12 Days of Holiday Gifts: Chocolate Bark

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chocolate bark
Everyone loves chocolate, right? So what better gift could you give?  Homemade chocolate bark is as simple as it gets but it looks elegant and tastes fantastic. The bonus: you can really get creative with your toppings and many go to options are really good for you. Use a really good dark chocolate as the base and try nuts (unsalted are best) which are packed with heart healthy fats and unsweetened, dried fruits which are rich in antioxidants. Here are a few recipes and some of my favorite topping combinations. And you’re not limited to dark or milk chocolate, try Robin’s White Chocolate Bark from day 6 of our 12 Days of Holiday Gifts.

French Chocolate Bark (pictured)

Chocolate Bark with Mixed nuts and Dried Cherries

Dana’s Dark Chocolate Bark

My favorite combinations:

  • Pistachios and dried cherries
  • Macadamia nuts and dried tropical fruits like mango
  • Peanut butter chips and ground pretzels

What do you put on your chocolate bark?

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