Bobby Flay Fit, Episode 4: Discipline

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Bobby Flay Fit Bobby Flay manages to stay fit and healthy even with a busy lifestyle as a chef, and he’s eager to share his healthy eating and fitness plan with fans in a seven-part Web series, Bobby Flay Fit.


The focus of Episode 4 of Bobby Flay Fit is discipline: Discipline applies not just to exercise, but to cooking and eating as well. Self-control is an important part of discipline, but it’s also important to choose lean ingredients, add bold flavors without extra fat and use healthy cooking techniques.

In Episode 4, Bobby cooks a new recipe in his Manhattan restaurant, Bar Americain: grouper steamed in parchment paper and topped with martini relish. Steaming fish in paper is an easy, healthy cooking technique that doesn’t rely on fats from ingredients like butter or cream. Bobby likes bold flavors in every bite of his food so he adds a drizzle of sour orange sauce to his fish, plus a spoonful of relish made with olives and hot peppers.

Takeaways from Episode 4:

  • Find discipline in the choices you make when you cook. Choosing lean proteins and healthy cooking techniques, like steaming, roasting and baking in parchment, will help you cut the fat.
  • Little bites here and there add up — avoid mindless eating and make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand.
  • Flavorful food is more satisfying. Vinegars, juices, herbs, hot peppers and spices are all great ways to add flavor without adding fat.

Make it at home:
Grouper Steamed in Parchment

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