Nutrition News: Investigating Health Claims on Energy Drinks

by in Food News, September 24, 2012

energy drinks
Recent news reports have discussed how New York lawmakers are leaning into energy drink makers about the quality and safety of their products. Fan favorites like AMP, Monster and 5-Hour Energy are all under investigation. These energy-promising drinks continue to gain popularity with folks of all ages — but are they safe?

Energy Drinks 101
We’ve broken down the details on why energy drinks can be so dangerous in the recent post Energy Drinks: Good or Bad? (hint: they’re bad!). Lots of sugar, caffeine and other questionable ingredients are to blame.

Health Claims
Here’s a breakdown of some of the more common health claims and explain why they just don’t add up.

Gives You Energy
While ingredients like caffeine and guarana give you a temporary boost by increasing heart rate – but that’s not energy – that’s what calories are for.

Aids Weight Loss
There’s no magic pill and no magic drink. While some caffeine-loaded drinks may leave you too jittery and anxious to eat, when it comes to weight loss, only a long-term healthy diet and exercise plan will do.

Enhances Performance
Athletes of all ages are always looking for that edge. Sorry folks, hard work is the real recipe for that. Energy drinks aren’t regulated the way foods are – they’re classified as supplements so unregulated dangers are often lurking. College athletes and the pros need to be extra careful – many of these drinks contains banned substances.

Tell Us: Are you still guzzling energy drinks?

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Comments (873)

  1. Bill says:

    I am strongly against bans, the government has too much control on our lives as it is. If we allow bans on certain foods and drinks where’s it going to end? Myself? I never really got into the energy drinks (well I’d have an occasional Jeagerbomb once in a while when over friend’s home for cookout/party)But I don’t think they should be banned. There’s WAY too many actual important things that need attention paid to in this country than to worry about whether energy drinks or anyother food or beverage. If I want to eat bacon wrapped sausages while guzzling a Red Bull, thats up to me, same as if i want to eat a nice salad while sipping on fresh juiced carrot and celery juice with a spig of mint.

  2. Paul says:

    years ago when this energy drink thing start I meet someone how was deliver driver for one of the most popular brands out there. I asked him what was the deal with this stuff and was it what it claimed to be, he flat out told me "don't drink this stuff it will mess you up big time, it just bad stuff". He was freaked out by the way some people a teens would drink this stuff like water, he told me then this stuff should be outlawed and teens should never have access to it. I ran into him sometime later and told
    me that he was no longer working with the company.

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