If You Like: Ellie’s Buffalo Chicken Salad, You’ll Love . . .

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buffalo chicken salad
When I’m cooking the same dish multiple times a week, I know it’s time to find new recipes. This can be difficult because sometimes I don’t have the energy to find new healthy recipes and sometimes I don’t have the time to try out these recipes — I know that I can have my favorite recipes on the table quickly so it’s easiest to defer to those. If you’re facing the same problem, I’ve taken the hard work out the endeavor for you; if Buffalo chicken wings, or Ellie’s healthier Buffalo chicken salad, have become a weekly staple in your house, here are a few new healthy recipes to try.

If You Like: Ellie’s Buffalo Chicken Salad (above)

Ellie’s healthier twist on Buffalo chicken guards the original flavors of creamy blue cheese, cool and crunchy celery and classic Buffalo wings while also keeping a check on the calories and fat content. It’s also an easy recipe to prepare ahead of time for guests.

Why Not Try: Lightened-Up Mac and Cheese
Picture of Lightened-Up Mac and Cheese Recipe

If you love your comfort food, but also want to up your healthy quotient, this mac and cheese is for you. Even though this recipe uses low-fat cheeses to keep its calorie and fat count reasonable, it stays delicious and creamy thanks to a mix of mozzarella, Swiss, and Parmesan cheeses, as well a handful of fresh herbs.

Get the recipe: Lightened-Up Mac and Cheese




Picture of Panko-Crusted Chicken and Crudites with Blue Cheese Dip Recipe

Panko-Crusted Chicken and Crudites with Blue Cheese Dip

If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to chicken wings for a casual get-together, this recipe is it. Instead of deep-frying wings, you’ll coat chicken tenders in panko and cayenne, then bake for a healthy crunch. The perfect accompaniment is a lower-fat blue cheese dip – and lots of raw veggies.

Get the recipe: Panko-Crusted Chicken and Crudites with Blue Cheese Dip




Picture of Skirt Steak With Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe

Skirt Steak with Roasted Root Vegetables

If you’re more the meat-and-potatoes type, why not try this simple and quick twist with marinated steak and roasted carrots and parsnips, all deliciously infused with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and rosemary? A more satisfying and balanced dinner couldn’t come together easier.  

Get the recipe: Skirt Steak with Roasted Root Vegetables


Tell Us: What new recipes have you tried recently to break out of your routine?

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