8 Food Trends to Expect in 2013

by in Food News, December 29, 2012

Each year new diets, super foods and other food trends are splashed over the media and discussed by the water coolers. Sometimes these trends continue for a few years, others are out the door as quickly as they came in. Look for these hot trends in 2013.

#1: Cruciferous Greens
Members of the cabbage family such as kale, chard, turnip greens and mustard greens will start making regular appearances at restaurants. How about kale chips with your sandwich or burger?

#2: Cupcake-Dispensing ATMs
This ATM look-a-like dispenses freshly baked cupcakes 24/7. Other companies like Jamba Juice (JamboGo) and Seattle’s Best Coffee brands also have vending machines to buy their goodies.

#3: Crackdown on Food Claims
In 2012, many folks were surprised to learn that chocolate hazelnut spread wasn’t as healthy as the ads and product label promoted. A producer of Greek yogurt was also sued for using milk protein concentrate — an ingredient that isn’t acceptable by the FDA to be used in Greek yogurt —  in lieu of straining techniques used to make Greek yogurt. Consumers don’t want to be misled by food manufacturers and are raising their voices.

#4: Hottest Fad Diets
Both the Paleo and Wheat Belly Diets are still the trendiest around. Both have diehard followers with testimonials that’ll knock your socks off—though registered dietitians agree that both aren’t healthy or safe eating plans to follow.

#5: Artisan Cocktails
Bar keeps are no longer just bartenders. They are creators of exotic cocktails using honey or vanilla syrup, fresh herbs from the local farmers market, and infusing spirits (like rum and vodka) with kiwi or mango.

#6: Your Favorite Food Store
In addition to picking up Chobani Greek yogurt in the grocery aisle, you can also stop by their SoHo, New York Greek yogurt bar. Dannon also opened a store on Park Avenue in New York City where they sell small batches of yogurt topped with fruit, yogurt-infused sandwiches and salads serves with yogurt-based dressing. Anheuser Busch-InBev has also opened a chain of Belgium Beer Cafes at airports in New Zealand and Australia serving their own brand of beers. Barilla and Ghirardelli Chocolate are other companies who are doing the same.

#7: Tea, not just for sipping
The use of tea in cooking will shine in the new year. Tea can be used in rubs and braising liquids and as an ingredient in desserts like poached fruit, cakes and shortbreads.

#8: Chips galore
Move over potatoes: rice, black beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans are just some of the other foods used to make the ever-popular chip. You’ll be seeing many popping up in the snack aisle in 2013.

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  2. gypsyroveroh says:

    As a kosher cook, and with a family who loves country fried steak, the gravy has always been a problem. But I have a solution: use either soild crisco,or chicken fat instead of butter or lard and for the milk, use chicken broth. If you really want a white colored gravy, add a dash of Rich's Coffee creamer ( the non dairy stuff).and adjust te pepper to your taste.
    To double dip the steak, use eggs blended with water, or soy milk or the Rich's creamer, a touch of salt and 2-3 dashes of Tabasco. Season your flour with pepper, and salt. I served this to my husband's non Jewish mother and she loved it.!

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  4. Carrie Rowbotham says:

    More information and true Gluten-free recipes would be appreciated! Eating gluten-free is not a diet "fad"! It is a necessity for those of us with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance and sensitivity. Eating gluten in food has serious health consequences for us! Please update your recipes and include more public education in your FoodNetwork Magazine. That would be a reason for me to re-subscribe. Thanks alot! <3

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