicy jalapeno-lime butter. 
lime corn

Asian Red Cabbage Slaw with Peanuts
Forget everything you know about coleslaw. Here, thinly sliced red cabbage is tossed in an Asian-inspired sauce that combines peanut butter, spicy mustard and sesame oil with soy sauce, ginger and honey.
asian slaw

Carrot, Date and Feta Salad
This colorful dish is sure to impress. Thinly sliced carrots create beautiful, pasta-like ribbons, while olive oil, cilantro and honey combine with feta cheese, almonds and dates for a flavorful sauce.
carrot salad

Grilled Portobello Burger with Onion Jam
Who needs beef when you can get all the rich, juicy flavor you crave in this meatless version of a burger? Grilled Portobello mushrooms get topped with a sweet onion jam flavored with thyme, honey and red wine. 
portobello burger

Barbecued Tofu
Here, the versatile, vegetarian staple is simmered with garlic, onions, bell pepper and celery in a barbecue sauce laced with curry. Cooking it all over the grill adds the requisite smoky flavor.


Abigail Libers is a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn. She is also the creator and editor of notesonfatherhood.tumblr.com.

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