Recipe Spotlight: Lightened-Up Banana Pudding

by in Cookies & Other Desserts, Healthy Recipes, June 21, 2013

banana pudding

Banana pudding is a classic dessert made by layering vanilla pudding with wafer cookies, loads of fluffy whipped cream and of course, bananas. After a few hours (or a night) in the refrigerator, the pudding and whipped cream soften the cookies and they become cake-like and infused with banana flavor. Banana pudding is creamy, cool, comforting and indulgent — maybe a little too indulgent. If you love the flavors of banana pudding but don’t want a calorie overload, you can still enjoy this dessert classic with this Food Network Kitchen’s lighter banana pudding. It’s made with homemade vanilla pudding made with low-fat milk, that has all the creaminess you expect thanks to a few tablespoons of sour cream stirred in at the end. Use reduced-fat vanilla wafer cookies, and be sure your bananas are very ripe so they’ll impart the strongest banana flavor possible.

Try it This Weekend: Lightened Up Banana Pudding

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  2. MARY MUCCI says:


  3. Mary kowalsky says:

    I don't watch Paula Deen nor do I use any of her recipes BUT…to fire her..ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! Who the hell are you to judge anyone. She's not the first nor the last to say what she should be able say..right or wrong…this is the United States of AMERICA…ENOUGH with this PC crap..

    • D.W. and C. Jenkins says:

      Food Network, Paula Deen is nothing more than a fine southern lady telling the truth. If she had said that she had never said the N word you crazies would have called her a liar. This country is heading for a total melt down with all of this BULL CRAP . I don`t ever intend to watch Food Network again because Food Network has no backbone.!!!!!!!!

  4. Sue Wilson says:

    Really Food Network. True the word shouln't be used; however, I imagine most people, especially in Paul Deen's age category (which I'm up further on the list and haven't used the word) has used that word at least once in their lifetime. GOODBYE FOOD NETWORK!!!!! Plenty other food channels and websites to go too!!!! Wish I could delete your channel from my cable. But we don't have the capability to choose which channels to watch……won't be Food Network. BYE!!!!!!

  5. T Keyes says:

    Too bad. Paula is probably the only one I watch faithfully. Her recipes are the best and easiest. Everyone makes mistakes, her apology was sincere and you should not punish us by not letting her do her recipes. Let's face it, we all have done things long ago that we regret. You don't see record companies cutting their contracts with rappers! Ridiculous!!

  6. NMGigi says:

    Good Bye Food network. She was the only show worth watching on the reality TV cooking network. All other shows are crap and an insult to intelligent people. I have heard worse said by many others on this network and I don't hear any apology from them. You let her go, and I am done with you

  7. W. F, Reno,NV says:

    This is pretty sad, let he (or she) who is without sin,cast the first stone. Maybe someone else will pick up Paula, that being said, I humbly would step into Food Network as a replacement. I have been cooking since I was nine,and would love a shot at it…I can run cooking circles around a lot of these people…

  8. Tony says:


  9. D. Myers says:

    Where are all of Paula's fellow chefs comments on her totally unfair and ridiculous firing by Food Network executives. Don't any of you stick up for each other, especially in this case. You should have all lined up beside her and told the Executives they might as well fire all of you too. Well, except for those among you who have never, ever used a racial slur.

  10. mona says:

    You idiots bring Paula Deen back and issue her a apology. She has a very large fan base and has made you alot of money. Listen to rap music every other word uses the N word. Does any one drop them from their label? NO. I do not condone the N word but people this is insane.

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