Supplement Savvy: Kids’ Vitamins

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childrens' vitamins
Thinking about giving your kiddies a daily multi-vitamin? Or maybe you already are. Make sure you’re supplement savvy!

Because of less-than-stellar regulations, dangers can be lurking in supplements, no matter who they’re made for. For obvious reasons, little clinical testing has been conducted for this age group. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, food should come first, but there are some cases where a supplement can be beneficial. If your child has special dietary needs, check with your pediatrician.

Thankfully many of the supplement makers are very conservative with their ingredients when it comes to children’s formulas, but some brands include amounts far beyond the needs of youngsters. Remember that the first line of defense is a good diet!

Safety is an issue for a number of reasons. Since most kids’ vitamins come in colorful, chewable forms, it should be made clear to everyone in the house that vitamins are NOT candy. Parents need to be sure to store all supplements in a safe and out-of-reach location.

Popular Kids’ Vitamins
For this post we are sticking to the best ones out there – your kids deserve nothing less. Look for a kids’ vitamin with a simple ingredient label – with 100% or less of the daily value for all nutrients.

Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries
A simple panel of vitamins and minerals, from a responsible company.

Flintstones Complete
Available in chewable or gummy, the chewable has calcium and both versions contain vitamin D for growing bones.

Kirkland Children’s Chewable
A good vitamin at a very reasonable price. This one contains a larger number of vitamins and minerals than the others, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better choice. Look carefully a label too see if it’s a good choice for your child. The Kirkland brand also has the USP seal of approval – always a good thing!

Bottom Line: Do your homework! If your child truly needs to take a multi-vitamin, make sure it’s a good one.

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