New Study: Kids Eat More Veggies With Dip

by in Healthy Recipes, Kid-Friendly, June 26, 2013

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If you’re looking to up your kids’ veggie intake, read this! A new study found that serving vegetables alongside dip leads to munching on more veggies. Interestingly, kids were also found to prefer dips flavored with herbs and spices over plain, more bland dips.

The Study
A 2013 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that adding herbs or spices to a reduced-fat dip increased a child’s willingness to eat veggies. The portion-controlled 3 ½ tablespoon dips served to the kids had 50 calories, 4 grams of fat and 90 milligrams of sodium.

Pre-school children ages 3 to 5 years told researchers from the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at Pennsylvania State University that they liked veggies when paired with a favorite flavored dip compared to eating a veggie without a dip or with a plain dip. Thirty-one percent of kids liked a veggie alone while 64% liked a veggie when it was served with their favorite dip. In addition, 6% of kids refused the vegetable when served with a flavored dip as compared with 18% who refused the veggie when served without any dip.
During a second experiment, researchers found that kids ate significantly more of a previously rejected or disliked veggie when it was offered with a favorite reduced-fat herb dip compared to when it was offered alone.

Dip Recipes To Try
Dips are pretty quick to prepare and you can do so a day or two in advance. Make a colorful crudité platter by cutting up veggies like carrots, celery, squash, cucumbers, red bell peppers and broccoli and have it ready to go when the kids need a snack.

TELL US: Do your kids like to dip?

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  2. christy says:

    I watch your show and go online to get recipe off your site. I am No longer going to do so. Your company is judging Paula Dean for something that she admitted to and apologize for. Your company has No right to judge her. Foodnet work has Shown that this is a unforgiving and is a predujustice company. She did not work for Foodnet work when this happen. This happen a long time ago.

    I truly feel that Foodnet work should have stood by her side. Foodnet work is a predjustice and judgmental company…the world should know this!

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    Everyone I know is boycotting your entire "network" and your advertisers , too due to your poor treatment of Paula Deen.

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    Shame on Food Network. How many more apologies can Paula make before people forgive her. We have all made mistakes in our life. I find it interesting that we can forgive other celebrities and policiticians for the stuff that they have done. I bet if the tables were turned it would be different outcome to this situation.

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    You are simply wrong to do this. My family regularly watches foodnetwork because it's wholesome TV. But, your values no longer reflect mine. You fired your valued and loved employee — family member, really — for the sake of ratings. (Don't further insult us by intimating that it was the principle of the thing…) My family – and most of those to whom I've spoken – have done the same to you. We rate you poorly — lack of loyalty, lack of respect, lack of forgiveness…I would hate to let my kids into your world anymore.

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    What you did to Paula Deen was wrong! I will no longer support your company.

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    Lile Paula said – "he who casts the first stone – – – -"

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