Thanksgiving By the Numbers

by in Healthy Holidays, Thanksgiving, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving is famous for belly-busting dinners and pant-splitting desserts. We’ll give you some tips so you can eat to your heart’s content and still save some calories.

Crunching the Numbers
We built two Thanksgiving plates, loaded with all the usual suspects. A few small tweaks can save more than 1,000 calories!

Meal #1: Belly Buster
6 ounces roasted turkey (white meat and dark meat with skin) = 360 calories
1 cup sausage stuffing = 380 calories
½ cup gravy = 70 calories
¼ cup cranberry sauce = 100 calories
1 cup green bean casserole = 175 calories
1 cup mashed potatoes = 250 calories
1 slice apple pie a la mode = 500 calories

Total Calories = 1,835

Meal #2: Smart but Satisfying
3 ounces roasted breast (white meat only) = 90 calories
¾ cup (meatless) stuffing = 180 calories
2 tablespoons gravy = 20 calories
¼ cup cranberry sauce = 100 calories
2 cups steamed green beans = 80 calories
½ baked potato, topped with sour cream = 80 calories
1 slice pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream = 260 calories

Total Calories = 810

More Calorie-Saving Tips

  • Drink mostly calorie-free beverages.
  • Don’t starve yourself before the meal – eat breakfast!
  • Skip dinner #2  — eat leftovers the next day.
  • Dying to try more than one pie? Have 2 half-portions of dessert.

Tell Us: How do you keep Thanksgiving calories in check?

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