Cucumbers, 5 Ways

by in Uncategorized, August 3, 2012

This time of year farmers’ markets and backyard gardens are overflowing with cucumbers. There are so many ways to eat these crunchy and refreshing veggies — here are 5 favorites.

Tangy Pickles
Whether you prefer sweet, sour, hot or mild – you can adjust the flavors any way you like when you make your own.
Recipe: Homemade Pickles

Creamy Sauces
Cucumbers give texture and unmistakable freshness to this classic Greek sauce.
Recipe: Tzatziki

Easy Brunch
This simple, yet elegant recipe has only a few ingredients– fluffy egg whites and delicate smoked salmon, topped with a cucumber salad.
Recipe: Egg White Omelet With Cucumbers and Smoked Salmon

Seafood Salad
Cukes and mint are culinary best buds, tender shrimp and fresh lemon round out the recipe.
Recipe: Shrimp Salad With Cucumber and Mint

Spicy Cocktails
Blended cucumber, chili powder and vodka make for a memorable cocktail. Try it out at your next summer dinner party.
Recipe: Mexican Cucumber Martinis

Tell Us: How do you like to munch on cucumber?

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  1. Neha sinha says:

    In sliced cucumber add grated cheese,black paper powder,roasted red chilly powder,salt and mint leaves!

  2. Candy Ferrall says:

    I love cucumbers, especially the nearly seedless English cucumber. When my daughter was in school and had to take a vegetable recipe for their class cookbook, she wanted the recipe for cucumber sandwiches!

  3. Michael Salva says:

    Try saute cucumbers in chicken stock with a little onions. Cucumbers are part of the squash family. You,ll love it

  4. Ken Robinson says:

    I am growing an Australian native cucumber, I think its a first, the seeds were given to me by an Aboriginal lady from the JAWYON tribe, they use it for what is called "BUSH TUCKER", these cucumbers are becoming rare in the wild, so we are going to try and restore them.
    They are tiny, about the size of a golf ball, willkeep you posted if interested.

    • Tracie Krueger says:

      I am fascinated by this idea. I am a chef and am always interested in unusual foods. I love the fact you are perpetuating a rare seed. Please keep me posted as to your progress. Send any info to Tracie at my e-mail account at rare2u2. Sorry for the odd way of breaking up my address but I hate spam.

  5. LDW says:

    U might also have an abundance of tomatoes. Peel deseed and dice cucumber. Dice tomatoes or half cherry Tomatos. Chopped red onion. amounts to ur preference Mix in Fresh oregano chopped feta cheese red wine vinegar.

  6. ted says:

    peel them , then score the outside with a fork, place in a dish with salt& papper, and chill. when ready to serve add lots of sourcream, and lots of black pepper.

  7. Sharon says:

    Also delicious sliced thin and placed in a pita pocket with micro-green sprouts of choice; avocado slices; fresh chopped tomatoes or grape tomatoes; sliced red onions; cilantro; fresh sliced jalepano peppers and fresh squeezed lime juice. Ymmmmmmm!

  8. Wayne says:

    Many times there is a excess of cumcubers so what is one to do? The obvious answer is to peel, slice really thin and dehydrate. After dehydrating fill food processor with dehydrated cumcubers and create a powder. Store powdered cumcumbers in vacuum sealed container. Whenever you want a fresh cumbuber dressing simply add some mayo or plain yoghurt and a little water to make a creamy dressing. You can also add some powdered ranch dressing to create a fresh cumcuber-ranch dressing any time of the year. The base ingredient is the powdered cumcuber, the other options allows you to become creative and create whatever flavor you want, hot, sweet, spicy, bacon, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms. Your only limit is your imagination.

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