Healthy Swaps: Summer Picnics

by in Healthy Tips, June 9, 2012
hot dog
Save 350 calories by choosing a regular-sized hot dog instead of a foot-long.

Is your calendar full of picnics and barbecues? Keep your body beach-ready by making these healthy swaps at your next outdoor party.

Instead of: A foot-long hot dog
Choose: A regular-sized wiener
The Payoff: 350 calories saved!
See our tips for the healthiest dogs

Instead of: Over-sized burgers
Choose: Perfectly portioned turkey burgers (made with breast meat)
The Payoff: Less fat and more protein

Instead of: Mayo-drenched salads
Choose: Slaws and salads made with vinaigrette dressings
The Payoff: Sides free of saturated fat and cholesterol

Instead of: Cans of soda
Choose: Unsweetened iced tea
The Payoff: You’ll cut out 10 teaspoons of sugar per beverage
Still want a little sweetness?  See our tips for slimmer summer drinks

Instead of: Decadent desserts
Choose: Pick from our list of 22 Healthiest Summer Desserts
The Payoff: Less guilt. Our picks have 250 calories (or less) per serving

Tell Us: What’s your healthiest picnic tip?

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