10 Summer Food-Safety Tips

by in Food Safety, June 22, 2012
summer picnic food
Play it safe this summer when it comes to picnic foods.

The hot weather is the perfect time to picnic and cook outdoors, but  the warm weather also creates the perfect environment to support the growth of harmful food bugs. Keep your food and family safe by following these simple tips.

#1: Use a thermometer
A thermometer is the number one tool to make sure your grilled goodies are cooked to the perfect temperature to destroy pesky pathogens. Studies show that checking the color of the food isn’t an accurate way to tell if your food is cooked through.

Tips for choosing the right thermometer

#2: Monitor leftovers
Perishable food like cooked or raw meats and salads should never be left out at room temperature for over 2 hours. When the weather gets hot — above 90 degrees Fahrenheit — your window for leaving food lying out is only 1 hour. Toss any unrefrigerated food if it surpasses the time limit.

#3: Don’t re-use marinades
During the summer, meats and poultry are oftentimes marinated then grilled. Be sure to discard used marinade—this will prevent raw meat juices getting on your cooked food. If you plan on using the marinade as a sauce for cooked meat, reserve some before marinating the meat.

7 more steps to safely grill meat

#4: Separate raw and cooked foods
If you’re getting ready to grill hot dogs, burgers, chicken or steak, be sure to use one plate for the raw stuff and a separate, clean plate for the newly cooked foods. The same rule applies for tongs and other serving utensils.

Other tips to help prevent cross-contamination

#5: Wash hands properly
Are you washing your hands properly by following these 5 steps?

#6: Pack a safe picnic
Raw meats and poultry should be packed in a separate cooler and surrounded by ice. If you have a long drive, coolers should be stored in the air-conditioned part of the car rather than in the hot trunk.

More tips for packing food for your cookout

#7: Defrost meats properly
Leaving raw meat and poultry on the countertop to defrost will only allow dangerous food bugs to grow. Plan ahead and defrost meat 1-2 days in advance in the refrigerator.

More ways to safely defrost your food

#8: Wash produce thoroughly
Wash fruit and veggies in cool tap water before eating to eliminate any bacteria. This includes washing produce like melon before you slice or peel it to make sure bacteria isn’t transferred from the knife to your fruit or veggies.

#9: Wash reusable grocery store bags
If use reusable grocery bags, it’s important to wash them regularly. Studies found that harmful bacteria can linger in your totes and hitch a ride with ready-to-eat foods like produce.

Read more on keeping your grocery bags safe

#10: Decrease your cancer risk
Grilling is popular during the warm weather but improper cooking techniques can increase your cancer risk. Follow these simple tips to make sure you’re grilling safely.

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. See Toby’s full bio »

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  1. DonnaKelly says:

    This is very good tips …more people need too wash hands an separate meats …great pic of plate with variety of food …

  2. Food safety is extremely important when preparing meals for friends and family! Look for meat and poultry products at the grocery store or butcher shop with a Pop Up® Disposable Thermometer. It's within + or – 2 degrees Fahrenheit of accuracy and is a great way to make sure meat and poultry is cooked to the proper internal temperature. To learn more visit http://www.volkenterprises.com.

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  4. im_pinoy says:

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness . For me the 1st thing to do is to really wash hands properly .. This is really a perfect 10 summer tips. You wont only enjoy your summer but you will have a healthy summer .

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