Product Review: TopChips Chip Maker

by in Product Reviews, January 15, 2012
chip maker
Can you get crispy potato chips from the microwave?

Potato chips from the microwave?! Sounds dubious, but I was pleasantly surprised when I gave the TopChip Chip Maker  a test drive.

Our Take
While you won’t fool anyone into believing these chips came from a bag, they are pleasantly crunchy. To make them, thinly slice a potato using the adequately sharp handheld mandoline that comes with the chip maker. Pat pieces dry and spread in a single layer on the dishwasher-safe device. Then zap in the microwave for 3 minutes. Allow to cool for a minute or two and dig in.

You can’t beat the calorie count. Since the only ingredient is potatoes, a 10-ounce spud will yield about 60 chips, each with 4 calories. Since there’s no oil to be found, these chips are also fat-free.

The downsides: First, eat right away or they’ll lose their crunch. They also can’t be seasoned until after they’re cooked (seasoning before hand would make them soggy)– and they definitely need some seasoning. You might have to play with the cooking time or you’ll risk burning the chips (that happened to me a few times).

Serving Suggestions
Both russet and Yukon gold potatoes worked well. Sweet potatoes and apples also made fun and kid-friendly snacks. As for seasoning, sprinkles of curry powder, cinnamon (on the apples) and rosemary salt made these chips extra tasty.

Have you tried the TopChips Maker? Let us know what you think!

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  1. […] Product Review: TopChips Potato Chip Maker […]

  2. […] Product Review: TopChips Potato Chip Maker […]

  3. […] Product Review: TopChips Potato Chip Maker […]

  4. […] Product Review: TopChips Potato Chip Maker […]

  5. Jeanette Bellaci says:

    I bought the TopChip Maker last spring and have been using with great success. I also order 2 additional trays. I use red potatoes. I spread them on a doubled layer of paper towels and then press the top with another double layer of towels. This removes excess moisture. I then lightly season (yes, prior to cooking) with lite salt and cook in microwave for 3 min. The result is perfect color and seasoned crunchy chip! I did find that stacking the trays to cook all at once was not ideal and rotating the trays while a batch is cooking is best overall. Each batch comes out perfect and really doesn’t take that much longer. If you have children helping it allows for teamwork in preparing–adult slicing and children lining potatoes on the towels, patting dry, seasoning and cooking. I have one or two placing potatoes on the trays while one man’s the micro. A fun family affair!

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