30 Days of Sweet Potatoes

by in In Season, November 5, 2011
sweet potatoes
One easy way to cook sweet potatoes: wrap 'em in foil.

Mashed with marshmallows on top isn’t the only way to enjoy sweet potatoes. Here are 30 ways to enjoy sweet potatoes while they’re in season (and not just on Thanksgiving!):

1.    These tubers are not technically potatoes – get the sweet facts.

2.    No need to buy organic – sweet potatoes are #13 on the Clean Fifteen produce list.

3.    Combine leftover sweet potatoes with a few simple ingredients for an entirely new meal: Sweet Potato Soup.

4.    Toss cooked potatoes, crunchy veggies and vinaigrette dressing for a colorful take on potato salad.

5.    Make a smoky and spicy mash with chipotle peppers.

6.    Look for canned (unsweetened) sweet potatoes at your local market this time of year.

7.    Ordering sushi? Try sweet potato rolls as a non-fishy alternative.

8.    Make a velvety smooth and full-of-flavor puree.

9.    Try our 5-ingredient sweet potato casserole.

10.    Munch on some sweet potato veggie chips, (in moderation, of course).

11.    Toss thin slices on the grill.

12.    Make this effortlessly elegant sweet potato appetizer.

13.    For the most flavorful sweet potatoes, bake instead of boil.

14.    Find out why sweet potatoes made our Top 10 Holiday Foods.

15.    Add diced sweet potatoes to a whole grain quinoa salad.

16.    Lots of nutrients in these root veggies, including a big dose of lycopene.

17.    Toss leftovers with pasta.

18.    Find out why the beta-carotene in these babies is so good for you.

19.    Sweet potatoes are perfect for hash.

20.     Make foil packets for the grill or oven.

21.    Substitute sweets in your favorite latke recipe.

22.    Learn more about the powers of orange foods.

23.    Large wedges are best for the grill.

24.     Season up with your favorite spice blend.

25.    They’re not all orange; look for white sweet potatoes at your local farmers’ market.

26.    Everyone needs a good recipe for baked sweet potato fries.

27.    Store sweet potatoes in a cool dry place for up to four weeks.

28.    Got leftovers? We’ve got healthy tips.

29.    Combine with flavors like orange, nutmeg or coconut.

30.    Guess what the secret ingredient is in these waffles?

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  1. Patricia A. Smith says:

    Lets keep marshmellows off our wonderful sweet potatoes they'er good all by themselves.

  2. Lynn says:

    We love sweet potatoes and generally just bake them. My husband puts a little brown sugar on his. I like my plain so I can taste the great flavor. No marshmallows please – sickening sweet :(

  3. Wilma Spicer says:

    Love sweet potatoes just about anyway you can fix them.

  4. seo says:

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