Build A Better Frozen Yogurt Sundae

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Is a loaded frozen yogurt sundae your idea of a healthy treat? Watch out! Here’s what to know before you hit up one of those super-popular frozen yogurt bars.

Portion Distortion
Think about the weight of your frozen treat or your waistline may pay the price. The flavor options can be overwhelming, but simple is best. A 3.5-ounce portion of original tart frozen yogurt has 100 calories. The same amount of a chocolate or peanut butter-based flavor 150 to 170 calories. How big is the cup you typically order? Do the math and use small cups to avoid a calorie overload.

From kids’ breakfast cereals and nuts, to cookies and candy, fro-yo shacks have all types of unique toppings to choose from. One ounce of fresh fruit has just 10 to 20 calories, but an ounce of chocolate chips or cheesecake bites will have 4 or 5 times that.

There might even be a few toppings you’ve never heard of. Bursting balls of sugar liquid called bobas (which are very appealing to my 3 ½ year old) have 35 calories each. Mochi, chunks of sweeten rice cake, have 120 calories per ounce. Be careful or you’ll scoop your way to the dentist chair thanks to all those sugary calories.

There are also food safety concerns to keep in mind. If the topping bar is self-serve, make sure your hands and serving utensils are clean before diving.

Save more calories with these healthy fro-yo swaps.

Healthy How-To
The local frozen yogurt shop can be a figure-friendly summer retreat if you follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t get carried away by all the choices – look at the menu online and make your choice ahead of time
  • Order a small or child-sized cup
  • Opt for plain or vanilla-based flavors
  • Make sure the topping area is clean and well-organized
  • Pick fresh fruit or small spoonfuls of high-calorie toppers

Tell Us: How do you build a sensible sundae?


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