Giada’s 5 Stay-Fit Strategies

by in Healthy Tips, January 18, 2014

She skips the gym!

Giada is definitely fit, but not from running. “The idea of being strapped to a treadmill every day is my worst nightmare,” she says. She takes walks on the beach, does an hour of yoga most mornings and paddleboards in the Pacific Ocean with her husband, Todd.

She puts olive oil on her face.

One of Giada’s favorite ingredients is also one of her beauty secrets: She mixes olive oil with white rice flour and uses it as a nighttime exfoliating paste. Plus, she regularly rubs olive oil into her hair and scalp to keep her locks shiny.

There’s chocolate in her purse.

Giada always carries a little dark chocolate with her for an occasional treat. She also totes a mini pantry of healthful snacks: almonds, trail mix, agave nectar (to sweeten her coffee when she’s on the go) and green tea bags.

She goes rogue in restaurants.

When Giada eats out, she often picks two appetizers instead of an appetizer and a main course. And when she orders salad, she sometimes asks for olive oil and lemon wedges to make her own dressing right at the table.

She snacks from the freezer.

Giada stashes sweet treats in the freezer because “they take a while to melt in your mouth,” she says. “You can savor the sweetness longer.” Some of her favorites: peppermint patties, sliced bananas and chocolate chips.

Find more tips and recipes in Giada’s Feel Good Food (Clarkson Potter).

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  3. Berdj Joseph Rassam says:

    I think Giada has it all figured out – looks like it works for her!

  4. Chef Art says:

    She's definitely not eating what she makes on TV

  5. D.Most says:

    Hard to keep the weight ideal in the present day as a result of what he introduced nutrition experts from new techniques in nutrition as they called junk food which is often composed of high-calorie unneeded us in the time that has spread the methods of the comfort of the means of quick transport in an era characterized by fast tempo, even in food intake

  6. @NarniaNitro says:

    A chef I worked for once told me to never trust a skinny chef.

    • Jason says:

      lol. i've heard that as well. Makes me wonder. She's got to be one of the few, if not the only personality on the network not to have gained pounds after seasons of work.

  7. kmungo1 says:

    not to be weird but I want to know what kind of bras she wears, her boobs always look fantastic, I'm jealous! also, I think she just has that metabolism where she can eat whatever she wants (in moderation) and stay thin.

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