Bobby Flay Fit Episode 7: Overview — Have Fun

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Bobby Flay Fit Bobby Flay manages to stay fit and healthy even with a busy lifestyle as a chef, and he’s eager to share his healthy eating and fitness plan with fans in a seven-part Web series, Bobby Flay Fit.


The focus of Episode 7 of Bobby Flay Fit is having fun: Take some time to relax and have fun; finding a balance will help you keep up your healthy habits.

In the final episode, Bobby recaps his tips: Moderation, motivation, mixing it up, discipline, inspiration and support. His last tip is just to have fun. Work hard, train hard and make good choices. Then take one day a week and enjoy it all.

Takeaways from Bobby Flay Fit:

Episode 1: Motivation
Want it: It feels good to push yourself and that good feeling will motivate you to continue.

Episode 2: Moderation
Portion control: Don’t deprive yourself of the things your body needs and the foods you like, but calories really do matter. Try eating 25% less and see how you feel.

Episode 3: Mix It Up
Change Up Your Workout: Try new things to keep yourself from falling into an exercise rut. But remember, enthusiasm is key, and so is safety. Get advice from someone who knows before starting a new activity.

Episode 4: Discipline
It’s All About the Choices You Make: Little bites add up. Avoid mindless eating and make sure you have plenty of healthful snacks on hand.

Episode 5: Get Inspired
Do What You Like: Pick activities and exercises that you really like to do. If it’s something you enjoy doing, you’ll do it a lot more and you’ll have great results. Try taking a class; the camaraderie will inspire you to stick with it.

Episode 6: Get Support
Find a Workout Buddy: Exercise with a friend who has some of the same goals that you have so you can push each other to achieve your goals. The same goes for your healthy eating goals — cook with a friend as a fun, healthy activity. In the kitchen, choose lean cuts of meat and good-for-you ingredients like quinoa and whole grains.

Episode 7: Have Fun
Reward Yourself: You’re going to work hard and train hard, you’re going to make good choices. Take one day a week and really enjoy it and indulge in your favorite foods.

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