Gina Neely’s Slim-Down

by in Diets & Weight Loss, February 15, 2013

gina neely
Gina Neely, co-host (along with her husband, Pat) of Down Home with the Neelys, and co-owner of three barbecue restaurants, made a few lifestyle changes recently that helped her shed 20 pounds (in 12 weeks!). How did she do it? She stresses that she didn’t go on a diet (no one likes that word, especially Gina), but rather made easy, yet, important changes to her lifestyle. She loves burgers, but now chooses turkey burgers. She makes sure she doesn’t skip breakfast and starts her day with a hearty morning meal of maple oatmeal with raisins. And she added exercise to her daily routine — strength training and walking extra steps using a pedometer.

One of the biggest changes Gina made is how she cooks for her and her family. Instead of less-healthy cooking methods like frying, Gina uses her George Foreman Grill to grill burgers, sandwiches, shrimp, chicken and quesadillas. And she didn’t do it alone — Gina joined a community of folks dedicated to a healthier lifestyle in the George Foreman Grill Weight Loss Challenge.

Gina’s Tips for Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes:

Limit the fried food and grill instead. Try an indoor grill or a grill pan during colder months.

Keep healthy snacks in your purse or bag so they’re on-hand when hunger strikes. At home, Gina likes to snack on apple slices with peanut butter.

When dining out or at a buffet, fill your plate with colorful or green leafy things.

Make yourself a priority. Healthy changes may take extra time, but you’re worth it.

Put exercise time on your calendar so you’re not tempted to skip it.

Wear a pedometer to track your steps (see if you can get in a few more each day).

Gina Neely’s Healthy Recipes:

Chicken Taco Salad
Green Beans With Lemon and Garlic
Kale Chips
Homemade Applesauce
Mexican Brown Rice Casserole
Hearty Winter Greens Saute
Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Gina’s George Foreman Grill Recipes

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  1. Connie says:

    Gina, I'm sorry to be negative, but I think you lost too much weight! Your face is too skinny and it makes you look older! I think you looked so much better before!

    • Mapule says:

      I saw Gina tonight for the first time in a long time when they appeared on "Wife Swap". I was shocked at her appearance! For me her face resembles that of someone who has lost weight after having gastric bypass surgery, as opposed to simply losing weight by exercising and eating right. I am a big fan of the Neely's and actually really miss their show, however I feel that Gina looked much better before this "extreme" weight loss. Before I considered her to have the most beautiful skin and hair, but now she appears to have aged. Gina just continue to be yourself. Having good eating habits and exercise as a part of your routine is a good thing, but I would submit that not all of us are meant to be a size 0. For me you are a beatiful person no matter what size you are, but I submit that you could stand to put on a few pounds now, and I hope to see some resemblance to the old Gina in the near future. Wishing the Neely's continued success.

  2. Lawrene says:

    I have always loved your cooking. I admire that a southenr cook has been able to lose weight. You look awesome!

  3. Christina says:

    Saw her on the plane back to Memphis yesterday and she.looks.awesome!! She looked like a young, hip 20-year old :) The Neely's are so down-to-earth and extremely nice!!

  4. Dee says:

    I did see Gina on wife Swap, hopefully you are doing well, not to sound negative, just when you change your look for you , change to a short cute hair style, stay away from the shiny lip gloss, that takes the attention off what else is going on. The best to you and your family and make it back to the top☆☆☆☆

  5. Nancy says:

    I found this online cookbook that really helped me. It has great and delicious recipes that i would recommend to everyone!

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