Burning Off High-Calorie Foods: Fair Foods

by in Dining Out, Fitness, July 20, 2012

fair food
Is your family hitting the local fair circuit this summer? Carnival concessions are famously fattening. We’re not saying to boycott fair foods all together but since these treats don’t come with a food label, we’ll fill you in on just how many calories you’re gobbling down, and what it would take to burn them off. As always, moderation is key!

Crunching the Numbers
Everyone burns calories a little differently, the values below are averages based on a 155-pound person.

1 Corn Dog  = 375 calories = 1 hour, 30 minutes walking the boardwalk

Funnel Cake = 760 calories = 1 hour, 20 minutes of singles tennis

Fried Twinkie = 420 calories = 1 hour water skiing

Cotton Candy =175 calories = 30 minutes whitewater kayaking

Candy Apple = 375 calories = 40 minutes running (8 mph)

Chili Fries = 700 calories = 3.5 hours playing frisbee

Nachos With Cheese Sauce = 850 calories = 1 hour, 15 minutes of vigorous swimming

Turkey leg = 1140 calories = 1 hour of beach volleyball

Damage Control
Make your summer fun a little easier on the waistline by using these tips.

  • Stick to water and avoid extra calories from soda or other sugary drinks.
  • Pick ONE favorite guilty pleasure and indulge in only that.
  • SHARE – nobody needs to eat an entire fried Twinkie by themselves!
  • Eat before you head to the fair – an empty stomach will make you more prone to overdo it.

 Tell Us: What do you munch on at the fair?

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Comments (21)

  1. Lise says:

    My favorite things at the fair are fire-roasted corn on the cob, fresh lemonade and grilled chicken skewer/sandwich. Luckily there are other options that make it easy to avoid the really bad stuff!

  2. Wow, I did not know a turkey leg had 1140 calories. That is about half your daily calorie intake. I am glad I saw this.

  3. Margi says:

    Totally shocked that a turkey leg has so many calories! I thought it would be healthier than that. Guess I'll be eating emu and alligator from now on :-)

  4. EBeth says:

    Kettle corn! Any idea how long that takes?

  5. So if I ate a corn dog and a funnel cake, that would be slightly less calories than the turkey leg. That's so wrong! Still, despite the calorie intake, the turkey is still the healthier choice.

  6. im_pinoy says:

    I always go for cotton candy and a chili fries every time i go to circuit so that would mean i intake 875calories every time ..for the burning exercise ill just do the Frisbee and kayaking.. sounds interesting … this will be a fun summer .. :)

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