Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: Is it Healthy?

by in Is It Healthy?, August 20, 2011
Is this stuff actually good for you?

Clever marketing has attempted to convince consumers that chocolate-hazelnut spreads make a nutritious breakfast. Can this chocolaty delight be a healthy part of any meal?


Manufacturers tout that this creamy spread contains wholesome ingredients like hazelnuts and skim milk — and it does. There’s actually not much else to it, only a couple of other ingredients make up the recipe — but that’s where things start to get messy.

The first 2 ingredients listed on the label of chocolate-hazelnut spreads are sugar, followed by palm oil, which means these ingredients out-weigh all others. When you break down the numbers you’ll find it contains 100 calories per tablespoon and more than 50-percent of that comes from fat. While there are some heart-healthy fats from nuts, one-third is the artery-clogging saturated kind. As for the sugar, it’s not looking much better – nearly 5 teaspoons per serving!

Most brands also include thickeners such as soy lecithin. While this food additive is considered safe, folks with soy allergies should be aware.

The Verdict

Just a smidge is all you need! While magically delicious, this choco-nutty spread isn’t to be confused with straight up health food (like natural peanut butter for instance). Use this product sparingly and preferably along with nutrient-dense foods like fresh fruit and whole grains. Always read ingredient labels carefully to get the real facts.

Tell Us: What’s your take on chocolate hazelnut spreads?

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is a registered dietitian, certified athletic trainer and owner of Dana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary and sports nutrition. See Dana’s full bio »

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Comments (192)

  1. Zsana says:

    I grew up with Nutella and loved it. Still do, but please … it is a DESSERT!!!! We always used it as a dessert, never on bread… chocolate bread???? Really?

  2. Love this stuff as a dessert item or special treat. Definately don't look at it as a health food.

  3. Giselle says:

    Nutella is so f'in good that I refuse to buy it

  4. Poshpot says:

    I love chocolate and hazlenu spread on Ryvita crackerbread! Tastes really nice and does wonders for m tongue. My GP says I have geographical tongue which means it is usually white, patchy and sometimes soe. Since eating both choc spread and Ryvita tongue almost perfect! Love, love, it.

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