Food News: Food Presentation Affects Kids’ Eating Habits

by in Food News, January 29, 2012
pancake face
Could silly faces on a plate help feed picky eaters?

Kids may be picky eaters, but according to a new study from Cornell University, how food is presented to them makes a huge difference in the food they choose to eat.

Children crave a greater visual diversity on the plate, whether it’s varying colors or ingredients shaped into silly faces and designs.

According to the study, “On average, they [kids] preferred seven different items on their plates, and six different colors.”

Parents, however, found three items of different colors more appealing.

Could this trick allow for more nutrient-rich foods in kids’ diets?

Read the rest of the study. And get some fun plating ideas after the jump.

Get inspired:

breakfast pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Kids Pizza Racers

Healthy Food Art


Tortilla Pinwheels

Pink Pig Bento Box

Animal Food Faces

Tell us: What do you do to get your kids to finish the food on their plates?

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